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Wakana's music thread (Some Touhou Mario 2 SPCs added!)


Hello everyone! There goes another load of music stuff for you all. Let's get started shall we?
This thread contains:
1. 2015 C3 Music Pack
2. 2012 C3 Music Pack converted to work with AMK
3. Some BRRs I ripped
4. Touhou Mario 2 remade ports

Have fun!
1. 2015 C3 Pack

The pack above contains some ports I did either by request or because out of boredom. I'll list now all the tracks included with a small description:

Castlevania - Clockwork Remix: Two small remixes of my personal favourite clockwork theme of Castlevania. The sampled version, based on SM64's Bowser's last battle, could work for any kind of dark chapel, while the unsampled version, pretty generic, can work with any kind of boss battle and/or athletic level.

Castlevania - Mad Forest: Another sampled song featuring another of my favourite Castlevania songs. It could work with athletic and intense areas.

Finals Fantasy Legend 2 - Boss Battle: A redone version of the one I did a few years ago: it was poor sounding. I hope this new version is better for your tastes.

Gimmick! - Strange memories of Death: One day Izuna challenges me porting her transcripted midi of this music. I took the challenge and this come out. Intense sounding, could fit with space-theme levels. Big thanks to Izuna for the midi <3

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - Boss Battle: In my folders I found this port. It was 1/4 finished and am4 based. With some work and shanenigans, I finished it and made it work for amk. It obviously fits boss battles.

Mario Kart - Rainbow Road: A song requested by Eevee, a sampled version, using my samples folder, of this track, which could fit... uh... rainbow roads? Any kind of bonus level in general? Maybe.

MOTHER 3 - Alec's Log House: If irl had a music theme, this would be the one. Peaceful, sleepy, perfect for your Yoshi houses and the likes.

Pokemon Black and White - Reshiram/Zekrom's battle: Guess who requested this? =w= A pokemon battle theme, pretty heavy and totally fitting boss battles.

Romancing SaGa 3 - Final battle: Someone addressed this as the closest version to the original for SMW. Fitting final levels and final boss battles in general.

Seiken Densetsu 3 - Electric Talk: Another SPC music requested by Skewer. It fits temples, dark castles, and so on.

Sonic Advance 3 - Cyber Track Act 1: A gameboy advance track, sampled, again, with my own samples. It can fit athletic areas in general.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Casino Night Zone: One of my favourite Sonic musics, it would fit casino levels pretty well.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Oil Ocean Zone: Second personal favourite of the Sonic 2 sountrack. It's half sampled half unsampled (the strings are SMW's). Can fit any kind of arabian-like level or oil palace levels.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - Hydro City Act 1: This song is beautiful, I just had to port it, despite the midi throwing silly note lenghts at me (for your sanity, don't look the txt). It can fit athletic water places in general.

Street Fighter 2 - Vega's theme: Another SPC track. I really liked Vega as character, but too bad I used to lose a lot at my bro with Ryu. You can imagine which move he spawned... There is an unsampled version too. It can fit athletic levels and boss battles.

Super Mario Bros. - Castle (REMIXED): This is a remix I had to do for the 24h SMWC Contest. For a rushed port, I can say it's not sounding this bad, except maybe for the repetitiveness. It can fit boss battles pretty well.

Super Mario World - Boss Remix: The remix done for the VLDC Collab. Out of boredom, I made an unsampled version too, in case you want it for your vanilla hacks.

Super Mario World - Ghost House Remix: Another track done for the VLDC. Here too, made an unsampled version too. It's funny how the @6 resembles the sample I used as main melody in the sampled one. Lol.

The Elder Scrolls III - Call of Magic: Requested by Eevee, this track works perfectly for cutscenes, calm places, and so on.

Touhou 13 - Futatsuiwa from Sado: New version made because the old one I submitted in the site had a part wrong. I have no idea how this came out so big...

Touhou 6 - Septette for the Dead Queen: We had Flan's theme last C3, now it's her big sister's turn. Pretty sad music, could work for final levels and some kind of boss battles.

Touhou 8 - Maiden's Capriccio: One of the themes of the main Touhou character, Reimu Hakurei. That piano goes so insane I had headaches making it.

Zombies ate my neighbours - Mars Needs Cheerleaders: ...zamn this port lol. It was painful to organize the samples in this one; you may want to hear the original, this game's soundtrack is one of the most f*cked up ones lol.

2. 2012 C3 Ports - Recovered!
If you remember, I submitted this pack for 2012 C3. Although I was too lazy to submit them in the section. When AMK came up totally, I was even more lazy to properly convert them for AMK (there were AMK versions of each, but they were very poor and am4-like sounding. This pack includes all of them ready to use for AMK.
3. Wakana's ripped samples
These are some samples I ripped from WAVs found on the net out of boredom. I actually have many more, but they were sounding awful. These are not this great either, but they could help.

