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Le Team 64NK Presents to you...

SM64 Hack

Logo by MrNiki09.
Ever wanted some good quality models in your hack but had no idea how to model objects like Trees and so on? Well then you're in luck today! Team 64NK (Stomatol, MrNiki09 and I, Mr. GreenThunder) present to you, some high quality and well modelled objects from a dedicated and hardworking team(citation needed) which can aid you in making models as high quality as this!

such 3d. much cacti. wow
Errr... maybe not that high quality(gj stomatol :) )
But as high quality as this castle ground remake done within 2 hours!

All the objects present there are downloadable and some objects in the pack are not shown there.

Some models show case;


Oak Tree

Pine Tree

Palm Tree

Stalker Tree

Bubbly Tree

ayy lmao
SNN Root Beer Float
And Many More

Youtube Video
Media Fire Mirror
SMWCentral Mirror
Have fun and have a splendid C3! And give credits to Stomatol, Mr. GreenThunder and MrNiki09 if used!
~Team 64NK

I'm glad that it turned out pretty well.
I hope you guys like it!
Whoa. You guys did so much stuff, and they all look quite nice. My only complaint is the logo; it seems to have jpg artifacts. (or maybe just low quality png?) which really annoys me, but that's not very important. Great job overall. (except for you Greeny, u sux. nah jk)

Nice seeing some other Maya modellers out there, keep up the good work.
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Originally posted by cyphermur9t
Nice seeing some other Maya modellers out there, keep up the good work.

It's blender, maya is for plebs.
Originally posted by cyphermur9t
Nice seeing some other Maya modellers out there, keep up the good work.

Thanks, but yeah as MrGreen said I made those models with blender.
Beautiful, probably going to use that palm tree and cactus. Just what I needed!

Blenderp sux, Sketchup8Masterrace
New layout by RanAS!
I'm liking these a lot, I've really taken note of you, as I quite enjoy the models you've shown here and across the IRC. The trees all look quite good, especially the pine tree.
wow these are some great models. Great job #smw{:TUP:}
Originally posted by TheStoneBanana
All of this was made possible by Totino's, guys
Sonic Mania wouldnt exist without it

Thanks for the amazing layout LDA!
If this gets wildly and wisely used and it pays off, then we may make a second batch, but you'll have to request what you think as useful to be made except dildos or any explicit content because I wouldn't put it past any of you, seeing as someone's C3 was destroyed because of some people's utter stupidity. But let's see if this pays off first.
Also I'd like to add that some of the models in the screenshots look better in the pack as those screenshots were early versions like the SNN root beer thing which now looks like this.
a dildo

Some rocks would be nice, maybe some fancy boulders and such.
New layout by RanAS!
We already have rocks, but boulder is noted.
Anyways, rip C3. It was fun while it lasted.

SM64 Hack