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Mario vs. SONIC.EXE + SPCs

Full SMW HackMusic

The hack that many people were waiting, finally reached its final version!#tb{:DD}

Possible bugs:
+Attacks by SONIC.EXE
+Big Boo's
+Luigi Colors
+Status Bar in World 1-2(pipe cave)


My ports:

Luigi Mansion - Main Theme
Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 2 Story Mode
My Ports
I will take my time to play this, but it looks decent. Will edit with feedback
Been waiting a while for this to come out, so i'm gonna download it right now.

How does it feel to have finally finished this hack?


When I load the game in Snes9x, i'm greeted with this screen?:

End of this message.
The hack has not been tested with Snes9x or BSNES.

After a long time making the hack finally tenhk more free time.
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Originally posted by TheInsanity115
The hack has not been tested with Snes9x or BSNES.

After a long time making the hack finally tenhk more free time.

What's weird is that the 13 level demo that you released did work on Snes9x, so...

I don't know. It might just be the rom I'm using the patch on.
End of this message.
I used only the zsnes.
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Well, now you know why people don't like ZSNES. Even if you want to keep it as your primary emulator you have to test in different ones. Compatibility is a must.
All right.
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I hope you did the different timing in your port on purpose.
Also, some stuff there repeats less/more than it should. Try listening to your port and this at the same time. It's also too short.
I will fix.
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I've been keeping up very slightly with this. It was an alright hack; I think you did a fairly good job with giving all of the levels a horror-ish feel. Though I feel the plot is kind of strange and really subtle, like, I don't know what the
other .exe bosses
having anything to do with it at all. But I think it's all good enough for a first finished hack.

I have no idea how you managed to break this hack in anything but ZSNES though... Did you apply some weird ASM to the "Nintendo presents" screen or something? It doesn't seem to be anything other than that.
Yo Insanity115I played this game and I think it's very good. I'm thinking on your project in progress"SMW The Lost Galaxy".
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
I'm still producing the level 2.
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Full SMW HackMusic