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[MUSIC] RC's Ports and Compositions


Hey y'all! I've not shown anything since last C3 when I posted several compositions from a hack that ended in a very unfortunate way. I've posted bits of things and shown a few compositions on my thread in the music help forum as well as the composition thread in art, and on IRC. I figured I'd give a summation of the stuff I've done over the course of the last three years, including the things I've shown. Unfortunately for three years of work there isn't as much as I would have liked to say I have haha. If you want to download all the SPCs and MP3s together I'll include links to ZIP files with them at the bottom. Unfortunately as well no TXT files yet, but I'll be sure to get around to uploading stuff in the next month.



Things to note:
- I only have a few of the compositions ported so I'll be posting an MP3 file for each
- (U) is unsampled; wanted to make that clear in case anyone thought "unfinished"
- (S) of course is sampled
- Prayers From The City In The Sky is heavily based off a track from a video game, cookies to those who can identify it!
- Tyrannical Devastation is getting a new percussion line since the current one... isn't very good
- Submerged Tranquility is gonna be fixed... I don't think I even need to point out what part of it is bad and I have no idea what I was thinking haha

Total Reverse - MP3
Fate Of The Imperial Knights - MP3
Chipwave Overdrive - MP3
Treasures Of The Lost Souls - MP3 SPC (S) SPC (U)
Prayers From The City In The Sky - MP3
Dark Lamentation - MP3 SPC (S) SPC (U)
Enigmatic Drift - MP3 SPC (S)
Tyrannical Devastation - MP3 SPC (S) SPC (U)
Winds Of Harmony - MP3
Through The Tides Of Fate - MP3
Livin' By The Seaside - MP3
Waltz With The Withering Hearts - MP3
Factorial Discharge - MP3 SPC (S)
Our Sorrow From That Winter Morning - MP3
Lament Frozen In Time - MP3
Submerged Tranquility - MP3
Blissful Heights Of Snowfall - MP3
Riddles Of The Deep - MP3



Things to note:
- The Place I'll Return To Someday needs a better sample, but I figured I'd post it anyways xP
- Final Battle needs a new square wave sample with a higher range, as the current one just misses a couple of the notes close to the start
- Necrofantasia is incredibly old... like from six years ago; I've just now gotten around to sampling it and fixing up the issues of the old version
- Eastern Night is also just as old but is now sampled

Animal Crossing: 3am - SPC (U)
Animal Crossing: 5pm - SPC (U)
Dark Cloud: The Spirit King - SPC (S) SPC (U)
Final Fantasy IX: The Place I'll Return To Someday - SPC (S)
Secret of Mana: Close Your Eyelids - SPC (S)
Shining Force II: Elven Town - SPC (S) SPC (U)
Shining Force II: Epilogue - SPC (S) SPC (U)
Shining Force II: Final Battle - SPC (S) SPC (U)
Shining Force II: Sad Theme 1 - SPC (S) SPC (U)
Touhou 7 (Perfect Cherry Blossom): Necrofantasia - SPC (S)
Touhou 8 (Imperishable Night): Eastern Night - SPC (S)
Yume 2kki: PC - SPC (S)


And here are the ZIP files:


That's all I have, and if I finish some things up in the next day I'll be sure to show it!
Man, these are very good. I was really disappointed that there's no text files yet. But good stuff here. Loving Chipwave Overdrive and Fate of the Imperial Knights.
That 5PM port is very groovy and relaxing, good job on it! I'd only suggest on tuning the lolpiano sample as it really doesn't blend well with how the song meshes with itself.
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
I love how did your unsampled ports tuned out.