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[78% complete, help needed please, hdma issues and flickers] HP bar
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2015 - [78% complete, help needed please, hdma issues and flickers] HP bar
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I made this HP patch based on the "Numerical HP bar" and the "metroid HP" patch. Although its not finished. It uses the advanced super status bar patch since it takes up a lot of tiles on the HUD, making it inpossible to fit the lives, yoshi coins, bonus stars etc. Since this HP takes only one byte (for each values, current and max HP) and uses the hexdec for 2 digits, valid values are up to 99.

-[done] show a percentage bar.
-[planned till future] Include sprites that will increase the player max HP.
-[planned till future] Show HP on OW border.

I also notice a major problem: the ASSB is causing flickering HDMA (message box, for example) and the top of the screen (happens only on ZMZ, which I only have zsnes and ZMZ; haven't tested on other emulators, while in zsnes, only the top of the screen glitches.), Although it didn't happen in the origional ASSB (I tested this on a clean rom after saving in LM, patch origional ASSB, and then run the game using ZMZ).



Here is the permission slip (via pm):
Originally posted by K3fka
Yeah, it's fine. Nesquik Bunny actually wrote the code, and Ladida & I just fixed it, btw.

Edit: see this post, I cannot edit the thread title.

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
The HP bar, while incomplete, does look really fancy, GHB. Keep up the good work!

You can download my VLDC12 entry Here - final update
Thanks, its based on the boss HP bar. I didn't include a 16-bit (2-byte HP) because since this is mostly a platform game, having HP as 999 is too much (like whats the point of having 999 HP and take 500 damage? Why not 2HP and take 1 damage). It makes the game too "easy" to complete the level, even running to every dangerous obstacles (except instant deaths), you'll wont die if not damaged enough.

Not to mention, the max HP value is a ram address, so its not a fixed value, so you can increase the player's max HP (like in shovel knight, legend of zelda, paper Mario series etc.)

Also just to keep in mind (but its unlikely), make sure that the HP value isn't too high and/or the bar isn't too long, due to how the calculation to display HP in percent (the fill in the bar). It will integer overflow by having currentHP times the number of middle tiles times 8 (not the end tiles, middle tiles *8 is the total number of fill-able pixels in the bar) and the result is bigger than 65,535. It happens on the classic Pokemon games, the "super glitch" in bulbapedia, (except the bar extend, having the amount of fill bigger than the "parameter" by exceeding the max), the fill in the bar will wrap, except in the GBA games like Ruby and sapphire, the bar check if the fill pixels are greater than or equal then it will ignore the table and display "100%", like mine currently, but it still wrap if the "convert to percent" exceed 65,535.

But however I'm notice a major problem during testing; when playing the game, the ASSB patch is causing the top of the screen to flicker and if the windowing HDMA is activated (like a message box), the hdma gets broken, I don't know why this is happening. Can anyone please help me fix this. Also before submitting to smwc, during testing, the hp patch itself, the game crash when Mario dies, it work right now after I move the PLB command upward to an earlier section, to where I load the death check routine in the damage routine.

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
Yes it's done! Almost all glitches fixed! Here is the download.

-hdma flicker and glitches gone.
-16-bit hp and max hp (I changed my mind, so now you can have long levels or rpg styled hack)
-ALL kinds of sprites have custom damage! This means you are not restricted to have only smw and custom normal sprites deal custom damage. Now it's the extended and cluster sprites turn!
-damage and heal blocks included, now you can have munchers deal custom damage, super Mario 64 lava working properly (the one on the blocks section does work only thing f you don't use the hp patch; because it uses the standard smw damage routine, causing it to not damage the player while the flashing invulnerablity is active (or "invincibility frames"), this time, it always damage the player.)

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2015 - [78% complete, help needed please, hdma issues and flickers] HP bar

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