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Extra Mario World - Miscellaneous Updates


Welcome to our hack thread! Here you will find regular (and not-so-regular) updates on Extra Mario World, which is going to be the best ROM hack of all time. It is being developed by Team Välfärd, which has gotten kinda big. I'm the programmer and director. PercentN and Emninus are in charge of graphics. On the music front we have Ruberjig, Plasmariel and brickblock369. We also have Tob, who does a little bit of everything.

But that's enough about us, you're here for the hack! The "story" for the hack (they all need to have one, am I right) is that in an alternate universe, Bowser never conquered Dinosaur Land because it was taken by an even bigger bad by the name of the Dark Lord. Mario can't possibly beat him alone, which brings me to the list of features:

- Co-operative multiplayer with several playable characters of incredibly high quality. Of a planned 6, 3 are currently playable.
- An upgrade system that makes use of Yoshi Coins. After you collect enough you can buy an upgrade from an NPC in your home base (yes, you get a home base).
- A very versatile difficulty selection. When you create your file you choose between Easy, Normal, and Insane, which affect enemy power and AI. In addition to that you can also choose to individually activate challenge modes such as enabling timers on levels (they are off by default), dying in one hit, playing without checkpoints, and so on.
- A new game engine coded by me that allows for much more advanced features such as more detailed animations, more GFX space and better use of the SNES hardware.
- Great backgrounds drawn by PercentN. Many of these also have really neat HDMA effects on them as an enhancement.
- A bunch of new custom sprites. They're drawn by Eminus and programmed by me. Many of them are dynamic due to the detailed animations.
- An original soundtrack by Ruberjig, Plasmariel and brickblock369.
- Ridiculously high-quality bosses.
- An entire game's worth of content (probably about 80-90 levels, depending on how you define one level).

Videos and Demos
In this section you can find our most recent demo and see videos from different points in development. The more recent a video is, the more accurately it shows how the hack looks now. This list is what we are the most excited to show off but you can find some more on our YouTube channels ;)

REALM 2 DEMO (Winter C3 2019)


2018-01-12: Realm 2 Gameplay and Tar Creeper
2017-07-08: Evernight Temple Exterior
2017-07-08: Leeway vs Adept Shaman
2016-07-10: Realm 1 Gameplay and Miniboss
2016-04-16: Co-op against 1st boss on insane
2015-08-12: Day-night transition

Message box and 5bpp portraits:

Destructible terrain:

3D underwater background:

Blue kicker koopa that holds fire until a player steps into line of sight:

Questions and Answers
Q: Will resources from this hack be released?
A: Yes. After the release of the hack we plan to release a kind of "Extra Mario World pack" that contains usable versions of some of the unique things we've made. Some sprites might be a bit inflexible due to how much they rely on custom patches though.
Q: When will the hack be finished?
A: Hopefully during 2021.
Q: Why is your team so small?
A: We're actually looking for level designers right now. If you think you have what it takes, hit us up!

Realm 1: An Island's Dark Fate
Extra Mario World takes place in the same place as Super Mario World, but in an alternate universe. In this alternate universe Bowser was tossed out of Dinosaur Land by a totally mysterious villain going by the name of the Dark Lord. This guy is about as bad as they come, and quickly conquered the entire continent. In due time you'll find that the world is a lot different from how you remember it in SMW. World 1 is what used to be Yoshi's Island, now Rex Island. How did this happen? Well, the Rex teamed up with the Dark Lord and killed all the Yoshi. Yup. Here's some screenshots from this area:

Realm 2: The Crossroads of Destiny
In the lands that you might remember as the Donut Plains, two lazy rulers lurk in their tower, ever surrounded by a fierce tempest. The Crossroads forever change the fate of whoever travels through. Is it the bizarre characters, the dangerous monsters or the sexy mountains that do it? No one knows. What is known, however, is that the Crossroads is a vast and diverse region full of magic and wonder. After dealing with an endless supply of varying Rex for all of Realm 1 as well as recruiting one for yourself, it's very refreshing to encounter more classic creatures. The inhabitants of the Crossroads range from renegade koopas that deserted Bowser's army to penguin hermits and wandering moles. So let loose and take part of the realm's fine scenery and groovy jams.

This looks strange, yet fascinating.
I see you're a huge fan of Rexes. It's good, though.
Not surprising considering W1 was conquered by the Rex lol.

