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[NON-SMW] erga's reject pile of tunage


yo i figured i should do something so here's a bunch of unfinished songs that are currently in my filebin and one that isn't. And maybe one or two that are actually finished. Most of these are badly mixed lofi hip-hop beats but some aren't. some of these are more than 10 seconds.

lazy remix of a track from stonekeep + edgy intro sample
lazy flip of boo block's remix of a buckethead song
dumb dubstep drop. I might make the rest of a song around it someday.
flipper flip
dumb remix of a song by a boring-ass indie band my sister likes i made for her to enter a contest with
bad brains flip + vaguely neuro bass swells
spoopy beat
experimental electronic sample + lou reed chord progression + hives sample = ???
i made queen even more corny and stupid
write some fucking bars an00bis u bitch
lofi vaguely grime sounding thing
guitar noise samples are great
like a year and a half old and i lost the files when my computer broke but this is still cool

and last but not least, the one that isn't on my filebin:
dumb footwork remix of an unbearably terrible rap song

Let me know if you think any of these don't suck and maybe i'll finish them.

Also I might update this thread with some custom BRR samples later idk.