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Custom Powerups v3.3.4 - v3.4.0 coming soon!
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Originally posted by NathanWarford
At first I tried inserting the powerups separately because all I really wanted were the Ice Flower and Shell Suit. But I couldn't understand from the readme what it was that I had to do, so I used the full patch.

well maybe i can guide you to insert just that power ups separately
i use this video:
to guide me then i compare the power up pack files to see how the codes was put for each power.
#tb{D'X} #smw{T_T} sadly i really like to put , racoon, tanooki, shell, ice flower, hammer suit and bommerang power ups together but the two first ruin the cape flying.
send a pM If you want my help #smw{;)}
guys i found the problem with the cape, im just add one code in the powerup02.asm in powerups_files/powerup_main_code folder
im just add this:

LDA #$90
STA !flight_timer

that file dint have that code.
i compare racoon and cape files and i note that code only was in raccon power up file (powerups_files/powerup_main_code folderpowerup08.asm)
im just copy and paste the code in cape file or powerup02.asm
maybe that just was trial and error test but it works.

just one more fail but is just grafics problem, when you have racoon power and then you got a fire o ice flower the grafix while marios is in transform on ice or fire flower it shows another mario´s head aside mario´s feets.
it seen to be tail grafics. That problemas shows in the overworld too

anyone knows how to solve this?
this is mario when transfor from racoon to fire flower mario
and using the OW inventory smb3 racoon to fire flower happen this:

this is the same withe cape mario trasforming cape to fire mario except with glitches from grafix in level bu stil showing the cape in leve while trasform and OW all the time :

in ow trasform cape to fire flower:

and this happen without or with ow inventory insert
when you die with cape or racoon or tanooki that happens to:
when you die with cape: it shows in ow:

and when you die with racoon or tanooki suit it shows in ow:

and when mario initialy is small big or fire or or any power up to racoon tanooki or cape mario it apear without cape or tail:

that only begins to happen when you insert racoon or tanooki suit with the other power ups dont happen that until you insert the racoon or tanooki suit.
any one can help me i dont know what i do wrong its the only fail but when i play the LX5 power up test hack that dont happen in her hack
If 32x32 is being added does this mean its finally possible to code a frog mario powerup?
I have read and followed the instructions included, still the rom crashes when I touch the powerup. Also the sprite folder only contains .cfg but no .asm is this normal?
Originally posted by zacmario
Also the sprite folder only contains .cfg but no .asm is this normal?

The sprites are technically "tweaks" of the original power up sprites and the code is handled by an external patch, hence the lack of ASM file for the power ups.

Okay, my layout looks ugly.
i do insert them with pixi right? I don't understand why this is failing.
I've been having the same problem when trying to insert the Shell Suit. It works fine when I insert the entire powerup pack, but it prevents Mario from flying with the cape. I've tried inserting the Shell Suit by itself, but it causes the game to crash when Mario touches the sprite.
Well, I've solved the problem of inserting the Shell Suit while keeping cape flying enabled. I just go into powerup_defs.asm and set !racoon_inserted = 0. I don't want the Racoon or Tanuki powerups in my hack anyway, so that's not a problem for me.

However, I don't want any of the other sprites to be remapped. I've gone into powerup_defs.asm and set all of the remaps to 0. But when I test my ROM, the shell-less koopa, the little bubble, and the sparkles are still remapped. Why is this?
does this patch use any freeram? If so, what?
This patch creates free RAM at where the decompressed player graphics were located ($7E2000 to $7E7CFF, 23807 bytes of free RAM) and uses it.

It uses 326 ($146 in hex) bytes from it, starting from $7E2000. The 3.0.0 beta uses 288 ($120 in hex) bytes from it, starting from $7E2000 too.


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Why is this patch not on the official patch section?
Because it isn't finished and very polished. Doesn't meet my standards yet.

Without mentioning that 2.1.2 has so many bugs (3.0.0 too but whatever).
Originally posted by LX5

3.0 features from the previous page

this is hype
I have some news everyone!

Originally posted by Me on the Discord server
Hammer Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3 is fully functional in v3.0.0.
Of course it won't be a straight forward conversion, I added more stuff to it including:
- You can now use GPS custom blocks to code your own blocks instead of coding them yourself.
- It now gives points when defeating an enemy.
- More defines to edit some of its properties.

This powerup being completely functional in v3.0.0 means that every projectile-based powerup can now use GPS to have these projectiles to work with custom blocks! Also, I'll have an easier time to port any other projectile based powerup. Let's hope I can get more stuff to fully work soonish.

C3 is quite near, isn't it?
Are there SMB3 graphics? If so give me them pls.

How risky would it be to selectively copy over files from 3.0.0 to 2.1.2 for things like the updated functionality of the Hammer Suit/other projectile Powers and for the better Raccoon flight system?
Quite risky since some stuff was rewritten to get the new features to work fine with the main patch.
Just a couple of questions about what fixes are going to be made in v3.0.0. I'll start with the more important of the two.

1. I have found while playing with the powerups (Shell Suit specifically) that Mario is not able to duck while holding an item. I've looked at the Shell Suit GFX and I see that a pose does exist for Shell Mario ducking while holding, but nothing happens in game when I try to duck while holding. Is this a fix that is being worked on, or is there some setting in one of the various ASM files that I need to change?

2. This is primarily a question about cosmetics rather than gameplay, so it's not entirely necessary to fix this, but it would still be appreciated. It's something that I mentioned in a previous post. In powerup_defs.asm there is the option to remap the shell-less koopa. But it always remaps, even when I set the value to 0.

At this point, I just want to know if these are things that you are planning to work on.
Originally posted by Amomario123w
guys i found the problem with the cape, im just add one code in the powerup02.asm in powerups_files/powerup_main_code folder
im just add this:
LDA #$90
STA !flight_timer

does this actually work. Can someone please verify it?
Are you planning to make the player graphics compressed in some sort of way to save on space? I don't see much of a problem with decompression considering everything freezes once you change Power Ups. Also, is there something on PIXI compatibility, because the tool came after this patch, is there something that is going to be fixed in 3.0.0?

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