But yeah, this looks super interesting! Design looks good, but there's not much I can comment on without knowing how the new sprites act.

Also holy shit, multiplayer? That sounds interesting.
Freakin' rexes, man!

Looks pretty high quality. A couple issues I see are that the mushroom in the bg of Mushroom Gorge kinda pops a bit too much. Almost seems like it's in the foreground. The other one is that the bg on Castle Rex is just way too much orange. Seriously man, I can't hold all this orange it's just waaay too much! Please do tone that down.
I'm interested to see this custom boss you've got. My money's on it being a Rex.

Tower of Disarray

5/?? levels done
-HAHA Oh jeez-
An 'A' press is an 'A' press

Hella neat layout by Erik557
I can see that someone really likes my ExGFX. :P

I remember saying that I would PM my graphics to you at one point, but never got around to it. School life has been very busy and stressful lately, but now that I've graduated I should have plenty of time to get around to minor things like that.
If you still want, I can send you my GFX files now. Just note that they're incomplete and need a lot more work done.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I assure you that I am very flattered here. Honestly well done on re-creating my style of visuals.

Anyway, aside from that the level design looks very solid, with most obstacles having multiple potential approaches. I personally would scatter more enemies across Mushroom Gorge, but I am in love with the placement of that hammer-rex.

Not as huge a fan of those castle/brick graphics. They look very rudimentary and flat, with very little shading and some tiles even having major cutoff visible. I'm not necessarily sure how you could do it better aside from re-thinking the styling of it, but as it stands I feel as if those graphics need a major overhaul. This is one of those situations where I think vanilla castle GFX would've been a better option.

I agree with the BG looking too solid. Some more atmospheric perspective on the BG mushrooms would fix that right up, though.
I've become very grumpy these last few years, and have been biting my tongue here in SMWC's forums quite a bit. I just want to let you all know that if ever I come off as harsh, I still care about you all. You guys are great.

(Avatar by, butchered by me)
@Melodic I really respect your art and I just forgot to credit you. Sorry about that. I remember seeing you offer to PM your GFX to someone, but it wasn't me and I'm good with the ones I have I think.

And eh, the castle does need a graphical overhaul. I really wanted to draw some GFX on my own for such an important level but as all y'all can see I'm not very good at it. I suppose I'll just keep trying until it looks good. The BG has gone through a myriad of different color-schemes, none of which have really satisfied me. I'm finding it very difficult to make a good-looking sunset.

I updated the main post to include some information I forgot.

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What's with the increased amount of awesome hacks lately?!

Hmm, the ASM stuff made me interested in this. I'll try giving feedback often. I'm a graphics guy so I'll mostly give feedback about GFX.

Originally posted by S.R.H.
Also, the mushrooms don't look round. I don't know how I can explain it, but here:

I tried to make it look more round and I think I succeeded.
I also thought that a curve wasn't smooth, so I tried to make it more smooth.

^ Taken from MelodicCodes' thread. Since you are using her graphics, the same thing also goes for you.
I agree with everyone so far. I have nothing else to add. Oh well.
There's 10 Rexes in that post. That's a lot.

I know I'm late to the party, but...

Not really much to say. It's looking good, but those Castle graphics certainly aren't the best (I mean, they're not bad, they're just not great). They're, as others have said, flat, boring, and they really do feel rushed. The level design, on the other hand, is looking quite nice. I really do like Mushroom Gorge. You really did pick the right GFX for it.

As for an idea for this - I've just had the god-awful idea of a Rex on steroids.
You can thank me.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Current Project: Vanilla Rendezvous, my project. Click here to see the C3 thread.

Finally back and more active than ever!

Quest on Full Moon Island 2

Go watch GamingWithDrew at

My Backloggery

Here's a teaser for the sprite I'm working on right now:

I only just finished the graphics handler for it. This thing uses SO MANY TILES. It's ridiculous. I managed to fit it into VRAM but I'm having trouble finding enough OAM space for it. Either way, I think it's going to turn out pretty well (yes, you can steal and ride it). I'll start working on the behaviour tomorrow and post more screenshots then.

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Congratulations on the Ride Armor, but unfortunately I only have myself to play with so I couldn't do co-OP multiplayer games. By the way what tool allows multiple player characters?
Originally posted by Von Fahrenheit
Here's a teaser for the sprite I'm working on right now:

I only just finished the graphics handler for it. This thing uses SO MANY TILES. It's ridiculous. I managed to fit it into VRAM but I'm having trouble finding enough OAM space for it. Either way, I think it's going to turn out pretty well (yes, you can steal and ride it). I'll start working on the behaviour tomorrow and post more screenshots then.

