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Tip: Use this patch to fix the bug where editing the upper right 8x8 tile of the sideways walking Koopa Troopa in GFX01 makes the coin sparkles look glitchy.
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Mario & Waluigi - ISoL | even more stuff
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Mario & Waluigi - In Search of Luigi


From both Mario & Waluigi and M&W: In Search of Luigi
Everyone lived so happily in both the Mushroom Kingdom and in Wario's Lair. Bowser was taking a well-deserved vacation from capturing the princess, and thus giving the Mushroom Kingdom peace. In the other hand, Wario and Waluigi kept stealing goods for his survivance, obviously Wario being leader of both. Wario, then, decides their next target: the Mushroom Kingdom's Castle goods. Waluigi, as always, has to do all the hard work, but gets fed up of that, and separated from Wario by the way to the Kingdom. Mario, by the way, kept living in peace in his house, with Luigi. Waluigi then decides to betray Wario once and for all, getting to Mario's house and warning him of a theft. Wario discovers this, as he was secretly following Waluigi, so he decides to not only steal the goods from the castle, but to capture the Princess, Toadsworth and some Toads. Realising this, the Mario Bros. get ready to confront Wario, with the help of Waluigi.
After defeating Wario and some of his minions and rescuing the Princess and the Toads, the three adventurers return to the Mushroom Kingdom, forming a friendship. But Wario is not done yet. Aproaching that Bowser is on a vacation Wario captures him, and gets him to a new base in the depths of Bioma Land. He also enlists the Koopalings to his command, spreading 4 of them, and the other 3 guarding its base. Not only that, Wario is not done yet... he goes to the Mushroom Kingdom by his own, and aproaching that Mario was not home, he captures Luigi¹ and takes him to his base, too. After realising that, the pair of now good friends venture to Wario's lair to finish with him once and for all.

¹ Waluigi didn't realize becase he lives in another place.

Doesn't include events of the secret worlds.


see later posts
Where's Waluigi?
Originally posted by Mindevous
Where's Waluigi?

Oh, yeah. :P
Just a palette change.

Anyways, maybe I change his GFX.
This looks not bad and great hack. Cool job.
@LitDude: Thanks

I had to port all to another ROM so I could use the scrolling pipes (now the GHB ones)

More Progress:
1-6: Underwater Pathway
First underwater level. (not completely)
First part

Classic Pranha Plants!

Stretch part here.

Second part

As you can see, it's a grassland with castle enemies.

Bettter you've found the Red Switch... :P

Tileset combos (yes, a little cutoff)

1-3: Fuzzy Mountains (second part)
This is the level I said I was going to remake. Not the second part tho

As you can see this takes part in a cave

A show of my terrible decoration (I killed some enemies)

That's all!

And, why not!
1-Switch: Red switch palace

Typical of a switch palace is a puzzle


Eh? (I WILL redo this room)

And that's all. Basically the switch palace and the second part of Fuzzy mountains were the things I didn't show in OP
Please fix those Switch Palace Corners
Originally posted by The Milkman
Please fix those Switch Palace Corners

Oh yes.

Karoshi Mario World Progress: 3% Done

Please PM Me
[email protected]

I Support of Fun Things:
I support M&W: ISoL!

Layout by: Koopster
Originally posted by Koopris
Originally posted by The Milkman
Please fix those Switch Palace Corners

I did. Thank you.

EDIT: I'm also trying to make the ghost house entrance, but I have some problems with:


Can someone give me an advice? Here's the level:

Thank you!
Most importantly, it needs a background. Secondly, work on the colors. They're not very good, and the ghost house specifically is far too grey. The concept is a good one, however.
While the grass in that shot looks decent enough, the house's palette should probably be a lot darker, with more contrast as well.
Well, I still have problems in the palette (and in BG), speciffically in the ghost house:

I can also show right now an OW. It's World 3 (autumn land)

Suggestions are welcome. (I know the castle looks weird and decoration is still missing)

btw pipe-dwelling munchers

Terrible gif brought to you by gyazo (they animate well in-game)
Palettes are pretty important for most atmosphere of your hack. I recommend every time you insert a new thing, including for future hacks, try playing with the palete a bit. With hue shifting, you can change any color without changing or losing the lightness and saturation information, while lightness obviously changes the overall brightness of the game and saturation the "temperature" of your hack. High saturation makes your hack "hot" in terms of colors while low it will look more grayish, aka without life.

When making a palette, be sure to take a good hue/base color, set a saturation and change the lightness according the color slot. That's usually the best way of making a good palette.

For the ghost house for example, you could increase the saturation by a little bit and use either red or blue as hue base. And note that the ghost house itself looks weird because it's not symmetrical. Try making the both sides similar, align the upper windows together with the door and put a space between the right lower window and the column.

Try using the original ghost house as reference, click File -> Open Level Address and put "38200" without quotes and press OK. It should appear the original ghost house. You can't really copy it since it's an entire object, but you can take a look and improve your own ghost house entrance.

Anyway, good luck on this! You're doing a nice progress so far, don't worry if something goes wrong at start, it's normal for who is doing the first pages of his/her SMW Hacking history. Practice is the key of success.

