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Super Mario Journey


Small update day

This guy's worried about this Impossible House in Toad Town.

Let's take a look into the house, shall we?
GIFV Link ayyyy

This pipe leads to the warp zone

Also, the gang's all here in the throne room

Level Showcase

World 2-B: Mushroomy Cliff


I have created this shop you can access in Toad Town

The items out of stock will be in stock once you find the certain Power-Up yourself.

The Items you buy will go to an inventory (Similar to that of Mario 3).

And now, a talk about jump heights.

Luigi can jump higher than Mario. He even has a slight flutter when falling.

Soundtrack Update

Athletic Swing - Athletic Theme
Shoppa Nova (Wii Shop Theme Remix) - Item Shop
Into the Fortress - World 1 Castle Theme
Waterworks of Danger - World 4 Castle Theme

And now, a (not-so)sad update on ZSNES compatibility

No joke, the game locks up on ZSNES when you talk to people with messages that have special ASM commands. Even if you make it past the intro, there are other moments where the game locks up. The other things that freeze the game on ZSNES I found so far is Dynamic Sprites.

2-1: Dry Path

This level was already finished, but when replaying the level, it felt pretty lacking.

This is an extremely old build I had, but this is what the level was like before.

So I redid it into something new

Hey, what's this? (No, a palette 7 coin isn't gonna be the final graphic)

If you collect eight of those coins, the temple door will open up.

The next sublevel is a bridge between this level and the level after.

Here's the main theme for the desert levels

Arid Adventure
Level Showcase
2-C: Abandoned Mineshaft
Into darkness

A bit too dark?

2-5: Super Koopa Oasis
Raccoon time!

2-A: Desert Oasis
A break from the arid

Soundtrack Update
Grassland Theme - Stroll Through the Kingdom
World 5 Castle Theme - Industrial Interrogation
Underground Sublevel Theme - Subterranean Den
Intro Cutscene Music - Peach's Warning [1][2][3]
Warp Zone Theme - Warp Zone

All that remains...
What is left for a beta release? One more boss to be designed. Iggy Koopa has been worked on for the past week or two. All that I need are graphics for the boss so you aren't fighting this:

It won't be hard to code the next boss since I have one already coded. So there might be a demo by January. I don't know when (hopefully C3 Winter), but be on the lookout.
How many exit in full hack?
I said this in previous replies, but as much as a standard Mario game.
Is this game going to has a demo soon! This hack is a bomb.#smw{>:|}
Userbar made by Green Jerry

Originally, I planned releasing this during C3. However, it didn't come to fruition because...

I lost all the files.

My laptop was stolen with everything in it. All I have is the ROM that was on my phone for testing purposes, and I got a new PC. I'm working on other stuff right now (personal projects, real life, etc.) and will get back to restoring this hack onto a new ROM.
Goddammit! I was really looking forward to this hack. I hope you reported the incident.

I know I don't know the situation of how the laptop was stolen, but I would strongly recommend getting an external HDD as well. It means if the same thing were to happen again, you'd have backup.
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So I am actually working on this project. I decided to eat up my loss and redo everything to make you guys and myself happy in the end.

Here is the first song I redid:
The Paths to Anywhere (R)

I'm not planning to remake every song. Most of them will be ports from the selection I have posted on this thread and the old ROM.

I still had the graphics and levels, so that was pretty easy to import to the new ROM.

Another thing I did was revamping RPG Hacker's VWF Dialogues.

This version has a new text box that has the text separated from the main game screen via IRQ. The way the textbox is stored in VRAM is much more different, as it's stored in the upper right quadrant of layer 3's VRAM as opposed to the bottom right. It also uses a portion of VRAM related to the height of the text box instead of replacing the entire quadrant.



I chose the upper right since you wouldn't want to scroll a layer 3 image to the top since the status bar is at the top. This means that VWF is more friendly towards backgrounds with layer 3 (or at least backgrounds with layer 3 that only uses the second graphics page.)

Glad to hear this is back!
So you'll be able to at least recreate the most important stuff for your hack, like your music?
Hey y'all, Scott here!

PFP by: (🔞 Account Warning)
Latest Updates:

Taking only a week and a half, I coded a new file selection screen. It has a viewing of stats of each file, as well as new functions for the files (such as copying).

Note: Due to this now being a single player experience, both characters share lives, and character order is determined by who you played as last (File 1 Luigi is in front of Mario since he was the current player before last saving).

Recently, I found myself once again following the trend of tweaking levels in my hack, or in the case of unsalvageable level design, redo it entirely.

Level Showcase
1-2: Central Sewers
Plumbing problems

Soundtrack Update
File Select Menu - Let's Play
Cutscene - The Eggs of Light
Game Over Sequence - Game Over [Mario] [Luigi]
Player Dies - Death
Level Clear - Goal Tape [1] [2]
Hmmm... The SMJ Thread... After a long hiatus from work... It's placed all the way in the third page... You know what this means...?


It's starting to look like it never left me:

Here are what the Switch Palaces will look like, starting with the Yellow Switch Palace:

These levels will be segmented trials. Each Switch Palace will be different from the run-and-jump action in normal levels. It could either be puzzle, or an enemy gauntlet. I will show more of the Yellow Switch Palace once it's finished, but here's something else that's finished.

Level Showcase:
World 3-1: Kelvine Trail
Descent in temperature

Soundtrack Update:
Main Theme - Super Mario Journey
Ice Level Theme - Coldest Capers
World 3 One-off Level Theme - Frozen Serenade (In a Snow-Bound Land)
...Holy shit that soundtrack. #smrpg{gasp}

Like, normally I'm not one to jump in arms for SMW Redrawn-styled hacks, but damn dude you're in the right direction in this one. You just earned yourself a common viewer on this thread for that sexy melody in the "Super Mario Journey" composition alone.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

@Daizo Dee Von
Thanks, man. I didn't realize that people really didn't like Redrawn, until I actually showed this hack, which I heard that most of the users of the style can't figure out how to use the graphics style properly.

But anyways, I have more updates on the soundtrack that I forgot to mention:

Theme for Mario's House - Home, Sweet Home [Outdoors] [Indoors]
Switch Palace Theme - Switch Palace
It's been awhile since I last seen an update on this hack. I love the new music compositions.

I'm glad you are still working on this. The SMW hacking scene has been rather inactive lately and this hack really stands out in the crowd. #tb{:D}
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~wise fwom youw gwave~

This actually looks pretty cool, I'll check it out if a demo ever comes out dam