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24hosmw #8: Rules and Submissions

Link Thread Closed

Awesome entry.

Dream team (feed them, please):

sweet cookie garden

from what i can see, it looks like i may not reach the top few, but at least i tried; haven't made a level in a while anyways.

level used: cookie mountain

it seems like lots of people chose cookie mountain as their level. #smw{^_^;}
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"Resolved financial/personal problems equal greater growth!"

"The only constant thing in life is change; nothing is set in stone. The old is replaced with the new. Forgive yourself for past mistakes. When many different problems in your life are resolved (personal, financial, etc.), newfound strength and confidence is gained in the process. Usually, failures, lack of assertiveness, disappointments, incompetence, low self-esteem and lack of self-respect, financial struggles, and setbacks can cause us to change and take action to solve any problem, leading to increased strength and confidence. This you learn from experience.

I have been experiencing this aforementioned newfound strength and confidence myself for the past FOUR to EIGHT years or so, getting stronger with each passing year, learning with each mistake I make and becoming more joyful in the process. Because of this newfound confidence I've acquired over the years, finding my passion is of utmost importance in 2022! You can develop this strength and confidence in yourself as well!"

To whoever's reading this, you are amazing and you are capable of doing equally amazing things. Gather confidence and be yourself! Say goodbye to the old you and welcome the new you! It wants to arise every moment, but you don't let it. Learn from your mistakes and never make that mistake again! Find your passion and live it!"

Finding my passion in life, but I may still be active on SMWCentral from time to time. Still enjoy playing many hacks, but I'm widening my perspective on life and opening myself to the new.
I think I have a few rules are not followed.
You can not jump around in the beginning, this level is a mixture of VANILLA DOME 4 and MONDO and something Kaizo.

Hopefully I have not done anything wrong.

Video:24hosmw #8 TAFH

Here is my entry:
I tried my best, but I know the background looks a little bit strange, but I was trying to make it be a dark horizontal level, and I had some EXGFX that made the pallete glitch. I was unable to fix it completely, but my entry is playable. It just took me a few times to be able to complete the level. I used SNES9x v.1.53 to test it so I don't know about the other emulators.

Lespna1's Level for the 24 Hour Level Design Contest
It's another Cookie Mountain level.

It's just like the original, but it's another one.
Fuck Awesome, here's Ordinary: click.

e: make sure your SRM is clear, Mario starts in the special world, not on Yoshi's Island.
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)

i have no idea if its bug free since i didnt test a good 50% of it but w/e

Vaninja Dome

made by leod & me

only tested in snes9x

(if the sound dies in the cave, which happens very rarely, restart your emulator)
i tried

dragoniante se va por unas galletas para deaogarse
It's a thing, I guess.
Everything important is written in the readme.
Have fun #tb{:>}
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