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Super Monkey Ball Jr. Music Ripped!


The day has come that SMBJR music can be ripped! You can download the NSQ player and SMBJR's NSQ files here.
I have to wonder, is there a way to convert them as MP3?

I always wanted the SMB Jr. Soundtrack, so thanks for this!

Though I supposed I need something like Wamp Player (which I hate) with a plugin to play them?

I'd personally convert them to MIDI, as they are sequenced music files. I'd have to rip the instruments too, to make an MP3. Don't know where those are though.


Download IPS Patch

I've made an official converter to convert NSQ to MIDI. A similar converter to generate NSQ files will be coming soon.

Updated link with NSQ2MID.exe
Nice stuff!

I wonder, could you post the files already converted to midi?

I cant get the converter to work for some reason...

Try opening it in the command line. The syntax is NSQ2MID INFILE OUTFILE, so dragging doesn't work.