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TLMB's assorted failed projects, open source to you all. [GFX, Music, ASM]


Well, I really wanted to make a hack but interest waned as I didn't have anyone to hack with. I alsogot real busy so I'm just handing out the things I can find before C3 closes.

There are a few screen shots in the Zip file as well as an old .asm patch i made to allow idle standing animations a few years back, I dunno if there is one already for use.

I also made a bow sprite that shoot arrows when R/L is pressed but the arrows do nothing iirc.

Basically the zip's main contents are two unfinished hacks which contain a number of customized graphics/etc. myself and a few others made of the years, which I hoarded and such with permission. There are a few songs as well to boot but I didn't have time to make SPCs.

Click here to download. There are a bunch of completed levels too but not really organized to play. IF I find my other sprites I'll release them here too. A list of the graphics in "World" can be found here.

Until next C3.

Edit: LX5 asked me to not be lazy so here are the screenshots I took:

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
I would make a level, but you released it w/only one hour left, and I don't know any ASM, but this seems interesting.
Luckily the C3 contest ends on July 11th, so you and everyone else have plent of time to dig in through my stuff and make something nice. Also this isn't a team hack or anything, I kinda just didn't want to see some of my works waste away on my own computer.
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Oh, I thought it would end when C3 ended, but I just noticed that the deadline was July 11. That's the day before my b/day though. I'll see if I am able to make something.
Those graphics seem neat as hell, I don't get why you call them "failed".
Originally posted by Mr. GreenThunder
Those graphics seem neat as hell, I don't get why you call them "failed".

I meant it more that the hacks that used the graphics failed, not the graphics themselves being a failure. Then again I wish I did add a few more things but that's still not failing.

Also I added a list of what each ExGFX file is in the "World.ips" is, at least I hope I got all of them.
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
<TLMB> Also Sayuri, it'd be pretty sweet if you posted comments on the song quality of the ones that worked

(songs in the ZIP that work)

attempt: I'm assuming this is a port (due to the stuff that's in the TXT that NintSPC adds), but as I haven't heard the original song, I'll just judge the port. The low octave marimba at the beginning doesn't particularly sound that good, but it still works. The rest of the song actually sounds pretty fine, with the piano and the percussion, especially. Overall, not too bad.

BM2s1: Ah, a port of a song in an overpriced Bomberman game. Anyways, this isn't actually that bad. TXT-wise, you didn't loop much, but you set up the percussion right, made the song loop correctly, and it overall sounds pretty decent. I'm fairly impressed.

Corridors of Time: I think this port is far better than the current unsampled CoT port we host. It sounds more appealing, and I hope you submit it, if you can.

K64 Aqua Star Fields: Haven't played the game but I just listened to the original song. This really doesn't sound too good. The instruments just sound all... jumbled together and it comes out as a really sloppy port. I'd think a redo would be in order for this one.

skyline: This sounds like a Kirby song, but I just can't put my finger on which game in particular it comes from... but the song sounds good. The @8 is a tad bit too loud, I think, but the rest of the song sounds generally calm, and well made.

TP - Sacred Grove: I'll be honest, this port looks (TXT-wise) and sounds like it was made in 2008, and, while that's not always a bad thing (FPI's TSRPR compositions come to mind, they still sound awesome today despite being made in 2008), this just doesn't sound too good. The main melody could really use some ADSR, preferably a flute, and the cello could probably be a different instrument altogether. Essentially, this one needs a bit of work.
These screenshots are very great!
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
If I find a level I really like, can I salvage it, fix it up, and add it to my own hack? You'll be credited for it. My hack's already Contest + Salvaged Levels The Hack, so I thought why not adopt someone else's unfinished work that they'd never touch ever again.
Can I use a level from the game and fix it as long as I give you credit?
I liked the Cave Mesa Factory w/the rising lava in the scrolling room, but it was like impossible, and I was going to add custom music and maybe use other custom sprites? I also have an idea for the password blocks, but I need someone to help me insert them.