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Extra Mario World - Miscellaneous Updates


do you need any help with this?
After a long period of silence we have made a lot of stuff that we want to show. We're gonna have a lot of updates coming up in short succession at this point, so stay tuned fellas!

Some of you have seen us tinkering with stuff on discord, but this thread has been pretty barren for a while. Let's add some color to it!

Now that I have finally finished all the engine stuff for the hack, we're going to be pumping out more concrete content much faster. We will be remaking Realm 1 first, and who knows, we might even have something cool to show next C3?

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You got to be kidding! Then again, as d^4 said, everything can be coded/ported to SMW in theory (especially with help from SA-1), not to mention you already have experimented with Mode 2 with King Rex. And man, the effect is even more trippy given that the effect is even more exaggerated than in Yoshi's Island (faster animation, larger waves for fore- and background).

Speaking of Yoshi's Island and Mode 2 (which I have experimented with CLDC): Have you experimented with HDMA polygons and fluids?
Yoshi's Island really is a goldmine of SNES tech, eh? I actually couldn't figure out how to get the stretch effect to look right so I ripped the table directly from YI. The rest is me just eyeballing it though. Mode 2 is very unintuitive in how it works but once you get it you're pretty much set.

And yes, I did try out the triangle tech. I had a little rant on the discord this Summer when I discovered it haha. I have programmed triangle tech support into our hack so we'll see if we find a good use for it.

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now have the stage after this be rehabilitation
Jokes aside this is awesome. I think there's been a few attempts at trying something similar to this but I doubt any of them looked this good. I await what you have in store next!

PFP by Empathic-Nooks on Deviantart. Check em out!
Hey check it out I made a level that got 104th place (wow he sucks!).
Oh no it's THAT Fuzzy D: DDD: (Don't tell me it also sends pitch distortions and tempo reduction to the SPC700 too. I don't and I really do want to hear a sample if it does.)

This hack looks so technically impressive and with all the characters to play with, I am sure it is going to be a blast. This is fresh and exciting. Glad to see it is still alive. The parallax scrolling does an amazing job of giving real depth and perspective, perhaps to an uncanny degree. Great work, guys!

Just look above you...
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Fuzzy is great! Do you have your own Discord? Perhaps I can attend at a level here.
That Fuzzy looks INSANE! Did anyone use the overwhelming power of Super-FX? This makes sense here...
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Originally posted by Counterfeit
(Don't tell me it also sends pitch distortions and tempo reduction to the SPC700 too. I don't and I really do want to hear a sample if it does.)

Then brace your eardrums because we are working on the sound filter right now #smrpg{:D}

It's mostly in play already but it's not perfect yet, but who knows, there might be a video with both finished graphics and audio soon?

Originally posted by Rykon-V73
Fuzzy is great! Do you have your own Discord? Perhaps I can attend at a level here.

Check PM #smrpg{<3}

Originally posted by kamekku14
That Fuzzy looks INSANE! Did anyone use the overwhelming power of Super-FX? This makes sense here...

This effect as actually 100% doable with just SNES (though you might want FastROM...)

It eats the layer 3 background since it uses mode 2 but it's really just a bunch of HDMA effects applied at the same time.

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It's been a while, but we have done a lot since last time. We have gotten some solid additions to the team and the hack is really starting to shape up. We are not quite ready to show everything we have been working on, but for now I'd like to show off the most recent addition to our playable cast!

Luigi is here!

The green tornado himself finally joins the party. He is quite similar to his brother Mario, with some key differences!

As you can see, his acceleration is a little slower, but his run speed is the same. Standing jump heights are also the same, but Luigi gets a lot more air time due to his flutter jump. They also have the same running jump height. As you can imagine, Luigi gets significantly more air time from this. He also gets access to his highest jump before he reaches his max run speed, cementing him as a more aerial-based character.

Just like Mario, Luigi's size increases when he eats a mushroom. We have not yet decided whether he will use a fire flower or not. As you can see, Luigi has a heart meter, which is a little homage to SMB2.

In Extra Mario World, all characters have a special move they can activate with the A button. Mario has his spin jump, but Luigi has a different sort of spin.

This move has more utility than you might expect, since it can lift Luigi up. When combined with his jump, he has more aerial mobility than any other character in the game.

Additionally, this move can be used as an attack. Luigi is invincible during the finishing animation, and the last few frames have a hitbox on either side.

