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I will test your shit again!
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2015 - I will test your shit again!
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Originally posted by aj6666
Originally posted by KDeee
Click to download

34exits, ~26levels.

wall of text

Interesting, thanks. I dont want to write wall of text but I looked into those and already fixed most of them #ab{:)} .


Hope its not to late to dump my hack on here eh ~25 levels

Originally posted by Ivan Sword54 sup bro can you test this crap? i did it for valentine's day, i don't know if you played it when i showed it on FR but here it is :P

I remember you posted some screenshots of that, but I never played it. It's a pretty solid level overall, although that cave room felt easier and less action-packed than the rest of the level, especially at the beginning. Also, the bullet shooters have weird palettes. Oh, and there was that block at the beginning that was hard to hit as Big Mario, but it's just a coin anyway.
Originally posted by 2dareduck
Hope its not to late to dump my hack on here eh ~25 levels

The first world had a solid design for the most part, my only complaints would be here it was a little repetitive. In the Piranha level I'm really a fan of what you did there, the piranhas were solid which felt weird you should use a hurt block that acts as tile 0 instead, also trying to swim bellow the piranhas would kill me, I understand you did this to prevent players from breaking your level, but you should just add another layer of piranhas bellow instead. The first half dark forest level felt a bit empty sometimes like here, you should add more enemies to it. In the first castle you had that part where I had to create bridges out of invisible block, I really hate when hacks do that because it's really tedious, it also felt emty at some points in the second room, like here.

The first two levels of world 2 (Macro Mountain counting as the first level), could use more enemy variety, I understand having giant sprites doesn't always makes this easy, but you mostly used one type of grounded enemies for those two (and banzai bill cannons, but they didn't always shoot before I got past them), they felt bland, and a bit empty too sometimes. The giant cave also felt like it could use more enemies in the first room, since you mostly used mounty moles and most of them were not very threatening, there were also those giant mega moles but they couldn't hurt you and they didn't add much to the gameplay after the second or third time. In the world 2 castle, these blocks were misleading because they look solid.

In Macro Mountain, the music stopped after the star ended and the game crashed when I beat the level. Also I stopped at the Master Hand boss because I couldn't defeat it, not because its attacks were hard to dodge (they weren't) but because I couldn't figure out how to damage it.
I would love if you finished testing the rest of the hack. This feedback is awesome. To beat the master hand you have to get near the hand and press the B or Y button to throw a punch. Kinda like SSB

Alright, I defeated the Master Hand, I'll play the rest of the hack later today. That info would have been nice to have in a message box though. By they way, I like how these bosses are challenging but beatable. Most of the time I see bosses in hacks that have one million HP and have attacks that are harder to avoid than a Touhou danmaku in Lunatic.
This happened after respawning from the midpoint (also notice the midpoint reappeared)

With that out of the way, world 3 pretty much suffered from the same issues as world 2: not enough enemy variation, the elevator level even though the puzzle element was well done only had bouncing flames, and the construction level mostly consisted on Venus plants, although the sprite placing was smart. The piano level was very flat in general and it had a lot of empty segments where I only had to jump on pianos. District Drive was really easy as it was just jumping over stuff, you should add pits and combine them with the enemies so it's harder to just jump over them that’s why ducks shouldn’t drive. Shark Street was fine for the most part, but it had this segment that was very repetitive since it was at least two screens of triangle houses with chucks.

The first level on world 4 was flat as a loli, and some high tide segments allowed me to ignore the enemies like here and here, it still had its challenge because of the Pelican Bros though. In the first segment of the sunset level you mostly had grounded enemies and a few bouncing koopas, so it was easy to jump over everything. Raging Rapids was just running forward with no enemies most of the time, why not make it an autoscroll level instead and make the layer 2 move as the screen does? The magikoopa turning blocks into fishes in the first half of the ice ruins was a nice touch, but most of the time he was harmless because he spawned in areas where it couldn't hurt me.

In the pirate ship, if I'm big I can cheat, enter the pipe after the midpoint and fight Patrick Star before activating the blue switch. The final level was pretty good, but weird shit happened (see the spiny). Also I was unable to continue after I entered the pipe and Mario told me to stand still so he could shoot me. I don't know if there was more stuff after that point.
Originally posted by aj6666
Go wild! Also, don't forget to praise Lord Satan and not Bowser.

But I wanna praise Bowser. ;-;

There is no knowledge that is not power.
Thanks for the feedback. It is good to get a second opinion on things only I've worked on for a long time.

For the cut scene segment, you have to press X I believe to be teleported to next part of level. I should make thing more obvious I guess.

@2daredcuck, I played the whole level this time, although I don't have much to ass, except I found a cutoff near that cannon that was trapped in a wall.

Originally posted by Luks
Here you go.
Test as much as you like, as it is the full hack :3

I kept yours for last because it was a full hack. You did a good job with the level design in general, the first levels felt a bit empty sometimes, but I didn't mind because it was the first world and it got better after that. What I did mind though was crystal clear cave, in that level it was easy to jump over everything, and you also had a lot of grounded enemies in the first level of world 2. Also 4-2 was just jumping on dolphins, even if the clouds made it harder it still felt a bit empty. You were low in the secret exit department though, most of your secret exits were almost if not plain in the way, some of them were hard to get but not hard to find, I only had trouble finding the one in Crystal Clear Cave (man, that level is like the anti-thesis of your hack, or something).

You did have a lot of slowdowns in your hack, a few examples are, I didn't screenshot every single one, but it happened a lot starting from world 4. You also used the bottom row a lot, either to hide munchers or ground, avoid doing this. Also, after clearing the blue switch palace I had to look in Lunar Magic to see which way I should go next.

For level specific issues (most of them are minor):
-Here if I take the Yoshi Coin I can't see the fuzzy bellow anymore.
-This looks weird
-Glitched goal sphere
-Hard jump here
-A lof of enemies in this level walked to their death. Also, here.
-Standing on water feel weird, you should use a hurt block that acts like 0 instead.
-I fell in the lava after killing this boss and died
-Save prompt kills HDMA, also, this
-Even if I don't have coins I can still spin jump here and get the key
-Blind fall
-Not sure what happened there, and I'm not sure if using Kirby again for that level was intentional.
-This came out of nowhere
-This level was a bit confusing, players might instinctively try to grab the vines thinking they're climbable, also platforms like this one don't look solid at first sight.
-1-UP farming!
-This is a bit hard for Big Mario
-The secret path had more levels
-This was almost impossible because the winged platforms didn't respawn correctly.
-It's impossible to dodge the rainbow koopa if I'm not standing here beforehand.
-Here I was killed several times by nothingness itself.
-I can do This and this
-I'm pretty sure I activated the Yellow Switch Palace.
-This fucker came out of nowhere, why not activate vertical scrolling for that level?
-Where's the green switch?, oh, there it is, it appeared after I pressed it and now I can re-enter it and get trapped forever. Also, this happened
-I can cheat here and get down by getting "squeezed" by the block platform and the rock. Not sure if it was intended though.
-Skull block paralyses missile
-Another level with a missing tile (not the one I'm standing on)
-This was almost impossible to perform, also I never thought I'd rage at a goal post.
-Waiting for the mushroom to move is boring
-Also, in the credit level there's no way to get out.

Thanks so much for testing our hack. I was able to correct most of the errors/bugs. On which Emulator did you play the hack? I play on snes9x and had no slowdowns atall.

I played it on snes9x too.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2015 - I will test your shit again!

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