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What doesn't belong?

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Ok, this game is about posting a picture with one added thing in it, such as a picture of The Simpsons with a picture of The Terminator in it. Now I'll start off with an extremely easy post with a little puffball in it. I made the guy up so don't bother trying to figure out what reference he's from. Now start posting some pictures!

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fuck yeah meowingtons
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Originally posted by name128512

oh no! Its Weegee!!!
- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
Originally posted by racoonyman123

Spongebob doesn't belong in his own movie. :'(

Seriously, were you trying though? That pink pig with the thick outline.
It's not even close to Halloween, and already Christmas Sales are starting early!
This one is obvious but I made it when I was 7.
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I know. It´s the shyguys!

soooooooo bored.
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It is the sideways jumping paper mario!
This is my second time today I have seen a bump.
Originally posted by thread title
What doesn't belong?

This thread.
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