Here you can also see an early version of a fireball move. We may or may not keep this.

Luigi shines when he has enough room on the ground to build up P speed and enough space in the air to make use of it. Luigi can maintain P speed indefinitely as long as he doesn't turn around on the ground. He is still allowed to turn around in the air, which along with his very high air acceleration gives him great aerial control. Here are some examples:

If you paid really close attention, you might have noticed that Luigi can also fast fall. If you hold down in the air, his gravity increases to match Mario's. This is a bit of an advanced technique, but we believe it adds some depth to his movement and allows him to keep his spot as the number one air character even when taking the advanced tech of other characters into account.

Finally, he can also pick up and throw objects. I didn't know where else to put this, so here you go.

More updates coming soon ! We're still working really hard on this and will soon have some more actual content to show.

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That Goomba... How many frames does he have?
I'm amazed to see so much complexity of movement, and for Luigi of all things. Really nice work.
The updates for this hack always amaze me. I can't say more than what everyone else has said, but I'll do it anyway!

Everything shown so far is stupendous!
nintendo should hire the prople who work on this hack

i intentionally left the typo in because everyone should my mistakes from the past/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
random avatar everyime you reload wheeee
Everything looks absolutely excellent!
Looking forward to this!
I remember meeting this project in early 2019, and I realized that I hadn't heard about it in a long time! Coincidentally, I was thinking about researching the same, and I came across this updated topic. I am a programmer, but I have experience with SNES UMK3 only, but my passion is really for SMW. I hope to see the final version of this beautiful project soon.
The last time a SMW rom hack had my jaw drop this far was back when I first saw Brutal Mario...over a decade ago
Remember, life can always be worse

HOLY, does this hack look amazing. I’m definitely looking forward to playing this on release. Glad to see the Rexes seeing some love. I’m blown away by how good it looks, I love every pixel of it. Good luck and I hope to see some more updates sometime.
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My In-Progress Hack

Hey yall! Sorry for the radio silence! I know that can seem worrying, but we really have been making a lot of progress. This past year I have rewritten most of the game engine, which makes a huge difference performance-wise but isn't all that interesting to show off. We have revisited a lot of our design ideas too and really put a lot of effort into making sure the foundation of the game is solid. We want this hack to be the best of all time, and while the bells and whistles help sell that it's the like... core design or whatever that actually carries it. So that's what we've been working on! Lots of small changes to very core features later, we're getting very close to a huge update. I don't know how this comes across, but we decided to take the feedback we've gotten very seriously, even if that meant delaying this update.

At this point we are very confident in our design and have great hopes in this project. At the same time, we're also in a bit of trouble! PercentN is quite busy these days and can't spend as much time as he used to on Extra Mario World. This has led us to be short on GFX in some areas and we sort of live in a world of placeholders. We are looking for GFX people to join our team! We really need help with backgrounds/tilesets, both for levels and for the overworld.

I have some stuff I want to show too, as examples of what I've been talking about. We decided to take some liberties with the design of Mario to make him a better fit for what we want to do with the game. Here's my favorite change: the fire charge!

When Mario jumps on an enemy, he gains the ability to throw one fireball. These fireballs are pretty buff, but the jump requirement makes for this really interesting back-and-forth where you want to alternate jumping on enemies and taking them out from afar. Deciding which enemies to jump on and which ones to take out with fireballs will be huge for Mario!

We also decided to give Mario hearts to represent his health instead of his classic big/small thing. This is to make the design more coherent with the rest of the playable cast and also so we can give the player more health on easy mode. Speaking of easy mode, check this out!

We decided to take some inspiration from Kirby and give the player contact damage on easy mode. If you get hit by an enemy, they get hit too! This along with the +1 HP buff makes easy mode feel a lot more forgiving when interacting with enemies. Additionally, pits and lava are not instant death on easy, as they instead damage you and bounce you high up to let you recover.

And here you can see our "world of placeholders"

So yeah, that's our vibe right now. We are very confident in our design but we also really need some help to bring it to life. Eminus is still an absolute boss with drawing sprites but we need help with backgrounds and tilesets. Please hit us up on smwcentral PM or on discord if you're interested or know someone who might be.

For now, that's Von Fahrenheit signing out!

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This looks AWESOME! How did you make the interactive message boxes?