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color pallete chart diagram

I am inserting custom exgfx into my rom and am having a hard time assigning the color palettes to them because i don't want to assign them palettes that go to other objects.

How do I know what palette rows are safe to use when inserting in new graphics that will require a new palette?


[edit] I found the diagram, but I don't know how to use it.

I just want to use colors that don't interfere with the original smw color pallette. Because there are times when I want to use vanilla stuff with custom graphics.
Which of those diagrams are you referring to?

Palette editing is mostly experience. Over time you'll memorize what colors are used by what and how to best rearrange things. Very little is actually "safe to use" - you'll have to make some sacrifices, and what those are depends entirely on your situation.


I'm assuming this one?

Anyway, it depends on what you want to use. Remember that custom palettes apply on a level-by-level basis; they're not permanent for the entire ROM, so you don't have to try and preserve every palette. For a general basis, though, it's recommended you avoid the second half of palettes 0 and 1 (status bar/layer 3) and the entirety of palette 8 (player palette), but otherwise it's based on what you want to keep from the original game. The second half of 5-7 and C-F are basically fair game for most situations, though, since they're only used for fading effects in the original SMW. The second half of 2-4 and 9-B are also only used for berries so they should be good as well. The special sprite palettes E and F are also rarely used.

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