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24hosmw #8: Discussion

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Questions, concerns, and any other discussion can go here.
wow ok that's not what I expected at all. Then again, I expected to have something I didn't expect, so maybe I did expect the unexpected?

Whatever this is neat. Let's go.

EDIT: for convenience, the level numbers of the usable levels should be in the post, and not just the name of the level.
what an amazing and creative theme

now to watch everybody flail about trying to do this
Not the fun theme I was expecting but meh, let's have fun messing!
This is going to be weird as fuck.
the palette of the Layer 1/2 shouldn't be able to be changed right?
Looks a bit tough to make this interesting, but let's see what I could do.
Does the most blatant edit win?
Guess, you had the idea from "Copyright Violation", just with more freedom, hadn't you?
i kind of expected "make a new reznor fight" or something
i'm pretty okay with this

Are we allowed to change the graphics in any way?
You can change the palette if you want, just as long as you don't change/delete/add/move the original objects.

And to those thinking it: yes, this is the inverse of an earlier 24hosmw where you had to delete all of the objects but leave the sprites.

AlwaysANoob: the answers to both of those are in the other thread.

Lazy: You can change the graphics, but not the Map16 or behavior of the objects.
Not sure if I will participate due to my lack of time. I will ask a question however.

Things you CAN do:
-Use custom sprites

Are custom sprites that act like an object allowed?
One final question:

Am I allowed to change Mario's graphics? It just for gameplay anyways...
Level numbers:

Yoshi's Island 3 = 103
Vanilla Dome 4 = 119
Cookie Mountain = 010
Valley of Bowser 4 = 10F
Awesome = 12D
Originally posted by Everest
Are custom sprites that act like an object allowed?

Any custom sprites are allowed. The goal of this challenge is basically to never open either the Add Objects window or Map16 editor window and build around the skeleton of the former levels with new sprites.

Shog: Sure.
Are we allowed to make Awesome non-slippery?
Yes. You can edit any of the header settings.
Also, can we change what the message boxes display?
Originally posted by S.N.N.
You can change the graphics, but not the Map16 or behavior of the objects.

So something like this would be allowed, right?
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