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if you had a remote control to freeze everything except you

what would you do if the entire world, including time, freezes up and you are the only person who can move and travel?

for me, it would be the only opportunity to explore the vast world.

and would you stay in the still world, or would you normalize everything again?
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This situation would be a win/lose for me. It would be a win because it essentially means I can do whatever the hell I want. It would also be a lose because that would mean I can't go on forums like this one and socialize because everyone else is frozen, or socialize in real life.
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I definitely know what I would do #wario{;)}
i'd use it to fix my sleep schedule

Maybe cross any country border I want (maybe North Korea since everything is restricted for tourists and I want to explore all of it.... and maybe get rid of a small angry dictator), assuming I can do so more than once. Maybe cross into the UK, France, Germany, or Canada. United States is the last on my list.
That or bypassing Fort Knox's security.
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I'd basically have the power of ZA WARUDO at my disposal, minus any limits about how long can time can stay stopped. I'd probably use it for all sorts of practical jokes and stuff like taking off a girl's panties in stopped time, restarting it and then seeing how long until she notices. If one had a devious mind there's no end to the sorts of mischief one could pull with such a device, and that's not even considering if you wanted to take over the world or anything. Really, the best thing to do would probably be to destroy such a device, it's just too much power for anybody to be trusted with, "absolute power corrupts absolutely" and all that. It would be fun to do the stairs trick on someone in real life though.
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Put everyone's left hand index finger into their nostril.

That's all I got.
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Steal diamonds, art, etc. and sell them. If they find out that you did it later on, just freeze again and leave.
Assuming they can't see me and security cameras would be non-functional...

I would fuck with people (not literally.) Some people would reanimate to find their heads shaved. Some would have Sharpie mustaches on their faces. Others would be moved from their locations simply to mess with their minds when they instantly unfreeze in different locations.

I would steal food from McDonalds.
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Use it for mundane things, probably. Freeze time to do chores and resume time to be a lazy butt.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
I wouldn't use it because what if it breaks while time is frozen? I wouldn't want to stay in such a world. It would be way too creepy.

Actually maybe not quite. This could be a chance to use it to do some good, like walk across the ocean (I assume it would also be solid too) and defeat ISIS without a fight. Maybe also take the time to gather enough knowledge about physics and engineering to build my own personal roller coaster, and when I unfreeze time, people are like "where did that roller coaster come from? And how did ISIS suddenly get totally defeated?"
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This was done before in Twilight Zone. It was kinda cool but it ended very creepily.

I would use it during a conversation when I can't think of anything to say to make up for awkward silence. I'm sure a lot of other people on this site would too.
Originally posted by Xyspade
This was done before in Twilight Zone. It was kinda cool but it ended very creepily.

It was? I knew it was done in the animated Goosebumps TV series... I really need to watch that show again
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Honestly? If I could really stop time from anyone but me, I would do some disgusting things like rob a bank to be rich and spend the rest of my life without working (be a rich NEET, a perfect life). I means If I have a godly power it would be a waste not to use it for yourself.
I would also try to find girls, stop time, do "things" and after I'm done put everything back to normal.
If I'm bored I may also use it for justice like stopping criminals (other than me).
Thinking about it, there's so much cool stuffs you can do with it, so I will probably abuse it to the point that when I became 30 year old I would actually be 60yo for all the time I spend when the world was stopped. And I won't regret anything.
Probably suffocate due to the wacky air physics.

Also yogui, your avatar is sexy asf
All this talk is reminding me of the Wheeljack Instant Immobilizer from Transformers Generation 1. If I had such a device, I'd use it to take out scum like ISIS and al-Qaeda. Heck, if there really is a secret shadowy group bent on world domination and genocide, I'd use my Immobilizer to take them out too. I just hope they wouldn't get their hands on it.
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Originally posted by Agent Q
I have five and am getting two more soon. I may have an addiction. *gets leery stares and facepalms from other staff members*

If I could freeze time though, I would collect resources, find somewhere isolated to build a house according to a personal blueprint I would come up in this unlimited period, move all my stuff there, move my fiance and his dad in, and create my own shooting range in our massive backyard, and collect some misc. objects for fun reactive targets. I'd have a huge workshop for projects like gunsmithing and reloading. Then I'd unfreeze time and go about things as normal.

Maybe I should crack biological laws and engineer ammo trees, since we're thinking in the vein of stopping time and moving about it freely

But I also like Gamma's idea of stopping time to eliminate terrorists and megalomaniacs.

Just look above you...
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