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C3 Level Design Contest: Rules and Submissions

Link Thread Closed
It's now official!

Welcome to our first C3 Level Design Contest! We were already planning something very similar to Giant Shy Guy's thread, so we went ahead and used this as a base.


1. You have to create a level using anything that's has been released and unveiled this C3.

2. You must use one or multiple items from this C3. Anything goes, as long as you can make a good level with them.

3. You can use outside resources, but the focus of this contest is to highlight the new stuff we've been given. Please do not use a single flower graphic from a tileset, but the rest of the level is purely outside resources. You will be disqualified if your level focuses too much on outside resources. Note that you can use large outside resources if it enhances and emphasizes the C3 resource.

4. You may work with a single partner.

5. Deadline for this contest is midnight on July 18, 2015.


FUN: (40)
How fun is your level? Are there any bland or uninteresting spots? Does your level use interesting set-ups to make up good difficulty, or it just spams enemies and Munchers everywhere?
Does your level use the resources creatively? Does it feel memorable, or is it just a generic level?
C3-METER: (40)
Does your level do a good job of showing off the C3 resources it's based on?

A total of 100 points are available.


Giant Shy Guy is providing the following prizes:

1st Place gets Papers, Please and Tropico 4
2nd Place gets Type:Rider
3rd Place gets One Finger Death Punch

All on Steam™

So that's about it. Any questions should be directed to the discussion thread - please use this thread for submissions only. Good luck!
Here's my submission.

C3 stuff used:

Effect Tool 2.0 (for generating HDMA effect code)
Several of my C3 GFX
Quintesson Judge: Silence, or you will be held in contempt of this court!
Hot Rod: I have nothing but contempt for this court!
- Transformers the Movie (1986)

My Entry.
(Flips BPS patch)
I used the following:

Effect Tool 2.0 by Jack the Spades
Astral Bout 2 - Theme of Louis Port by tcdw
Doom Gatling by anonimzwx

Outside Recources:
num. HP Patch
Various Statusbar disablers

My Entry

C3: Zidane Bro by LX5
The Snow Background and Decorations from Mario Maker + NSMW Graphics Pack by Gregor
New Super Mario Bros. - Athletic Port by LadiesMan217

Outside Resources: Instant Kill Munchers
Fire Spitting Piranhas
Upside Down Piranhas
Icy Melting Blocks(Behavior, the graphics are from the Graphics Pack by Gregor)
SMB Snow Foreground

In the Forest Depth (2 exits)

C3 Resources:
Hammer Powerup, Muncher Shooter: LX5 ASM Stuff
FG and Koopas: Gamma V Graphic Gallery
Morph: leod and Medic's Morph Powerup Pack
Music (Electric Talk): Wakana's Music Thread
HDMA: EffectTool 2.0
BPS patch: FLIPS 3.1
i kow this doesnt count but, still, Nintendo Presents: Request your own SFX now!
Outside resources:
Some Gamma V BG
Some Question Block GFX
"Yoshi Coin"
Sprite Message Box
Complex Citadel
(2 exits, with Dragon Coins)

C3 Content Used:
Ninji Morph - leod & Medic's Morph Powerup Pack (Removed wall jump sound effect to prevent audio glitches)
Castle Walls BG - Gamma V's Graphic Gallery 2015 - New Cave BG (very small changes to work better with a different pallet)
Some of Wakana's Music - Wakana's music thread (Some Touhou Mario 2 SPCs added!)

Outside Resources:
Vertical Autoscroll - Details for Vertical Autoscroll

Level tested in snes9x. What a ride, had to learn yychr, addmusick, and spritetool all just to make this level. :P At least the experience will have future use.


Peril Park

Stuff used is in the readme.

Note: This level was made under a SNES9x v1.53 setting.
Von Fahrenheit's last minute Metroidvania style level, here!

C3 stuff used:
Carld's ExGFX
Gamma V's ExGFX
Leod and Medic's Morph Powerup Pack
LX5's Reznor Boss
SMB2 Hi-Jump
Alcaro's new flips
Supreme OAM Handler

Non-C3 stuff used:
Gamma V's Castle FG 2.0
Giant Shy Guy
A bunch of songs from the music section
A custom patch to tie some ASM things together

So this level plays really differently from SMW. I got kind of a vision when I saw the morph powerups and decided to tweak them a bit to make them permanent powerups. I did the same with the Hi-Jump and voila, a brief metroidvania level was made. Sadly there was no time to make a map, but the level is small enough that you should be able to find your way. In this level you have a mana bar which you can use to throw fireballs and transform into your currently unlocked forms. It's pretty big for a single level I suppose, but it uses a powerful checkpoint system that let's you pick up from wherever you entered the room if you die.

Btw, I would totally be down to work on a full metroidvania collab hack. I can probably stand for all the necessary programming.

Have fun!

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
here is the entry Lespna1 and I made:

Here you go.

It uses:
- Graphical resources from my own C3 thread
- sprites preinstalled into my base rom resource released
- Wakana's NSMB castle theme

outside sources:
not that I know of??????
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Sorry, that one would not work so I hope this works. I will see if I can do something w/Effect Tool.

Here is our updated entry, and the Mipoint Entrance works now.

TLMB's and Lespna1 C3 Entry
Link Thread Closed