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Tweaker Palettes not Changing
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Hello, hello.

I have used tweaker to change the palettes of a lot of sprites and for some reason a few sprites have decided to ignore my changes. I understand some sprites are much more complicated with how their coded, but I would imagine these guys are really quite simple compared to many others.

Here's a list of the sprites that are not changing to the palette I assigned in tweaker.

Rex (blue to green)
Pokey (yellow to grey)
Grinders (grey to green)
Thwomp (grey to gold)
Dry Bones (grey to gold)
Mega Mole (gold to blue)
Ledge Dwelling Mole [not the ground one, that one works] (gold to blue)
Volcano Lotus (green to red)
Buzzy Beetle (E/F to red)
Pipe Dwelling Lakitu (red/green to yellow) -can't remember if red or green originally
Hopping Flame (yellow to blue - hopping flame itself is now blue, but the small flames behind it are still yellow)

I'm assuming for a few of them it's because they are made of a sum of parts and tweaker just might not be able to reach the specific part I would like changed, but for others I can't think of why it wouldn't work. I would not be opposed to making a few hex edits, but I wouldn't know how to find the individual sprites, and then guess at what number is their palette.

If anyone has any ideas as to how to fix these guys to be the color I want, that would be great!

Thanks for your time!
Are you sure did you press save for each sprite individually?

Hopping Flame (yellow to blue - hopping flame itself is now blue, but the small flames behind it are still yellow)

That's because the small flames are extended sprites. I think you need to do a hex edit.
I did, I even leafed back trough tweaker a few times to double check.

Figured that with the hopping flame. Guess I need to go spelunking.
Extended sprites > hopping flame remnant?

Also the only thing I can think of is leafing through the ROM map or possibly even referring to sprite disassemblies.
1235F | 4 bytes | Fireball tiles' palette/gfx page/priority/flip (May also affect the small flame left by Hopping Flame.)

It's in YXPPCCCT format. You might want to change that to 06 in a Hex Editor, but I would not risk because that changes the normal fireball properties.

As for the other ones, then I don't know, their palette might be hardcoded and have to be changed through the same method as above

ninja e: ahh fuck my life
Merc: I was afraid of that. >.<

Erik: Thanks, I guess I could give it a try. Looks like it might just have to be hex edits now, as I think they are hardcoded. (Which is especially strange for some of those sprites... to me anyway)

Erik557 and MercuryPenny, thanks for quick responses. Gonna start going through ROM maps and the like to hopefully find a few fixes, but I will continue to check back here to see if anyone (hopefully) knows some super secret knowledge about this. lol

Good news everyone!!

So, after screwing around with some ROM Map stuff and a hex editor, I fixed all of them except the Volcano Lotus. (All I wanted to do was change the color of the leaves, but I got lazy and gave up.)

For anyone interested here's a sloppy and probably confusing list of all the enemies I needed fixed, their ROM address and which number(s) need changed in order to change the palette of the sprite:

19870: 8A AA 8A AC 8A AA 8C 8C A8 A8 A2 B2 47* 07* BD 58

13990: 8A 99 02 03 A9 05* 05 64 99 03 03 C8 C8 C8 C8 CA

Line Guided Grinder:
0DE40: F0 00 00 33* 73* B3* F3* C0 C2 E0 C2 C0 CE CE CE CE

Regular Grinder:
0DDA0: F0 03 20 98 90 60 F8 08 F8 08 00 00 10 10 03* 43*
0DDB0: 83* C3* 20 65 A3 DA A2 03 A5 00 18 7D 96 DB 99 00
(This one moves into the second line, just make sure you edit the numbers with a *)

0B140: FC 04 FC 04 00 00 00 10 10 08 8E 8E AE AE C8 03*
0B150: 43* 03* 43* 03* 20 65 A3 BD 28 15 85 02 DA A2 03 C9

Dry Bones:
1C5B0: 90 01 60 00 08 00 00 F8 00 00 04 00 00 FC 00 43*
1C5C0: 43* 43* 03* 03* 03* F4 F0 00 F4 F1 00 F4 F0 00 00 64
(Moves to a second line as well. The numbers are paired in threes and affect Dry Bone's Bone, Head, and Body respectively. The first group is when he faces right, the second left.)

Dry Bone's Bone (When it is thrown):
124D0: 82 99 02 02 B9 03 02 29 F1 09 02* 99 03 02 60 08

Mega Mole:
18A80: 03 A9 01* A6 02 D0 02 09 40 05 64 99 03 03 FA C8
(Interestingly, when you change the palette of Mega Mole to certain numbers his palette changes AND his graphics get wonky, do not fear though,just add or subtract one to whatever you changed it to and it should be fixed.)

Ledge/Ground Mole:
E560: 02 00 05 A5 14 0A 0A 29 C0 09 31* 9D F6 15 A9 03

Pipe Dwelling Lakitu:
16C10: 99 06 03 FA BD 7C 15 4A 6A 4A 49 55* 99 03 03 99

Flame Left By Hopping Flame:
12440: BD 17 A2 99 02 02 B9 03 02 29 3F 09 05* 99 03 02
(This does not affect fireballs/podobo/or anything else.Only the sprite left by the hopping flame)

Again, edit the numbers with a * by a multiple of 2 (if it goes past 9 remember it starts A-F) and constantly save and check. Only edit these numbers if you want to change the palettes of these guys and cannot do so with tweaker or another method.

This information is pretty much all already available within reason on the central, but I figured I'd just compile my answers here for anyone else who may or might have the same problem.

(Holy crap, biiiiiiiiig post, sorry everyone)
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