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Where do I start?

How do I start a easy and basic hack that's fun to play?
(Assuming you're a beginner to SMW hacking)

Hi! Welcome. :) Getting started on SMW hacking is pretty simple. First off, just download the latest version of Lunar Magic from the tools section and load your clean ROM of Super Mario World into it (It is recommended you make some copies/backups first though in case something happens).

Now, you may notice there are about a million options and commands, but don't be taunted. It's quite simple to get used to once you get started.

A readme comes with LM, so you should start reading up on that if you want to know how to actually use the program, but I'd personally suggest reading the FAQ first since it contains most of the basic information you need. I'd also advise staying away from custom resources such as graphics, ASM, and music until you are used to "vanilla" hacking (the term we use to describe a hack/level without custom stuff).

If you need help with anything in particular, feel free to ask here.

If you're determined to make a hack that's as fun to play as you can make it, you definitely should read APPALLED, a very informative and helpful tutorial giving awesome tips for level design and whatnot. Be careful though, it requires a bit of practice to be able to make really good levels.

I hope this helps you out. Enjoy your time hacking (and your stay here)!
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Playing some of our hacks might also help giving an idea of what we are expecting design-wise. I would like to recommend This Hack Needs a Name - it's a simple hack, but still very fun to play though. It uses some custom stuff, but the design stays mostly vanilla.
I second what everybody else has said. I would recommend looking at projects that are currently in progress and seeing what they're doing right as a starting point too.

Also, SMWC has lots of tips. I would also recommend taking time to read them after you've started to make a hack.

EDIT: Added the newer one. (NEWER ONE)
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