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24hosmw #8: Rules and Submissions

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Welcome to the 8th 24 hour design challenge. In case you're new or haven't done this before, what happens is that I will post a theme/challenge below and you will have 24 hours (from now) to create it in Lunar Magic and submit it. That's all there is to it.


Choose ONE of the following levels:
-Yoshi's Island 3 (levels 103, 1FD)
-Vanilla Dome 4 (level 119, 1F5)
-Cookie Mountain (levels 10, C1)
-Valley of Bowser 3
-Valley of Bowser 4
-Awesome (level 12D)

Delete all of the sprites in the level, but leave all of the layer 1 objects, layer 2 objects, and screen exits. Your challenge is to redesign this level using only sprites, leaving all of the objects intact. Essentially, you're creating a new gameplay experience using only sprites, but never touching the core foundation of the level itself. Here is an example of Vanilla Dome 4 without sprites and what the level you choose should look like before you start designing the spritework for it.

Things you CAN do:
-Use custom sprites, levelASM, patches, hex edits, music, SA-1.
-Use ExAnimation.
-Use layer 3.
-Change the sprite set used.
-Change the background (just as long as you can't interact with it).
-Move around the level entrance.
-Change the graphical files used (just as long as you don't move/edit any of the objects themselves).
-Edit the level's header properties or change the level mode (e.g. making Awesome non-slippery .. or you could change the level to vertical without moving the objects, but you'd need to be pretty insane to make it work then).
-Work with a partner.

Things you CANNOT do:
-Remove ANY layer 1 or 2 objects.
-Add ANY new objects. No blocks, coins, ground, etc. Basically, you should never open the "Add Objects" window, nor should you ever be on any editing mode outside of sprites.
-Move ANY objects.
-Alter the Map16 properties of ANY objects.
-Remove or add ANY screen exits.

Judging will not be done based on ranking this time. It will instead be done in a similar fashion to the 24 hour switch palace contest years ago, where levels are evaluated overall and lumped into the following categories:


Out of the excellent entries, the top three best will be chosen. In terms of what I'm looking for, creativity and fun are the two biggest components. Shoot for a fun redesign of one of the five levels of above, and try to create an experience that feels really distinct from the original version.

Submit your entry as an IPS in this thread no later than tomorrow at noon EST (24 hours from now). Should you have any questions or concerns, please DO NOT post them here, but rather, post them in the OTHER stickied thread (for discussions).

Good luck! Have fun!
First YAY!!!

Download here

Made By: Choconilla Rise's Creator Underway/Undy

[email protected]

1200th POST, Third in the thread and HERE
Correcting it, forget about it

Corrected entry
And when you're lost, and out of time
I will be right here


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My files, you can't miss the entry.

I don't know if this is correct, I can't tell right now.
I don't even know what I'm actually doing anymore... will I ever finish a hack?
I will participate, why not

Vanilla Valley of Bowser 3

Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
My submission,

It's based on Yoshi Island 3, all vanilla.

EDIT/NOTE (nodit?): It was designed with the assumption that the yellow switch is disabled, but it can be played either way. Beating the level allows access to the yellow switch.
Valley of Bowser 3, now with 500% more purple

Thought about doing a rocketbarrel level at first (the long spaces of emptiness would probably work really well with it, if you just fill them with the right sprite obstacles), but ended up going full vanilla instead in the end. I just hope I didn't go overboard with the difficulty this time, since that seems to have been my downfall the last few contests.

(Also yes, the level does contain Thwomps. Not as a main focus, but they are there.)
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flying rip van fish - check
flying blurps - check
almost stolen visuals - check

Download c:

I haven't entered a contest in a loooong time. Enjoy my Boomeranginess.
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Finally done something without losing motivation, ideas or being lazy...


After fighting with sprite memory issues I've done something like this. I feel small sprite errors may occur, but I think this level is playable. Please tell me if something if something doesn't allow to beat this level.

(this won't occur if SA-1 won't tend my ROM to crash on any emulator).

EDIT: Some players may notice additional brown blocks. No - they aren't blocks, they're sprites (creating/eating blocks, because I wanted this to be vanilla).
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