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I will test your shit again!
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2015 - I will test your shit again!
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Last year I made a thread offering you guys to test your hacks, and a lot of people appreciated it, so I'm doing it again.

So, post your crappy levels here so I can tell you why they suck...I mean, just post your IPSes here or post a link to your thread and I will test your hacks for you.

Just like last time, there's no length limit, but if you send me something really long I might move it to the bottom of the priority list. Also, don't send me anything you didn't test before as I'd like to keep my feedback on level design and not technical bugs.

Go wild! Also, don't forget to praise Lord Satan and not Bowser.

I do have something to show this time, so don't worry


-S.R.H. (PM)
-Hinalyte (Skype)
-Eevee (PM)
-Ivan Sword54
-Luigi_Fan (PM)
All right, I didn't get this done in time for C3, but I might as well have you test it. Notes are that YI2 is unfinished and YI3 is the last level.


There used to be stuff in this footer, but it's all gone now.
Originally posted by TheSuperRotom
All right, I didn't get this done in time for C3, but I might as well have you test it. Notes are that YI2 is unfinished and YI3 is the last level.


I'm going to ignore the obvious cutoff because I assume you'll add the dirt later.

Wario's castle looked good, but it seemed as a place to grab coins and farm 1-ups. I advice you reduce the number of coins in it, especially since Wario got robbed so it wouldn't make sense if he still had all that money left.

YI1 was full of grounded enemies, so all I had to do was run and jump, I know the first level is supposed to be easy, but it even the original level 105 had more threats than that, adding a few airborne enemies should fix the issue. The segment after the midpoint felt very flat so running and jumping intensifies. You should add some pits or play with the terrain a bit there.

YI3 felt very empty. The first half before the midpoint had a big total of five enemies of which all were non-winged koopas. Since this is a climbing vertical level, winged koopas and enemies that don't fall of ledges fit better here. Also the midpoint was impossible to grab and I felt it was placed too early in the level. You should also cut down that part where you fall from above. I don't know if the level was finished but I was unable to reach the goal.

The aesthetics overall felt too similar to SMW, especially for a hack featuring Wario. I don't know if you were already planning to do this, you should use custom graphics or at least custom palettes to make it feel more like a Wario game. Giving Wario custom abilities would be nice too.

Here you go.
Test as much as you like, as it is the full hack :3

Click to download

34exits, ~26levels.

[[Hyperlink Blocked]]
Originally posted by lolyoshi

There were three levels in there, although two of them were incomplete, so yeah.

The level with the mushrooms was fine, it was easy but fun and never felt empty or flat. My only comment there would be that some of the bouncin' chucks literally jump to their death.

I also tried what you had of Bowser's Asstle (lol), it was hard, but fair for the most part. The first door was okay, but it was a bit hard to take the moving platform above the spikes as big Mario. The second door was my favorite, it was fair, but maybe too punishing, if I land on the spikes bellow the second ball'n'chain it's almost a certain death, so you should either remove them or put a pit instead. The third room was again too punishing, especially for big Mario because one hit and I had to start over or die, also it's very easy to hit the spikes right after taking the second P-ballon because of the speed I gain when grabbing it. The fourth room was the only one I didn't like from the bunch, the water pulling me back and the way you placed the grinders made them almost impossible to dodge. The fifth room had a good concept but it was too easy to break since I could just pin jump over the fishing boo, this was even easier after taking the cape.
Originally posted by Mogsiah

Well, it was average. You did a good job with the terrain, it wasn't flat and you even added ledges over the ground. Enemy-wise, it wasn't exactly empty, but sometimes the breathing space was slightly long. Aslo t-....OMG!!!! WTF?!?!?!! IT WAS A SCREAMER!"!122"2122w12w11!

The first level, even though it wasn't exactly flat, but most enemies were grounded so it was easy to just run and jump, adding more airborne enemies (other than the parachute Goombas which are pretty harmless) should help you to fix that, you should also make the player face more than one enemy at the time.

The second level was not great, but it was good, at least better than the first one. It wasn't just running and jumping over stuff as I also had to ascend and climb fences, and you did a good job with the obstacles there.

And that's enough testing for one day. KDeee, I will test your hack tomorrow, and if I don't get too many requests I might also start playing luks'.
This ips contains 7 levels from my current hack.


Might as well.

5 Levels

Edit: Sorry, got the wrong file...
Here's the real IPS.
Musical Mania from What-a-Blast!

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

3 level hack, infinite lives and a global 6:00 time limit

Third level is incomplete, I abandoned the hack after I realized I couldn't fix the music bug, etc
Originally posted by KDeee
Click to download

34exits, ~26levels.

In general, your hack was difficult, especially in the second world sometimes it was fair, sometimes it wasn't and sometimes it was just tedious. The time limit was a nice twist, but sometimes it just forced me to rush and be unable to dodge stuff. I liked how you added a tutorial at the beginning of the hack though.

Most of your secret exits required backtracking and item babysitting which is frowned upon, it was well done in underground 4 because I had to take an alternate path to go back, but the rest were very tedious, especially in underground 3 where I had to do the whole thing again (although the fake lava was nice) and underground 5 where it's impossible to go down without getting hurt if you want to make it on time.