Holy shit, that looks and sounds badass.
So this is the most recent addition to my secret stash of awesome custom sprites. It will be used in some of the levels and will ideally be upgrade-able over the course of the game. I haven't been able to work on this hack as much as I would've wanted between personal things, C3 and vacation. I figured I might as well show off what little I have done.

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As you can see my project now has a new name, Extra Mario World. It's mainly because Extra Mario Bros (you know, the kick-ass SMB1 hack) is a pretty big inspiration for it. It also sounds nice, but who knows, it could change again.

Anyway, I'm almost done with Dinolord's Domain. I found a new BG to rip off draw inspiration from but I still need to draw a pretty important custom sprite. I'm not particularly artistic, so drawing anything is slow for me. I do have something to show off, though. I wanted to make a dynamic day-night transition for one of my levels and it works pretty well.


The video shows the animation running at 8 times speed or it would take forever. It's supposed to be playing during the level, obviously. I also have a draft of the first part of the Overworld. I have very little experience with OWs and would really like some feedback on it.

The reason I'm updating so slowly is that I have very high ambitions for this hack. I have been fixing a lot of bugs since my last update and have added a lot of little features to the engine. I'd say the general things like all the new systems are about 80-90% done now. After that I will develop levels a lot faster. The next update will probably show an entire level and contain more screenshots.

That's it for now. Til next time folks.

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Just now seeing this thread and wow. I really like the graphics you've got going on, man. Also love the Rex theme. And your day/night system looks very promising, and at a slower speed it will be nice and subtle I'm sure.

Can't wait to see more of this!
Errr... sorry if this sounds rude, but you should really find a teammate who will do the graphics and stuff for you. Your ASM stuff is really nice and I'm jealous, but the graphics/palettes/etc. really don't match the ASM quality to be honest.
Lookin' good!!!

Somone released a small demo hack called Extra Mario World a few years back in CS3 which was attempting to be sort of an SNES version of the NES rom hack "Extra Mario Bros"

Was that you? Does this have anything to do with metroid?

Just wondering :) In either case I'll be following this
Von Fahrenheit great work! Bwahahahahaha! Have you created some new levels?
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
Time for a new update! Look at the first post for actual content. New stuff this time include: screenshots, gameplay video, new enemies, a dynamic BG3 patch (I'm pretty proud of this one). How the patch works is that it updates the BG3 tilemap and palette during NMI and IRQ's f-blanked scanline to allow full 512x512 BG3 tilemaps without messing up the status bar. It also lets me use all 8 BG3 palettes for the BG. I have a few new enemies to show as well. Probably at some point I'll make an update with just all the different custom sprites I've made for this hack.

As for the future, I've taken Berkay's words to heart and realized I don't have what it takes to push this hack to the level of quality I at first envisioned for it. Namely, I'm lacking in the graphics department and as such I have decided to team up with some willing pixel artist. The next update can probably not come before that, since I want to show off the playable character system but lack the skills to draw them. If you're good at drawing SMW-style things and you're interested, please say so!

The last thing I have to say is that I'm a mod now (crazy, I know) so I don't have as much time as I used to to spend on Extra Mario World. That's it for now. Captain Polar Bear out!

Edit: I'll slap the new stuff in here as well:


Before anything else I'll go ahead and credit Moon since I straight up ripped him off. He drew these graphics not me. This is the new look of Dinolord's Domain:

This is the first example of my sprite BG system. Look closely and you'll see the silhouette of Castle Rex behind the clouds. It's not very impressive with two tiles but it has a lot of potential. Imagine a level with 4 layers (that are not 2bpp)!

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Woah. Dat red Rex. I like that it can climb walls. heh But, it does seem to be a little overwhelming, mainly it moves pretty fast especially since it's the first time someone sees it (I think?).

As far as graphics go, I'd be willing to help you with that, though you're looking for SMW-style and I don't really draw that. Not saying that I can't, it's just a preference thing lol But if you're willing to give me a chance you (hopefully) won't be disappointed.
I should mention right now that the red rex you see in the video is set to insane (the highest difficulty setting). It's significantly less OP on easy and normal.

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!