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Painful - The Pit (Not so Painful)
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I exaggerate in saying that it is painful. But, it is a good pit hack for training! :O

I don't check all breaks, but I remove the "major" ones, like in a pokey stunning! But let's go to the prints :D

Painful - The Video


What do you think about the Overworld?

Not so unfair shell-jump:

Yoshi and your opened mouth...

HA! Stunned!

Block Clipping is fun!

And if you want to try this fake painful... here is the link!

Painful - The Download

Since my internet is so bad, the video isn't available for now =/
Painful - The SMV
It's a nice pit hack with moderate difficulty. By the way, there's no unfair shell jump, but it's not too fair that the dirt tile that Mario can walk through looks exactly like the "gray" cement block.


SMW TAS'er. My pages:
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Kaizo Hacks - Painful - The Pit (Not so Painful)