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Tcdw's C3 Booth contains hard works (Custom Music)


Welcome to my C3 thread!
Recently, I am still keep improving my music porting skills.
Because I am not on holiday (like other Chinese student), so I didn't provide too many stuff.

Any, here is a list of Custom Music I released here:
Final Fantasy V - Fate in Haze
Ys IV Mask of the Sun - Promarock
(S) Astral Bout 2 - Theme of Louis
(S) Classic Road 2 - Office Work
(S) EVO Search for Eden - New Destinations
(S) Final Fantasy V - Fate in Haze
(S) Hourai Gakuen no Bouken - Airplane
(S) Mahou Poi Poi Poitto - Stage 1
(S) Mega Man 5 - Wave Man
(S) Mushishi - Mushishi no Theme
(S) Ninja Gaiden - Ryu's Determination
(S) Star Force Intro - Main Theme
(S) Ys IV Mask of the Sun - Promarock

All-in-one Download

Compared with my old ports, none was made without effect this time, like throw SPC into NintSPC or something and got a port fastly, especially the Hourai Gakuen no Bouken and Classic Road 2 port, they took me a lot of time to manage samples and notes, and make them works correctly.
I know my porting skill is not that good, but I hope you like one of them.
(S) Mahou Poi Poi Poitto - Stage 1
(S) Ninja Gaiden - Ryu's Determination

I really liked those. Good work!
Great pack you have there! You sure improved a lot since last C3. I'll probably be using some of these in my hack. Good job!
As always, the tubular pieces you port over to a rockin' vibe are incredible, dude! Keep up the radical work, and don't make ma shell blow up from the awesome tunes!
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Originally posted by tcdw
(S) Classic Road 2 - Office Work

#w{<3} I love that song, it's pretty catchy, nice job porting it! #w{:>}
Nice ports,which always amaze me.Really admire you!
Your SPC ports will always make me smile. If there's anybody I hope continues porting SPC's, I hope it's you and LadiesMan. While I don't mind the PS1 and SNES+ generation ports, I come to your thread for the SPC's. There are several SPC sound tracks I would not have found without you. Keep up your excellent work!
I don't know the originals of any of these to be honest, but I like how all of this sounds in general. There's room for improvement in some of them definitely, but there's some quality material among those; I liked the Mahou Poi Poi Poitto and the Promarock ports, both are pretty catchy and I think they could be of great use/inspiration for levels. Keep up the nice work!