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Mockup - a potential new SMW Level Editor (in Progress, help is appreciated!)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2015 - Mockup - a potential new SMW Level Editor (in Progress, help is appreciated!)
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Forgive me: I can’t speak in noble style,
And since I’m still reviled by this whole crew,
My pathos would be sure to make you smile,
If you had not renounced all laughter too.

This is a project I am working on and off and showed it already in various forms. Sadly the progress is not as steady as I would like.

What is done:
- Viewing animated map8, map16 data.
- Viewing level data. This should work in theory with any custom object (such as LM-Map16-Objects).
- Fake editing level data. You can drag elements of each level around. While this is fun at first, it does not have an actual meaning, as I did not wrote a saving routine (there are some complications). This can be seen above.
- I have a development branch which displays SOME sprites correctly, while others are completely wrong.

- In yet another branch, I tested NGHE compatibility. We could make this a reality, but it needs a new object encoding format (and an ASM routine).

- Open sourcing on Github.

Sadly I wont have a Windows build ready this time, since I am leaving in a few hours for three days. But you can compile the source easily yourself, on Windows it suffices to install the normal Qt5 package with QtCreator, which handles all the MinGW and CMake stuff if you ask nicely.

In reality this thread is not a project showoff, but a call for help. I would really like to create a group of programmers with SMW background (and some ASM people with programming background), so that we can finally tackle this problem as a community (and not by a single person). I know some people showed interest in such a project, but were hesitant about the amount of work needed and wanted to contribute, when the groundwork is done. I hope to have reached this state and I am very happy if you find time to look through and start adding new code.

You can contact me on IRC, if you want.

Happy C3!

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This is rather neat, but honestly, is there any need for this? Lunar Magic has been in development for fifteen years and has become the most stable, user-friendly hacking tool available. Any new program is bound to deal with bugs that will take months or even years to correct.

Edit: Well, true. I suppose I didn't view these as flaws in Lunar Magic because patches and hex edits exist to fill the more prominent gap.


It is needed because this topic is needed:

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That's a neat idea. Good on you for open sourcing this instead of keeping people away from any code like a certain other SMW rom editor creator.

Good luck with the project #tb{:)}
p4plus2 was working on a new level editor for a while, but I don't remember how far he got. He might be able to offer some assistance, though.

Also, just keep in mind that new tools are pretty much always a tough sell in this community. Either way I wish you the best of luck with this.
i'm already in love

can't wait to see this done! so i can rid of the trash that is lunar magic
Will it apply patches like how LM does it on level save? Like fixes several bugs (like the ghost house save glitch).

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
Thank you for taking the mettle to provide an alternative to Lunar Magic after waiting so long. This being open-source alone will leave the way to progress to the future - I hope this doesn't have to deal with any patches that are never documented or explained and rather encourages people to share their innovations.

aka amphobius
I've used Lunar Magic since several years, but this is a nice project. Keep it up!
I like how developed LM is right now, but finally having an editor with NGHE support (plus the possibility of anyone adding in new stuff to it) is just yes
Is it gonna me possible to open a ROM previously opened with LM with this or vice-versa, or is that gonna break everything? I'm not really too much knowledgeable on what sort of changes to the ROM those editors make or whether yours is gonna be different.

Wishing you luck with this; hope you can gather some helpers! I'm looking forward for a new perspective on SMW hacking.

I love this just for the NGHE compatibility.

Hopefully this alternate SMW editor isn't canceled like the past attempts...
Aside from Lunar Magic being so developed that pretty much everyone has been using it for years, I have to say I'm loving this already. Perhaps this will turn out into one of the newer options for SMW hacking in the future (even though it is a mockup). Good luck with this, and I hope to see it put in action at some point!
>NGHE support


Gotta say I actually didn't expect you to post this on C3. Great work man!
Hm, an open-source SMW editor with possible NGHE compatibility (among other things)? Sounds like a good idea to me. I hope this gets fleshed out enough to be a viable competitor for Lunar Magic. I'd be willing to contribute suggestions, ideas, and even code if they would help.
Seems we found a valid opponent for Lunar Magic huh? So far it's looking really good. Hope you'll keep going with it.
what's the need for this when Super Mario Maker exists Kappa
Even if this is an early peek, the idea of an open-source alternative does sound promising in some ways. I doubt I can contribute meaningfully, but good luck on development.

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This is my opinion.

I think Lunar Magic will most likely be the best level editor out there and while making a new level editor is cool I dont think it will match up to that of lunar magic.

But since this is NGHE compatible, which is something that LM doesn't support natively that's where you have to potential to shine.

So what I'm saying is that make the whole goal of this level editor just a nice way of making NGHE type levels. Something LM can't really do.

So make it an add on to LM or something like that so that if you want to make a NGHE level then you use your level editor for that and then import it into LM.

What do you guys think?
LM is huge at this point, and I'm not sure recreating it all from scratch is feasible... I would sure love to be proven wrong, though, not only for the NGHE support, but also for the open source aspect.

The mockup's looking neat so far. I'm afraid I lack the experience to help on the project, but nonetheless, good luck with it!


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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2015 - Mockup - a potential new SMW Level Editor (in Progress, help is appreciated!)

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