Your levels didn't feel flat, empty or repetitive for the most part except here (flat), here (empty), here again (boo ceiling is not very threatening most of the time, even if the screenshot doesn't suggest that), here and here (repetitive), here (empty again). Also, the beginning of Grass 3 and underground 1 were just running and jumping. The beginning of grass secret 1 was just flying/walljumping with the leaf and grass secret 2 was just a muncher run, which even if you included a few walljumps, most of it was running and jumping, unless you are big Mario

Some common issues were: slowdows, I didn't screenshot every single one, but here are some examples. This also happened a lot in your levels, slopes should always be places next to tile 100, and never on a vertical ledge or a solid block. Some levels like this and this would benefit from vertical scrolling.

Regarding the difficulty, it's fine as long as it's fair, here are some examples where it wasn't: blind jumps, here too (it's hard to guess where I have to land if I don't know), same here, and this only applies when backtracking because I can't see the lava bellow. You also had Low ceilings.

More specific unfair issues, here I died a lot, you can't see the lava from above and the very steep slope doesn't give you enough space to react. I had to get here before it was revealed by the scrolling screen; otherwise I would get killed by the raising lava. Giving me a powerup here was a dick move considering Big Mario will have a hard time getting there, although it wouldn't be that much of a problem if it wasn't because I have to get the skull raft. This segment wasn't unfair but it did give me a hard time and so did the next one, mostly because of the Venus plants take more time to go back to their pipes, although I'm not that good with walljumps anyway and I was able to do it without getting hurt so don’t mind me too much on this one. Here I can't get past the chuck without getting hurt (or running out of time) unless have a cape or a flower, same here. This room wasn't unfair, but it was tedious because of the time running out, you should add another clock, same goes for the underground 1 level. This almost made me quit, it's really hard to build up the speed having two podoboos in the way, and even if I do I can still fall in the lava.

Other issues: here the A coin was placed in a subscreen boundary, also the second part of that level was quite hard and having to repeat the first part all the time was annoying since it was just running and jumping, you should either scrap it or place a midpoint there. What's up with that venus? I loved that level, btw and what's with these spikes?. And in some of your levels, the background started flashing out of the nowhere.

Despite all this, I thought this was really fun to play (the only levels I didn't like were underground 5 and the first room of castle 2), and it can become a very solid hack if you fix these issues.


Sorry if I wasn't able to test much today, I had to deal with some issues this morning and KDeee's hack took me more time than I expected. I'll try to get more requests done tomorrow.
Originally posted by Cascade
This ips contains 7 levels from my current hack.

The levels were average, they were not terrible, but they were not outstanding either.

-Cumulus heights felt empty and repetitive (because of those two straight segments with three parakoopas at the beginning) at first but got better after the midpoint. Maybe you should cut the first line guided platform segment and put a platforming section in between so you can use enemies other than parakoopas and fuzies. Also, I was unable to get past this point, not actually the point where I'm standing in the screenshot, but the end of that line guided segment, because there was not another platform, or it refused to load.

-Brushy River felt very empty, since it's an auto-scrolling level, it usually requires more enemies than a regular level. Most of the time I could just kill one enemy and then I'd have to wait for the screen to scroll.

-Star road was a generic unused "test" level.

-Fort of deception had a nice concept, but the first and last rooms were just walking and jumping in straight line, in other words, it was very flat, and the second room felt empty. Also the message box wasn't very clear about that the orange coins do, but I guess you mean I had to see the enemies walking to them figure out their behavior. It'd also look better if you use colored blocks instead of coins for the second room.

-The castle with the ants could use some more enemy variety in the first room, maybe some winged koopas since it's mostly a fence level. The second room was fine, though.

-Pipe Trap was a feast of glitched graphics. Other than that, the main level had segments where it felt good and segments where you mostly used grounded enemies, so it was easy to just run and jump. The secret room was fine though.

-The ghost house was very flat at first, the rest was okay, but the second half of the first room could use a few more enemies.
Originally posted by msi810
Might as well.

5 Levels

That was just the original SMW.

Originally posted by Ruberjig
Musical Mania from What-a-Blast!

The beginning felt quite empty. It wasn't the usual "run and jump" because you had ledges of diffent heights, springboards and those drums, but it still felt it lacked some action. Starting from where you placed the ice powerup it started to feel more action-packed as you added those bouncing blocks and more enemies. I died the most in that spot where you had the volcano lotus and the piranha plant at the beginning and here (because I didn't get I had to jump from where I was standing at first, those coins were misleading). Also, the music crashed after the star powerup ended, I was playing in snes9x.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
3 level hack, infinite lives and a global 6:00 time limit

Third level is incomplete, I abandoned the hack after I realized I couldn't fix the music bug, etc

I don't have too much to say on these. The first level was fun, although those spinning blocks acted weird, sometimes I could stand on them and jump, and sometimes they just bounced me upwards. The second level felt empty at the beginning as there were no enemies on the ground (only on the water and they were easy to bypass), and the underwater level felt like it should more use enemies that aren't urchins, it also had some slowdown. The third level also felt empty, although that's probably because those orange platforms moved very slowly.


And that's it for today, I'll continue tomorrow. sup bro can you test this crap? i did it for valentine's day, i don't know if you played it when i showed it on FR but here it is :P
Its jowke
Layout by LDA during C3.
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