GitHub - Twitter - YouTube - SnesLab Discord
Vitor already said pretty much everything there is to say about the ghost house, so I'm not gonna comment on that. Just one thing: that mirrored cobweb looks wierd as hell. I suggest you get rid of it.
As for the overworld, the first thing that caught my eye was the tiny tree palette. It's kinda bad. Allow me to compare the trees from SMW to yours:

Notice how your tree has a lot more contrast to it? The inner part is so dark that you can barely make out the face. I suggest you brighten that color a bit (that would affect the ledge border, though. If you don't want that to happen, you could also edit the tree in YY-CHR).
Speaking of ledges, the upper ledge is very straight whereas the lower ledge is very curved. You might want to do some terraforming there. That island could also use some elevation changes - notice how everything is on the same level of height? I'd look a lot more natural if it didn't. Oh, and it looks wierd how the shipwreck overlaps with the land.
On a more positive note, no perspective errors. I don't see that very often, so props.

Also, may I suggest you use LICEcap to record GIFs? It's a lot smoother than gyazo and pretty much everyone on SMWC uses it.
This is player change Waluigi GFX!

Open to Asar
ASM Patch Name: luigi.asm
ROM Hack Name: Your Name.smc

Here is Download Change Waluigi GFX!

Karoshi Mario World Progress: 3% Done

Please PM Me
[email protected]

I Support of Fun Things:
I support M&W: ISoL!

Layout by: Koopster
Originally posted by Vitor Vilela

Thanks, Vitor. Now it's symmetrical, and made it more to red (hue)

Originally posted by Lazy

Thank you too, Lazy. I fixed the three coloration, the shipwreck, and I'm working on terraforming.

Originally posted by Koopris

I know I can install other GFX for Waluigi but the game's vanilla, so no ExGFX apart from coloration changes. Anyways, I am tempted to only make Waluigi custom

Anyways, thank you guys <3 I can't do this without your help, so everything is appreciated. :)Also, I'll edit this post with some images of the interior of the ghost house. See ya #w{=D}

Also, support the hack! Userbars:

Koopris also made one:
Mario & Waluigi: in Search of Luigi

EDIT: Here it is! The ghost house!

1-GH: Greeny Hills Ghost House
A level that will change your definition of greeny.

By now, this is the color I'm satisfied the most.

As you can see by this Yoshi Coin and by that shelless (?) koopa, the level look is "darky"

This level features: boos, shelless koopas, some bob-ombs, up-downside classic piranha plants, and pipe-dwelling munchers

The first puzzle.

Eh? I swear I've been here!

The level hides two paths to the normal exit. This is the first one, can you find the second one?

A room with info
about the Dark Lands
and a Yoshi Coin.

So that makes 8. I'm just missing the Castle and I finish the world 1 (but I maybe redo 1 level). Suggestions are, as always, welcome! :D

I'm also tempted to add custom music, but I don't know. I also want your opinion about that :).
Double post, but anyways, I have content! And it's... the castle

1-Castle: #1 Morton's Lair
The Koopalings order in the game is random

The entrance to the castle. I'm starting to think it looks weird.

A water sublevel (I don't understand why Fishbones doesn't start facing Mario

This part of the level features Layer 2

That Yoshi Coin is on Layer 2

Selfie ft. Morton

The boss. Credits to Koops and modified by me.

Anyways guys, I'm thinking in release a small demo (9 levels OR one w/the first two of World 2). I want your opinions of that. Thank you!

EDIT: The Koopalings order will be:
W1: Morton
W2: Larry
W3: Wendy
W4: Roy
W5: Castle: Iggy ; Tower 1: Lemmy ; Tower 2: Ludwig
@Erik557: You can use the disassembly version of the sprite to make it face Mario's direction.
Also, this looks simple, but nice for being almost completely Vanilla.
Originally posted by Mindevous
@Erik557: You can use the disassembly version of the sprite to make it face Mario's direction.
Also, this looks simple, but nice for being almost completely Vanilla.

Thank you. I'll try the disassembly.

Also, I changed 2 submaps:

Watery Desert is now Palmy Beach
Mining Grooto is now Coldy Mountains
Double post. (u don't say)

Anyways, I finished the first beach level.
But first...

A demo of title screen and intro level.
Now, to the level!

2-1: Walkin in the beach

beach yay (I just fixed that cutoff)

This level introduces Huck-It Crabs (the first normal custom sprite)

Some decoration (ignore all those enemies together, the Crab jumped there)

Some blue piranha plants

A rock cannon (will redo the palette)

Also, a WIP of the Final Submap:

Very WIP honestly, will change that blue island

Please give feedback! Thank you! :D
The title screen looks nice, good job. What's with the flipped yoshi coins, though? :o
The intro level is just as fine, but I don't think that the saturated red on the bush is looking good. Otherwise, you did a nice job here.
I really like the beach level you've shown here. I would prefer more enemies (unless you killed them or something) since it's world 2, but oh well. My only complaint about how it looks is the ground palette; I don't think there is enough contrast on it.
I really like the final map. Nice palettes and a nice shape there. Hope to see it finished. Really good job on it.
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