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Super Nuts World Soundtrack


Hello, everyone! Thank you for visiting my C3 thread today. I am happy to announce the progress of DEEZ NUTS for your use in SMW hacking. I have some very high quality SPC previews available for you.

Welcome to DEEZ NUTS.spc
Nuts House.spc
Your nuts, underwater.spc
Final Nut Boss.spc

Come back for more of DEEZ NUTS!


that's nuts

that was a predictable joke
thank god you didn't include any bolts because then we'd have

you guessed it

that was a good game screw you all i'm out of here bye
Hilariously great, with a bit of an almondy after-taste!!

How did you not go crazy making these? xD
If no one uses these for the contest (in a good way!), I will be sorely, sorely disappointed.