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Mario's Challenging Adventure - Beta Released


So first of thanks a lot for visting my first C3 thread. I'm realeasing a demo of my vanilla hack that I started in 2013, but canceled it after loosing interest in hacking. This year I my interest in SMW hacking finally came back and I continued working on my hack. Well I never wanted it to be very long, as I was sure that I'll cancel it sooner or later, so I wanted the hack to have 1-2 worlds, with interesting levels with a lot of puzzels and things to collect.

Well I'm almost done with the hack and there's just one level left till completion, but since I dindn't want to rush the last level, I'm releasing a beta of my almost finished hack.

There are 6 levels to play for you guys with custom palattes and custom music. I should mention that the hack will get hard pretty soon, because it's so short, but it's well playable savestateless.


I hope you like what you saw if you want to try out the beta click on THIS link.

If you want to know more about the hack and want to see some more (outdated) screenes go here.

That's it, I would enjoy to see some feedback from you guys. Have a nice day :D
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This was a little fun piece of a hack. The first levels weren't as challenging as the title made me expect, but the final two ones had some difficulty to it. It was actually enjoyable difficulty too, with no annoying jumps or tasks mostly, so you're fine on that! The podoboo jump on the final room before the "boss" was kind of really out of place imo though, since it requires some precise timing and is ridiculously more demanding than anything else around it.

The koopa puzzle in the castle room was really interesting, by the way, but I couldn't spot too many "puzzles" other than "bring this here" otherwise. But I guess it's fine!
Thank's for your feedback, I'll replace the podoboo jump with something else (I actually thaugt the ball and chain jump would be harder :D).
Yeah, the puzzles get more complex with time ("bring this here" puzzle in the cave level, more complex puzzle in the castle and a really complex one in the last level). It's also good to know that the difficulty is good otherwise.
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