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Trying to Remember a CD Containing Few Hundreds of Videogames of Various Genres

I posted this on reddit, but I have a feeling I can get promising results here. We'll see.
So for those of you who probably don't wanna click a link to reddit:
Originally posted by My Reddit Post
I can't remember too much about the CD design or the casing it probably came in. All I could remember that the CD design was of a monochrome color of either blue or green...
Some of the games in the CD seem to be only demos for I can only remember playing so much content out of them. But anyway I can only remember one game title from the list and could only describe several.
  • Rich Diamond
  • An ant-war game where you can manufacture (and I say this because I remember it to be sort-of si-fi like) 3 different classes of ants (small, medium, large) for your anthill and you just commanded your units to attack other ants and their anthills. The game also had butterflies as another unit. It looked isometric... I believe it is...
  • This game I always associated with Rich Diamond since it looked like it, but in a 2D, Dig-Dug format. I can't remember how the game mechanics went for passing each level, but it had this one gimmick in this one level where it had green blocks multiplying, quickly covering the level and I think you had to run up and do something... Like I said, I can't remember what was it that completed each level. I think the CD came with a level editor, but I'm not sure if I probably obtained that elsewhere.
  • A realistic looking, vertical scrolling, space shooter where it had seven or eight levels and a boss spaceship at the end of each level. I believe it had the same shooting mechanics as Xevious. All the levels weren't out in the open space by the way. Some of them were hovering over other planet surfaces I believe.
  • Another realistic looking, vertical scrolling, not-in-space shooter. All of its levels were surface bound and only some levels had boss ship battles. I think I remember the HUD had the player's health represented by a Megaman looking-like vertical bar taking up a thin side of the screen and when a boss came, its health was represented the same way on the other side of the screen, it too taking up a thin side.

...well, that's all the games I could really remember form that CD. I can say this for sure, the CD is about a decade old and the games are probably more older. I'll try to recall some more games to aid in finding out what CD is this.

I know I said hundreds and yet I could only remember five. But it's all I could remember ten years ago.