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~Sicari Remastered - Demo release!~
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2015 - ~Sicari Remastered - Demo release!~
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Two years ago, some geek created her first SMW Hack and submitted it on the central. The hack was surprisingly well received, however the creator believed, and knew, they could do much, much better.

The creator set out to make this hack bigger, better and more beautiful than it once was, and the result: Sicari Remastered.

So, here comes the demo! Let's cut to the chase. You can download the hack right below.

Here ya go!

The Plot~
Thousands of years ago, there was a war between the Gods of creation. Due to its effect on the mortal plane, the Gods were forced to punish themselves - to prevent such a thing from happening again. As such, they were all but cut off from the mortal world, with little to no influence, leading humanity to lose their faith.

However, one group survived the thousands of years that passed after the war - the Sanguis vampire family. Their goal across those millennia was to undo the binding that their patron deity, Niscura was under. They wanted the Goddess of Dimensions and Shadow to be free again...

Some things to note:
-K-16's abilities are not yet implemented, however, they will be for the final release. Also not present in this demo are the yellow force beams that only Sicari can pass. Also note that whilst "Crystal Mines"' secret exit is available, the one in "Golden Palace" is not.

Now for screenshots.

With that, please enjoy! Any feedback, let me know!
Finally the demo is here! I'm going to play this as soon as I can, eventually leaving feedback for you. :3
The hack so far looks really good! When i am back from doing stuff i will try it out. I already completed K16 - Story of Steel before and that was a really fun hack!

Yay! I'm so glad to see this coming in time! Good to see a remastered plot as well. Gonna play this whenever I can!
Now here's one I've been really waiting for. Time to run around crazy like a kid on Christmas!

Thanks for being the master of all things awesome, Eevee.

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I will definitely be playing this. Congrats on the release! =D

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Looks awesome Eevee! Nice job!
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This looks really awesome Eevee! Im going to play it as soon as I have time. Congrats on the release!

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You wrote a better story than me you traitor >:

Wow, this looks simply... beautiful. It took me quite by surprise when you said it was your first hack (or atlest a remake of it), since quite a lot of us began our hacking journey with levels spammed with goombas/mushrooms/bullet bills/whatever.

Imma loving it so far, keep it up!

That's quite good stuff right here, simply loved playing this and I'm really looking forward for the full version.

Seriously, is it possible creativity go beyond this?
I will be short and sweet in this one, hehehehe.

Well, I loved the way this hack was designed, I couldn't see much flaws in there, the graphics, the musics, they all look great in this hack. I played both the original and this demo and I can say I had lots of fun, keep doing the great job Vee~!

Also, I loved what you did with your boss? #wario{:whistle:}
So I just finished playing your demo and I have got to say, I love it. Everything looks really well done. My favourite part is how you can switch between characters. That's something I don't see often, if not at all. I really love your music choice, and I feel like it fits in with the level very well. You're level graphics are really well done, and fit with the hack perfectly and don't clash at all. I can't wait to see more, good job Eevee!

Send me a PM! | Click for my hack! March 25 2015 Update is here! | SteamID | Layout made by JackTheSpades
Suika Ibuki - 25107
That is really a hack i can't wait for the full version, i just love your graphics and the story is really awesome too.
I wonder how it will be when you implement K-16 abilities on her(RIP spinjump), but i think it might be interesting.
Good job~
I've went ahead and updated the demo. You can get it here.

It fixes several minor bugs, and also includes other tweaks - the mosaic effect has been removed so that fades are much smoother, especially with layer 3, and the coin sparkles have been redrawn. Enjoy! :3
I've been following the progress of this remake since day one, and I'm pretty happy to see your effort on remaking something that was already good and unique. Not playing the demo for now, because I want to enjoy the full release fully when it's released. But it's looking great so far aesthetically speaking, and I have hopes that Sicari R will have a more forgiving level design than K-16 lel. Also, the addition of a second player character was neat. We don't see things like this every day. Good job so far, and best of luck! #ab{:D}


When I played the original hack, I was amazed of how different and amazing a SMW hack could be. Then K-16: SoS came and... literally moved me inside. It was a masterpice I could say. Graphics, story gameplay... all was great.

And now... a remake of that hack that started it all is here... and is... not like most remakes. Is better, cooler, and BADASS.

Eevee... you are a master with this. I hope you continue amazing us all in the future.

Looking up for more, Geekeon!!


Read my posted story here!!.

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I've had some very nice feedback on the demo, so I'd like to thank you all. In general, people seemed to have liked it, and have told me they prefer it to the original, which already tells me I'm doing my job right. Thanks a lot for your support and feedback; keeping me motivated during what are some really crappy times in my life. I appreciate it all.

This was pretty nice. It is pretty obvious that you have improved a lot in both level design and graphics. I can not say much about the level design as it is not really my strong point in hacking but I like the graphics. I really wish you had shifted hues but oh well.

Short post will be edited to be more detailed tomorrow, it is midnight and I really have to sleep. Just posting because I promised. (I made it, yay. just 18 minutes until this day ends for me but I did it, woo!)
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