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I don't really know. Neither does Mario. However, for the sake of this hack, the story will be that Mario.....does something. IDK because I'm not creative enough to come up with a better plot.

Anyways, this hack's idea is simple enough: Remix Vanilla SMW in a way that makes it feel Fresh and new. Looking back at my old VLDC Entry, I've realized how much I have improved. I wanted to make something worthy of me and this is what it is!


All for now I guess...but support my hack!
I'm sorry for this, but I don't really like these screenshoots. I think the four colors of the cave tileset tossed in a same screen are really unecessary. "Hey I'm a mass of land and I can have four different colors"; sure, do have them to use more than one color throughout the level, but they've been just thrown in there for no reason, they aren't divided properly, don't look particularly nicely arranged, don't seem to add anything to the design and 4 is probably too much anyway. The tiles you used in the second screenshoot also look really ugly; what's up with this cloud?

I've noticed on your SMBX thread that you like to mix tiletets, but there's a difference between mixing tilesets in a way they work nicely and tossing everything you can find everywhere making it all look out of place. Take care!

I appreciate the idea of the overworld, but it's kind of too squarey for my taste right now.
I've taken these ideas into account. I have made some semi-custom tiles and have spread out each tileset. The idea for the Tileset was that since that hack takes place (in the begining) in Space, it'd make sense for Space Rocks to happen.

The first two screens show an updated second level while the third shows the first level but with a more spread out look.

GraphicsPatchToolDemoSpriteBlockSoundtrackSM64 HackFull SMW HackHack VideoKaizo/Pit HackMusicSamples