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Super Mario Logic Beta Test
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I will try and respond to the other posts that people have left, but for right now I think I have a solution on finished up the game.

I will cut a few of those directional coins where you must control their path in the block maze and then for the last part of the game i will do something like they did in the original smw with bowsers castle.

I will have a castle with 4 doors and you pick only 1 then another 4 doors and you only pick one.

This will eliminate the whole trying to squeeze two levels into one which I was trying to do but got kind of stuck on it.

I don't mind if someone posts a walkthrough, only as long as its just private links for now.

The main reason for this is that i just don't want this version being publicized.

Once the final game comes out then you can make public walkthroughs all you want.


there are some things that should be fixed.

-invisible coin/note blocks should be marked (simple map16 edit)

I don't know what you mean by this. Could you explain?

-certain levels are laughably easy, for example this one.

Some are easy and others are not. If you jump ontop of it you die so yeah.

-Cement block spam, but you said you'd fix that so it's not a big deal.

Yes, I will try and fix some of this but due to the limitations of smw's original graphics I won't be able to fix them all

-I saw three versions of this, which seems a bit much.

I plan on cutting 3 of these from the game to help make the game fit into the 96 levels limatations.

I'm aware of this and it can't be helped those blocks only check if mario jumps off not walks off. Someone would have to code a new block to fix this.

-After a certain point, there are no more coin barriers protecting the goal, resulting in many breaks, but these are likely just unfinished.

yes you are correct they are unfinished

[edit again]

quote BerkayOkay, finished it. It was very nice overall, but can be better if you fix these:

List of things you should fix

- Some levels have castle/ghost house entrances even though they're not castles/ghost houses.

yes i know im trying to fix those but really dont know how.

- Some ideas are used again and again, and it becomes less fun each time. I think you should replace them with new levels.

I'm going to cut 3 of some levels like this

- The difficulty curve is extremely wonky.

give advice on what to change.

- When you touch the midway point and restart, it will send you to the next level.

just testing purposes dont worry

- Some sprites don't fade in because they use palette row 8. To fix this, you can use STEAR and change their palette row.

didnt notice this and i dont know how to fix it or even what to look for to see this.

- Sprite tile issues. You can use No More Sprite Tile Limits to fix this.

i dont know what this sprite tile issue is please explain

- Not sure if it was intentional, but this level has 37 coins.

thats actually very interesting because it happened to me too. it must be a glitch. normally you only end up with 36 coins.

- You can break this level if you get the second (from left) mushroom on top of the cement block.

cant really be helped. if you have a solution please let me know. and its not really breaking the level because you can't beak the level by doing this

- You can die while finishing this level.

it cant be helped. there is nothing that i know of that will fix this.

- Fishes can swim through walls.

cant be helped.
- In this level, the circle is a bit messed up. To fix this, you may try changing its position.

i only used that goal post because i didnt want to use the glitchy end level block. it will replaced with the goal sphere in the end dont worry.

- This star is useless.

thats not the way i intended on completing the level. i will fix this.

- This level is extremely easy. To make it harder, I suggest that you put multiple flying question blocks that don't go off screen.

the idea is that out of all of the levels this goal sphere is actually not protected like most of the others are. so its supposed to make the player think they need coins yet they dont. by getting the coin that the player thinks they are supposed to get they end up trapping themselves. its one of those ones where its either super easy or super hard depending on if you can figure it out or not.

- You don't need to get the coins to touch the teleport block.

that was only for testing purposes not to be in final version of the game.

- This looks very ugly.
- The pipes' colors don't match the sprite.
- This level is extremely hard. I think you should put this level near the end.

these are unfinished levels to they are not final.
• 1: The level itself isn't hard at all, but I kept falling to my death
after touching the goal sphere. This is an easy fix; just make the level vertical (level mode 0A).


• 2: I struggled with this one. It's a decent level, but it's bit too tricky for World 3. I suggest you swap this one with an easier World 7 level.
• 3: This one requires extreme precision. Move the coin block up by one or two.
• 4: I spent some time trying to figure out this one. It's a nice puzzle, but I'd say it's more suited for World 9 or so.

fixed i'm pushing this level back a little.

• 5: Same as number 4.
• 6: Due to the unpredictable nature of the ghost generator, this level was an exercise in frustration. Lower the amount of coins or replace the generator with something else.

lowered the coin requirement to 30 instead of 80 something

• 7: Again, extreme precision is required. I suggest you give the player some leeway by lowering the coin requirement by one.
(that's as far as I got)

This. Having to do this three times (apparently four times, even) is frustrating as all hell. Not to mention the coin snake is rather hard to control. It's fine if you use this gimmick once, but that's about it.

Fixed, i am cutting 3 of the levels that are like this. only 2 will be in the final game.
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