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leod & Medic's Morph Powerup Pack


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As seen in our 24 Hour SMW Level™

Ninji and Bat morphs!
by leod & Medic

The Ninji Morph in action

The Bat Morph in action

Download link

If there's any issues or questions, post them and we will try to fix them or clear things up!

This looks. Awesome!

I know that I will use that in my new project.
But I got a strange bug:
If I use this in a Level, my music is totally messed up. Can I somehow fix that?
// Layout by Maxo
I didn't pay too much attention to this last 24hoSMW so the fact this existed came out of nowhere to me.

This is amazing. I'm already brainstorming some uses to this, too :D
It's easily the best thing I've done
So why the empty numb?
Holy wow. Code is a crazy crazy thing. Totally awesome work guys!
This looks awesome. It kind of reminds of that gimmick in Pac Man World 3, where you can temporarily switch to a ghost by a rev-roll plate.
Welp, my wish has just come true.
I can't wait to see what others have planned for these morphs!

This is so cool. Many thanks for releasing this!
inb4 this becomes overused
Not sure why I haven't checked this before. This looks so amazing, I just wanna try it out and see what ideas I could do for Kaizo...
leod updated the sprites so they work again after losing your morph. If you downloaded it before this post, please redownload.
Aside from feeling tacked on in the majority of use cases, this is really impressive from a technical perspective. #smw{:TUP:}

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Aside from feeling tacked on in the majority of use cases, this is really impressive from a technical perspective. #smw{:TUP:}
What he said, this is awesome. I hope people will use this well.
That looks really cool. Inspired my the morph bubbles in Yoshi's Island, I take it?
They don't seem to be surrounded by a bubble like in the .gif.

e: derp

They work like a charm otherwise though, really impressive.
cool tread
shirt status: not on
That bat one is one gonna be really useful. I'm glad you two released this. Your 24hos level was really fun because of this.
Oh and AMK absolutely loathes these, I tried to apply AMK over the ROM I tested these out on and the music and sound effects were silent (sometimes you could make out gross crackles).
Fixed AMK incompatability, please redownload again! #wario{:whistle:}
By the way, if anybody has any fun ideas for other powerups like these, feel free to suggest them here and they might just happen.
Your layout has been removed.
Chargin' Chuck. You can jump and clap to kill enemies but you can't run very fast.
Koopa Kid's Power-Up. Need I Say More?
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