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izuna's ports and compositions




Deep Dive (DKC-Esque): the only composition of this pack! being DKC-inspired, this has a very rich sound to it, with catchy mnelodies. a jumpier version is included if you wish to use that one. but, please credit me when using it, as this thing was a pain to compose and put over to MML.

Heart of Fire: an older port, based on an SCV4 arrange i did. i'm going to convert the SCV4 arrange to be actually usable soon enough.

anime intro: opening cutscene song from Rockman X4, arranged with X1 instruments. i'm weeb trash, what else do i need to say?


have fun using these!
These ports are amazing.
Posting here because even though there's not too much in the thread, I listen to your things rather often and I'm always pleased by what I see (listen to), and those .spcs are no exceptions, and I'm especially looking at your composition. Really happy that you've been composing more now; you've been getting better and better with creating your own songs, just as good as you have been with porting/switching styles.
Pretty sure I'm going to use it by the way, and in something that will (hopefully) be up soon too!
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hey I was about to ask about Deep Dive's .txt file

That aside, nice work! I always liked your ports so seeing something new to use is great.
damn I love Deep Dive's swing version. That actually works really well!
All three sound incredibly good. Heart of Fire kinda of got me, it's very well done for an unsampled song.
Good job as always~
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DUDE! Heart of fire was REALLY well done for an unsampled port! I think you already know my reaction to Deep Dive omg, no need to reprise the GIF again. As for the anime intro, the arrangements of instruments were done well. Great job on these ports, I'd have to say Deep Dive is my favorite. Never stop porting and composing!
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
I'm open for music requests, just DM me on discord and we can further discuss there.
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SPC Thread
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I fell in love with Heart of Fire.
Really, how can you port so well when you don't even use samples?
Deep Dive is sexy as hell. I might just use that for my own hack.
Even though I'm not a fan of MMX's samples, they fit just perfectly in that animu song! Also, dat Heart of Fire... unsampled porting at its finest. Good job as usual! :D
Thanks for the kind replies everyone! ^_^ As I promised to myself, I'd convert the SCV4 arrange version of Heart of Fire, and so the package is updated to include it now!

i usually don't have much for C3s, do i