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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2015 - SECRET HACK PROJECT REVEALED - Super Wakana Land (DEMO AVAILABLE)
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I've been recently working on a project I (almost) kept secret and that I'm glad to announce today: Super Wakana Land.

As you may guessed from the screen up there, it will feature one of my main original characters, Wakana Mizuho, an angel youkai. Gameplay-wise, she has many abilities: she can jump up to 5 times in mid air, she can fall slower, she can always shoot magic, and much more. I'm planning many things to add in future (as always, if patches won't conflict each other >w<)
The story isn't a thing yet, since I have no idea how I'll base it on, but for now, I share some screens, as well as a demo ips on the bottom of the thread.


I don't think I'll be submitting this demo in the hacks section, since it's really small: it contains 5 exits, and the levels themselves are very small and easy, obviously, because they take place in the first world.

Any feedback really appreciated. Thanks in advance, hope you have fun!

EDIT!: Underway was so cute to make me an userbar:
Well this looks interesting, to say the least! I'm a sucker for original hacks that leave the original game unrecognizable in the final product. Looks like this will hold up very well.

The graphics and level design look neat. You've done a great job of keeping a consistent style. I'll definitely play this when I get a chance.

tired: 'JOYCON BOYZ'
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I did play this and it was definetely nice. I found 2 minor problems:

1. I think it's a demo, because further into the level, where I got the
secret exit, the level still goes on.
2. In the part with the smashers at the castle, sometimes, red color flashes for a few seconds.

Other than that, very good.
eoifjroij forgot to comment lol

This was the first thing I played today, and it was pretty good! The music was beautiful and your graphics went together very nicely.

Only two suggestions. One is the layer 3 in the pipe level, scrolling a bit odd. You can fix that simply by selecting to fix the layer 3 scroll sync issue in the L3 editor. The other suggestion is to make some of the flying segments a bit easier. For some reason, I had trouble with the first part in the tower level because I couldn't fly high enough, and I seemed to need a perfect amount of momentum to make it.

Other than that, it was really nice! Looking forward to more. :3
Now I have, besides Touhou Mario 2, another thing I can be looking forward.
Looks fun and promising, especially the ability to jump five times in the air makes for some neat platforming action, I'm almost certain of that.

Good luck with this. :)
Something about the position of her eyes in the title screen feels off to me but other than that it looks alright.
Well this hack is really pretty awesome :3 Nice music good graphics well im surprising when i saw last screen of the castle Lol. But Only i see one bad thing is the red HDMA of the castle Sometimes The screen is Fully red other A part of the screen you should look it and i play it on Zsnes (last version) IN conclusion Good Work Congratulations (Sorry for my english im horrible again :v)

Whatever is ok for me ...
Original characters are always a plus, at least for me. (and it's a touhou-esque character, too!)
This demo was quite enjoyable! Wakana is super fun to control and the visuals combined with the music make for a very adventurous feel. Lookin' forward to this!


I really need to play it #smw{O_O!}
looks awesome, and a new story to explore, Lets-a go~ #smw{:peace:}

i'll play it and then leave another comment (maybe... i think #smw{^_^;})
I have to say, this is a good surprise! I just finished the demo and it was quite enjoyable. By reading that Wakana was able to jump up to 5 times in mid air, I thought "omg it's totally overpowered D:", but I was wrong.
The hack never felt too easy because the level design corresponds to Wakana's abilities, even if some parts were a bit too hard, as Eevee already said.
Well, looks like there's another hack I'm gladly supporting now!#w{:>}
I normally don't play demos, and I'd like to stay by this philosophy. I'll check out the hack when it has more playable content, like two worlds maybe??? Forget this, I played it either way!

Anyways, I'm glad I got to be an instrumental part of this hack's development. Drawing the player graphics was an alright task,
and gets me ready to draw up some player graphics for Scorpion based on his Fourth Sector appearance.

I hope to see this hack fly to the stars soon.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
I really enjoyed this, i love hacks with different players and even more when they have different abilities so this hack was really damn awesome for me.
My only complaint would be for this pipes level, i think you should make the passable ones more grayish(mostly the outline i guess that is what confuses me most, i am used to black outline=solid) but i am the only one complaining about this so idk.
I'm going to abuse my ability as a staff member and double post. To get started, I do hope that Nyan cat song is only a placeholder for the demo. That song does get on my nerves, however, that's just a personal gripe. As far the OW goes, I really like the graphics you have here, looking very nicely put together.

The first level was a great introduction, loved the graphics. I need to know what game you're ripping from so I can get some more inspiration for graphics! I like how you inform the player as to what they can do with Wakana instead of just making you find out. Lots of people say "Demonstrate it, don't text it", but sometimes there's no way to do that unless you have great animation skills.

Really liked the second level, lost at the pit a couple times, but nothing too bad. Love that cave song, been wanting to use it for a while now myself, but I could never find the right place... hmm. That BG is the kind of Cave BG I've been looking for for a while, but if I rip that after seeing it in your own hack, people will look at me funny.

Also, loving the "Wakana Coins". Taking that OW tile and putting it in the coin, nice.

I agree in the case of the pipe level, do make the outlines not-black, so people know not to stand on them. Wakana's abilities kept me from killing myself when I thought I found a bonus pipe. I think I found that hidden pipe rather easily too. -_-

Old Tower, really no complaints about that level, loved it a whole lot! I really liked the re-sample of YI-BeforeBoss. I remember Hunter had a variant of it as well, I recall you asking about said variant a long time ago if I remember correctly.

LOL, at the troll at the end! Great game, loving it so far!
This was great. I love fully custom hacks, and your hack wasn't an exception. You used everything very nice and I felt that there was lots of thought put into the levels. Your custom graphics usually went very nice with each other and also were quite good looking. Same goes for your custom musics, they were always great sounding.
Overall, I felt like you made a great hack. Great work, hoping to see a full version of this soon.
Thanks everyone for the kind words and constructive feedback. I'll hope to progress with this hack since my main goal right now is to finish Touhou Mario 2.
I'll be sure to apply all your suggestions. Any more feedback still appreciated!
I like the "ahoo!" audio that plays when the presents screens appear.

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2015 - SECRET HACK PROJECT REVEALED - Super Wakana Land (DEMO AVAILABLE)

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