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Bump this thread and DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I notice that some users have edited their first posts to serve as something of an intro to or disclaimer for their post archive. Does anybody else do this?


No, I just edit other people's posts.

CASCADE's REQUEST: Admins, I beseech thee! Edit Raiden's posts!

I did. I also abused CSS but that didn't go well.
I like my post history to stay as a fossilized record of previous iterations of me.

I can look back with pride, both at my younger self's merits and how far my newer self has come.

Also sometimes it's hilarious.
I go blind whenever I see one of my first 3000 posts, making hitting the edit button harder than just suppressing the thought forever.
Your layout has been removed.

There was a point where I copied someone else and edited my oldest posts with snarky comments, and I regret that though I don't see a point in going back and editing them again.
I do this way too often. (See? ^ ) I usually write a reply, post it, come back to it in a few days and go "oh god I have to reword this".
I'm trying to stop doing that, but old habits die hard I guess.

As for my really old posts, I deleted most of the cancerous ones save for the ones in closed threads. I guess my very first post is destined to haunt me forever.

Nah i just pretend they don't exist. Really tho there isn't a huge increase in post quality in my newer posts, I'm just not 12 years old so I don't act like I'm 12 years old. Which I guess is a pretty big improvement.

Nah, I only edit posts shortly after I create them if there are some grammar errors or if I have a bit more detail to add. Editing really old posts doesn't seem to serve much purpose...unless it's a post containing a big collection of data.
No point in editing my old, ancient posts. My younger (stupid) self is open for everyone to witness in his full glory!
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
I don't see any point of editing my oldest posts. I find it funny how I was in the past. My posts weren't that constructive, oh well. I was 12 or so when I registered here (I've known about this site since 10-11, but I was lurking a long time). Yeah, my first post was about a crash bug caused by a broken ROM (it wasn't replied, well, my question was a bit stupid).

Anyway, I only see the need to edit one of my previous post when I notice typos, major grammar errors, etc. to keep my posts readable.
Now people are gonna think this is a good idea and start doing that, thanks.

I edit almost every one of my posts because most of the time I read what I posted and realize I forgot something. Or when I'm on my phone and it's difficult to type or autocorrect decided to ring in and change a word, I have to fix it. I'm trying to use the Preview feature to fix this habit.

To directly answer the question here: no, I don't edit any old posts; I try harder to forget about them than edit them.
Not really. Even though those posts show how much I was a newbie back then, I think I've come from a long way from where I am now.
End of this message.
Unless the edit to your post is a clear indication of added content, you are a shitty person for editing your posts. Especially if it's to make yourself look better in your super old posts.

Same thing with deleting posts and changing thread titles.
I'm not rewriting history. I like there being an accurate documentation of my postal evolution, if you will.

(Edits within the same day are an entirely different thing.)

Originally posted by leod
my first 3000 posts

Ah, such innocence. #fim{<3}

what kind of horrible person would edit their posts?

mod edit: ikr, it's better to edit someone else's posts
Originally posted by Cascade
I notice that some users have edited their first posts to serve as something of an intro to or disclaimer for their post archive. Does anybody else do this? Do you ever change your older posts to say something dumb or utterly irrelevant to the original thread topic?
Changing the post so that it's completely misfitting is asinine. It's confusing to readers. You shouldn't need a disclaimer for your "past stupidity" warning people not to look or whatever.

Just as bad, if not worse, are those "I want to leave SMWC forever, and I need my post history wiped" people, regardless of whether they delete all their old posts themselves or ask a mod to do it for them because they find a post in a locked thread and worry so much about being seen on a video game modding site threatening their chance for a part-time job flipping burgers in 10 years.

edit: sometimes I have to edit my post because my thoughts come out jumbled and I say things the opposite of what I mean

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
If I edited the shit out of all of my posts they would all be blank.
I did that by adding some sort of disclaimer, but then I realized how pointless it was. However, I'm not going to edit the posts that have it just to take it out. Nowadays, I only edit them if I feel like I forgot something related to the topic that deserves to be listed and/or the thought isn't very clear.
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
When I update my hack thread's first posts.

But actually, the same as WYE. I'm someone who frequently looks at their own posts, for some reason (maybe seeing how I used to be, etc).
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