That's it for now! I hope you'll like and enjoy this C3. #thp{=D}
This might just be the thread I was looking forward to the most. It most certainly does not disappoint.
They're not exacty the most accurate ports in the world, but there's still a certain charm them. They feel very Wakana-y.
My personal favorites include Maiden's Capriccio, Hydrocity and Alec's Log House.
I like everything here except for Clockwork, it's so fucking loud holy shiiiit
Damn, you really don't mind contributing to that music section do ya? =w=

It's clear you've put a lot of effort into all of these, and it's payed off. Granted, I don't know how some of the songs originally sounded like, so I'm not sure about accuracy. Also, I am so, so sorry for asking you to port Gamecube, XBox and DS songs x3
Impressive as usual! I'm surprised how well your sampled VLDC tracks converted to unsampled so well.
Absolutely beautiful music, bravo!!
Oh man, I'm really digging this port of Hydrocity. Has a ton of style, nice work!

Tower of Disarray

5/?? levels done
-HAHA Oh jeez-
An 'A' press is an 'A' press

Hella neat layout by Erik557
I really like the unsampled ports! Though I have to agree that some of them are too loud. Still, it's a pretty good pack.

Edit: Also, the ZAMN port sounds a bit detuned; you might want to look at that.
It's nice to see more of your custom music.
Good job!
I really like what you've done here, even though some of the ports are a bit too loud as people already said. Still, there are some songs I really enjoyed. My favourites are Mad Forest, Alec's Log House, Reshiram/Zekrom's battle, Hydro City and Cyber Track Act 1.
Also, I find the STH2 ports very accurate to the original tracks.

As Lazy already said...
Originally posted by Lazy
They feel very Wakana-y.

And we all know that Wakana-y means damn good!
Holy wow, that's a lot of ports

I feel really bad that I don't know too many of the original songs, but regardless, those ports sound mostly really great. I really like that Romancing SaGa port (it stood out to me because of the port used in MGU1 which made me like the song :P). Also props to you for porting Mother 3 yess (a soundrack that deserves a lot more attention!)

Also dang Call of Magic is so beautiful and sad (but it's one of those really loud ports D:)
That Cyber Track Act 1 port is pretty damn good. Nice job, Wakana.
septette for the dead queen, I like the echo, is it a remix? It sounded like you added more instruments than the origional.
Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
I listened to some of your ports, they're good even though they don't sound like the original. I loved the ghost house remix one, I'll probably use it in my hack.
Well, I don't even need to say anymore how much you got better compared to previously years. The music quality resumes all. Nice work!

I didn't really that some songs were rather loud, maybe it just depends from person to person. But just to be sure in future, test your songs with a SFX and see how audible is the SFX. If it is not very audible, then your song is too much loud.

Originally posted by GreenHammerBro
septette for the dead queen, I like the echo, is it a remix? It sounded like you added more instruments than the origional.

Well, a few people know but a port doesn't mean that a song should sound exactly same as original. Instead, it's intended to the author adapt a song from a certain platform or game to another, making it feel good as possible according the game and platform.
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In terms of mucis, I'm easy to please. I listen to almost anything.
But even so, this sounds quite awesome... well, you didn't compose it so I guess I can't really complement you on that part ^^'
Just kidding. Even with my 0% knowledge on custom music, I can imagine making these (ripping or however it's done) must take quite some time and skill.

As such, good job. Your music threads are always something to look forward to each C3.
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... what even am I doing with my life?
You ported music from Mr. Gimmick and Morrowind, two of my all-time favorite games in the world. Hats off to you for being totally incredible.
I find myself looking more and more forward to your C3 music threads. Not only a good portion of the songs are of my interest, but you also reveal some neat porting styles every now and then. This time I'm really fond of these:

- the Gimmick one;
- Reshiram/Zekrom battle;
- RS3 Final Battle: nice job with accuracy here;
- Casino Night: those saxes <3;
- Hydrocity: not much of a fan of the original, but damn, this is sounding nice and the start sounds really powerful haha;
- Vega's theme;
- Ghost House Remix: dat piano;
- Septette: you already know this is one of the few Touhou songs that I actually care about, and you did a good job here - sounding pretty smooooooth.
Thanks everyone for the kind replies. I'll be sure to fix high volumes and the other issues.

Vitor reminded me that I forgot to include a few tracks of Touhou Mario 2. So ya, have some recent remade ports ( only SPCs). Enjoy~
Gee, thanks to you i now got a obsession to these songs! Your songs are really awesome! Thanks for the songs like the Touhou ones #thp{:>}