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Lunar Magic Creativity Contest 2 - Rules and Submissions

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Lunar Magic Creativity Contest - 2015

Hey there peoples. We've decided to revive an old-ish contest that happened sometime back in 2009. Basically, your task is to make a scene/image in Lunar Magic out of blocks/sprites (such as making a Mario out of turn blocks and note blocks and stuff). It's a little tricky, but it's worth it as the results look pretty nice!

Rules and Guidelines
- You are not allowed to use custom graphics. You are free, however, to change the palettes of anything (be creative!)
- No more than five screens maximum, please. But I really can't see you needing anymore than two or three screens unless you come up with something super crazy
- The background (layer 2 in general) may be changed but will not be judged at all
- You may combine any tilesets (use as many ExGFX files as you need), but all graphics must be from the original game. Nothing custom!
- ExAnimation is allowed
- Please use level 105 for your entry
- Please submit an unlocked IPS file (or BPS if you really want to). The judges will not be playing levels (as they shouldn't be designed to be played), but will judge them by looking at them through Lunar Magic
- If you wish to remain anonymous, you may submit your entry via private message if you wish

The deadline for this contest is 7th of June, 22:00 GMT+1. If you wish to update your entry between now and the deadline, please edit your original post.

Judging Your Entry
Your entry will be judged under the following category:
Creativity: how unique is your entry? Is it something completely different to something done before?
Neatness: are we able to tell what you've created or is it a complete mess?
Use of Blocks: did you use a wide range of blocks or just a load of recoloured lava tiles?
Overall: the judge's general opinion on your entry.

Each category is scored out of 15, so the entries will be judged out of 60 in total.

Help, I Don't Understand!
Take a look at last time's winner, WhiteYoshiEgg's, entry: linky link. It's a great example of an excellent entry.


We have 1st, 2nd, 3rd and participant badges for this contest. Please note that your entry will be disqualified if it is literal shit because you're entering because you solely want a badge.

So, those be the rules. Please keep all entries to this thread and discussion to the other.

Good luck!
Wild ENTRY appeared!
Sentry Here.

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rest in piece, Tyrone :^(
My entry

Here's a screen. Mario looks like an insect on his shoulder.
Quintesson Judge: Silence, or you will be held in contempt of this court!
Hot Rod: I have nothing but contempt for this court!
- Transformers the Movie (1986)

Note: My entry uses ExAnimation.
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I hope you like it!
Here is my submission:
I hope you like it.

My Entry for the Contest
This is a thing
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

My entry

Made By: Choconilla Rise's Creator Underway/Undy

[email protected]

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