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Garbage Garage (a poorly made garbage hack)

Full SMW Hack

So this is a hack that I just made for fun. It's an example of a poorly made garbage hack (meaning that it is a garbage of a garbage hack). It has 4 exits. Poorly made poor grammar.

Grab this if you want to live

Vote for this hack as the best joke hack (I made it in like 10 minutes).
Joke Hacks =/= Garbage Hack.
This sadly seems to be forgotten often. I at least don't think hacks that try to be as bad as possible funny.

Also, you did this in 10 minutes? I'd have guessed it took at least 15.
Well, I was promised garbage and that's what I got... really no basis for me to complain on.
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... what even am I doing with my life?
No offense but I get kinda sick of these C3 "joke" hacks that try to be as terrible as possible. It isn't particularly funny anymore nor is it remotely original. I think crack-fic like plots with some kind of funny surprise twist work better.
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SMW hacking channel

I know but I didn't have a C3 project so I made this.

Full SMW Hack