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Antivirus/Virus Discusion Thread

This thread is for experiences you have had with Antivirus software, Viruses Worms and Trojans.
Here are some examples:
1. Received a virus warning about some safe programs?
2. What virus have you encountered in the past (such as CIH)?
3. What virus have you gotten recently?
4. Problems with antivirus?
5. Created some antivirus program you want to share?
6. Results of experimenting with past viruses on a junk computer?
7. Anything Else?

Some general rules that apply elsewhere
1. No spam!! Nobody wants it, and it's not worth getting banned for.
2. Put some though into your post not something like
Originally posted by Thoughtless Dude
I had virus. It was bad.

3. Use common sense.

(if possible, I request a sticky)
I just use Microsoft Security Essentials.

In April, I somehow picked up some annoying adware. Unwanted extensions with names such as AutoDealsApp appeared in all of my browsers and were installed on my computer. Despite three rounds of deletions, they resurfaced. I suffered from annoyances such as pop-up ads asking to reinstall Java and occasionally random text on websites would become links to more of the same ads if I simply passed over them. Regular ads on websites were also replaced by Java spam. I finally downloaded AdwCleaner and permanently removed the malware from my laptop. I was skeptical of free software like that, but it seems to have worked.

Couple months ago, when I was still using my Windows XP E machine, I saved a old hard drive from one of my relatives computers that got hit by lightning over 4 years ago, and popped it in my computer. AVG was severely outdated, as I was still using 2012. I planned to rescue old data such as pictures from it, but to be safe, I scanned it. AVG found one severe infection, about 7 infected JavaScript files, and over a hundred tracking cookies! At least I got to fill up my virus vault a little more!
Personally, on Windows, I've been using Clamwin for the past couple years, and malwarebytes to deal with everything else. Clamwin is a non active AV, which means it does nothing except tell you it thinks a virus is there. I've always has problems with AVs seeing programs I wanted to run and having it immediately delete the program with no way to make it stop, because apparently I'm a 2 year old and not a professional coder. Clamwin works well for me since I usually know when something is suspicious or not, and it runs scans a couple times a week and drops out a report for me to review. For people who suck at the internet, I usually recommend MSE. Free, easy, not super annoying or a resource hog.
So far I've never had to use anything other than Avast! in my computer. I'm one of those super organized PC users so that's probably the reason why I don't encounter viruses easily. I've been looking for alternatives recently, but honestly I think I'm good for now.

That said however, I remember that my antivirus really dislikes the tools here on SMWCentral, sometimes it says they have viruses, other times it says they don't, and the cycle repeats. It doesn't do that with anything else though.

Also, I remember one time I had Avira installed and the antivirus deleted itself. Really, I'm not joking, it deleted itself. Even more funny is that, recently one of my school teachers installed Avast to clean his computer of any viruses and it worked very well. Then however someone recommended him "the one antivirus with the red umbrella" (Avira) and his computer got infected with viruses again. Hooray.
Guys, Norton Antivirus is best Antivirus.

Phishing was common when I'm online and supposedly my traffic is being intercepted, but it never happened. I know what I'm doing, and I know better.
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Originally posted by Kagami Hiiragi
Guys, Norton Antivirus is best Antivirus.

I like to call Norton the Alpha Virus. It might remove the other viruses on your system, but only because it doesn't want the competition encroaching on it's territory.
Originally posted by HuFlungDu
Originally posted by Kagami Hiiragi
Guys, Norton Antivirus is best Antivirus.

I like to call Norton the Alpha Virus. It might remove the other viruses on your system, but only because it doesn't want the competition encroaching on it's territory.

As a former Norton user, I love this quote and it will be added to my profile.


Who needs real-time scanning when you have something that works brilliantly?
People generally use MalwareBytes to scan and something else (or premium) for real-time protection, there's really little reason to skip out on that.
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Malwarebytes anti-malware is a very good program, i have the premium version, it does really well in terms of removing virues, And when I finish checking viruses and eliminate them, i use ComboFix To be sure that the pests were removed.

I remember yesterday I got the same virus 3 times in one day and those came from Mediafire downloads. I was busy downloading some M.U.G.E.N related stuff and it sometimes took me to malicious pages which I obviously knew it contained a virus, so I closed them out ASAP but I still got the trojans and tbh IDK what they're actually supposed to do.
Slow down my computer?
Or erase random data?

Anyway, I removed them with Microsoft Security Essentials and my computer is all back to a healthy state now
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I don't use any antivirus, as I don't need one and that would just hinder my perfomance and resources. However I don't mean that antiviruses are pointless (far from it, they can save years of work. Malwarebytes is a great one) I know that there are exploits in safe sites that could be infected by superweapons but I am willing to take the risk. I browse extremely carefully, and I stay away 100 meters from shady sites or "download managers". The last time I got infected was with some crappy "police ransomware" two years ago that I could eliminate (no encryption, petty) from the task manager and it changed my hosts file preventing access to Google. I deleted the hosts file and it was all fine and dandy.
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When I was with an old pc, I've tried tons of antivirus and tools to remove malware (even Baidu lol). Almost all of them didn't help me much, as they always found some false-positive stuff. They tend to see piracy tools as virus, which can be a good thing...or not.
The best antivirus was Avira imo. Even with that annoying ad, it helped me out a lot in these days.

Today I don't use antivirus, because I don't think it's necessary. I think I'm fine being carefull with what I choose to download and how I use my pendrives.

I have the best antivirus ever, it's called LINUX!
Does Malewarebytes count? Otherwise I have no AV.
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If you pay for it, yeah. The free version has no live guard though, so you're basically always open for viruses outside of when you're scanning.
There's a reason people recommend to always pair up Malwarebytes with something like Windows Security Essentials/Defender!
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Windows Defender and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware on Windows 10. The former because it is lightweight and I am on a low-end computer, and the latter for its powerful one-time scanning.

Use your brain as an anti-malware system, is probably the best thing to do as well.

Yes, I'm aware this is an old thread but decided to bump up because I wanted to contribute to it.
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I had to remove a virus that made processes constantly open, eat up RAM, and open even more processes. It was a pain in the ass trying to type on Malwarebytes forums WHILE LAGGING MY ASS OFF