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The Devious Four Chronicles 3: The Crater by Skewer,antimatterhunter

File Name: The Devious Four Chronicles 3: The Crater
Submitted: 2015-04-29 04:14:23 PM by Skewer
Authors: Skewer, antimatterhunter
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 100 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Mario has bested the King Koopa, Bowser, time and time again. He has stopped boos from taking over and even giant frogs. However, not long ago, he foiled the attempt of two otherworldly beings named Racter and Magna, from distorting his world's magnetic field. Mario bested Racter, but not before he could call for help.

Mario must now face off against an enemy like no other he has seen... two enemies! He must be quick, for they have built a devious super weapon that could very well turn the Mushroom Kingdom and more into nothing more than a parking lot! He's not alone though, traveling with him is yet another otherworldly being who seems to know the two villains.

(Updated to 1.1, biggest change is the remade ending and updated credits)
It's very unfortunate that I need to reject this because it was a blast to play but it does have a huge game breaking bug with the flaming skulls in the late game that crash the game for no real reason.

A couple other things oddities I found.

When fighting this guy you can glitch him off screen if you hug the left or right wall on both fights.

In this level the laser can be turned into blocks if you jump into it. (still happens in V1.1)

Other minor things.
In levels with the tap tap like enemies the sound can screw up but pausing and unpausing fixes it.

There where a few graphical glitches I ran across like a platform spawning as random tiles but I couldn't reproduce the effect so something to look out for.