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Super Mario Journey


Mario and Luigi got a call from Princess Peach for something important. Once they got to their castle, Peach told the bros. that she got a letter from the government of Yoshi's Island. Apparently, Bowser stole the seven of the eight Yoshi Eggs of Light. Used to maintain order in the whole wide world, she fears that Bowser will use it for destruction and sadness all over the world. She orders the Mario Bros. to reclaim the eggs and find the missing one before it's too late.

-New Worlds
-Redrawn Art Style provided by Icegoon. After the reception, I will be aiming for consistency.
-Custom Music featuring rearrangements/remixes of music other games and compositions original to SMJ

Main Theme - Super Mario Journey
World Complete Theme - You got an Egg of Light!
Item Shop Theme - Shoppa Nova (Wii Shop Theme Remix)
Game Over Sequence - Game Over [Mario] [Luigi]
Player Dies - Death
Level Clear - Goal Tape [1] [2]
Main Overworld Theme - The Paths to Anywhere [BETA]
Theme for Mario's House - Home, Sweet Home [Outdoors] [Indoors]
Grasslands Level Theme - Stroll Through the Kingdom
Underground Level Theme - Mysteries of Down Bellow [1][2]
Athletic Theme - Athletic Swing
World 1 Castle Theme - Into the Fortress
Switch Palace Theme - Switch Palace
Desert Level Theme - Arid Adventures
Kalimarian Ruins Theme - Kalimarian Ruins
Underwater Level Theme - Calming Waters (Dire Dire Docks Arrangement) [1] [2]
Ice Level Theme - Coldest Capers
World 3 One-off Level Theme - Frozen Serenade (In a Snow-Bound Land)
World 4 Castle Theme - Waterworks of Danger
World 5 Castle Theme - Industrial Interrogation
Toad Town Theme - Toad Town
Warp Zone Theme - Warp Zone
Post-Koopaling Battle - Egg Room
Underground Sublevel Theme - Subterranean Den
Intro Cutscene Music - Peach's Warning [1][2][3]
Egg of Light Main Motif - The Eggs of Light


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I'm liking the look of this. A lot of people seem to despise SMW Redrawn, but you've done a good job of keeping the style consistent and avoiding clash.

My one concern is the palette in this screenshot. It doesn't look quite right, almost like it's inverted or something. It's the one thing I would fix if I were you.

Other than that, good work.
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wired: 'The Fellowship of the Switch'
Agreed with WeegeeBen, this is one of the few Redrawn-styled hacks that actually looks good; you definitely seem to have a grasp on aesthetics and architecture to make it look compelling.

I guess the only thing I don't like is the foreground tileset you are using for the desert levels, compared to the rest of the redrawn graphics it looks too simple and lacking in detail.
My, that is looking sweet! Can't wait till it's released!
Hey look, new desert graphics.

Looking really nice. I specially like the scenario here, though I'm not fond of that pixelated huge Yoshi, but I assume you're eventually going to have more proper graphics for it.

Keep up the great work! It looks promising so far, and as others have already said, this is one of the few good-looking redrawn-styled hacks.
I don't like the dirt - (or whatever it is) it looks... distracting? Not sure how I can explain it, but same goes for this screenshot. I think you can fix it if you lower the contrast.

As for the other screenshots, I think you should lower the contrast in the water in this screenshot.
Also, the foreground tileset here, the background and foreground tileset (bottom left) here, and the background here are clashing with your redrawn tilesets - they're too simple to fit with the others.

The foreground tileset in this screenshot looks bad, honestly. It's not shaded properly and I'm not even sure what that is under the grass.

Other than that, this seems to be pretty nice so far. Everything else seems to fit each other well and I like your overworld a lot.
Some updates after who knows how long

Not pictured: Peach's Castle and Toad Town

New section of one of the desert levels

Did some stuff with layer 3

Are those... actual physics?

Also, noticed anything different with the bottom status bar?

Also, how about some new songs

Main Theme
Mysteries of Down Bellow [1] [2]
Egg Room
You got an Egg of Light!
This hack should have more ancient civilizations, sunsets and scarves
After all, there are separate ways to tackle these worlds apart.
And some of custom music will be inserted, am I right?

how many levels and worlds will be in this project?

And have you created submaps?
Who is your favourite player?

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Originally posted by ForthRightMC
And some of custom music will be inserted, am I right?

Bruh, it's already inserted

Originally posted by ForthRightMC
how many levels and worlds will be in this project?

As much as a standard Mario game

Originally posted by ForthRightMC
And have you created submaps?

No. The first four worlds are set on the overworld, but I should be making the warp zone submap by the time I finish World 3.
I guess it's that time of the month, where I do stuff besides focusing on features. So here's Toad Town.

Here's the main theme of this place.
Originally posted by Coolmario

sounds more like smrpg2 than 2d platformer mario

still beautiful tho
Oh hey, never have seen such sweet use of the redrawn ExGFX. Looks nicely made.
And that Toad Town is some good stuff, dude! Nice work on it.
Looks really well done. When you say as many levels as a normal mario game, we're talking 90ish exits, no? Any rough idea of a release date or demo?
Oh my! I can tell already that I'm going to enjoy playing this hack. The screens look great & the music sounds nice. #tb{:]}

I'm hoping you stick to the idea of using your own compositions throughout the entire hack, as it would really add to the consistency that you aim for.
Layout by Erik557
Ooh. Nice aesthetics you got here, with nice use of ASM, a nice looking overworld (though a bit blocky, but that could just be me.), and a great design on Toad town.

All in all, Great work.