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[Non-SMW] Custom Minecraft Map: Multi-Man Melee!


Minecraft custom maps in a Super Mario World event? What madness is this, DDV? Well ever since I tried Minecraft, I've always been fascinated by how creative you can really be with Minecraft's Creative Mode and how you can basically make your own map. I want to share one of these maps to you today basically called "Multi-Man Melee"; the custom map is designed for you to survive for as long as you can, like the Endless Multi-Man Melee in Super Smash Bros. Melee. If you're up to my challenge, feel free to try it out. Now then...


The Entrance to the tower...

My way of keeping you in doors... You can get out, but you'll be locked out...

The creeper is just one of the main baddies you'll face in this underground obsidian stronghold.

Now then, do you want to try it?

How to open it:
-Buy and Download Minecraft (obviously).
-In the search bar, look up "%appdata%", and you should find a folder named "Roaming".
-Open the folder, head over to ".minecraft", and go to "saves".
-In the ZIP folder, drag the "Multi-Man Melee" folder over to the saves folder.
-Open Minecraft, and start playing!

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Please read the book that is in your items for the rules in order to fully enjoy the game. Of course, if you want, you can always try hard mode by going the direction where the black limo is facing. Hope you have fun with this little map I created, and if there's enough interest, I might continue making more Minecraft Maps.