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2015 Kaizo Level Design Contest - Rules/Guidelines + Submissions

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2015 Kaizo Level Design Contest

Prepare your save states as we bring you the next official kaizo level design contest! It will be open for one month, and if you wish to enter, post a download link to your entry in this thread. As for the theme of this contest, we're trying to mimic the design of the original Kaizo Mario World. In other words, your entry should be about how many traps, platforming hell sections, and overall things that make the player laugh that you can pack into your level; try not to get too intricate. In previous contests, a collaboration of all the entries was planned, and users were given the option to have their entry be included in it. However, it wasn't a very popular idea, only a few people wanted their entry to be put in, so we won't be doing that this time.

1. All entries must be in the form of an IPS/BPS patch. If you wish to upload an archive so you can include things like additional notes, a ZIP file is preferred over a RAR file.
2. We prefer your entry being uploaded to your file bin, but you may use something else as long as it's reliable.
3. Remember to test your patch before uploading it to make sure it properly patches to a ROM. It's always unfortunate when someone's disqualified because their patch doesn't work.
4. Your entry must be playable without technical issues on accurate emulators. (stop zsnesing!!!)
5. Your entry must be possible to complete. Test your level before submitting.
6. No pit stages or pit-style sections.
7. Judges won't download entries until the deadline has been reached.
8. After the deadline, all entries submitted are final. You may not re-submit with updates and fixes. Again, test your level and make sure it's free of unintended easy solutions and technical flaws.
9. Do not lock your entry.
10. This contest is not exempt from the "no floating munchers" rule.
11. Please do not implement more than one exit.
12. Please give your entry a name. It doesn't have to be anything creative or unique. You can name it "[ YOUR NAME HERE ]'s level" if you want, just something that makes your entry easy to identify.
13. Only one level may be submitted.
14. No collabs please.

If any of these rules are broken, your entry will lose points in the "understanding" category during judging, or it will be disqualified if they are broken severely.

Deadline: All entries must be submitted by August 14th at 6:00 PM CST; basically exactly one month prior to launch. Please avoid procrastinating.

Unlike previous contests, this one will not have a "creative" and "difficult" category; this just makes judging easier. Please keep your stage's difficulty at around Kaizo: Light. In other words, it should be the same difficulty, or a little harder than the original Kaizo Mario World, which is a difficulty manageable for most people. Excessive difficulty that requires a high amount of slowdown will result in a loss of points in the difficult category. Also, you may spread out your level through multiple rooms.

Creativity (15): Did the entry display creativity? Did it display cool tricks, and put new spins on old ones, or does it contain a bunch of overused tricks and/or nothing interesting?
Difficulty (15): Was the difficulty just right? Challenging enough to be difficult, but not agonizing? Was there a smooth and consistent difficulty level throughout the entry?
Fun (10): Was the entry fun to play through, or just an uninteresting bore?
Appeal (10): Was the entry visually appealing? Were there any glitched graphics, cutoff, or floating and stacked munchers? If music was used, did it fit and add to the mood of the level?
Understanding (10): Did the entry display understanding of all the rules?
Total: 60 points

Graphical changes like tileset mixing are encouraged if you want full points in the appeal category. Even if the changes are only slight, they help to make the stage feel less cookie-cutter. ExGFX, on the other hand, is not going to be judged, and inserting an immense amount of ExGFX will likely distract from the level design.

Glitches are allowed, as long as they aren't really difficult to pull off and they are well known (i.e. "Big Mario in Small Gap" or the invisible Yoshi glitch). If you must, put in a message block explaining what glitch is supposed to be performed and/or how to do it. However, glitches that are complicated and tedious such as wall jumping/catching and corner clipping will lose you points in the difficult category. These are usually frustrating and just not fun to try and do. If you have any questions about which glitches are acceptable, feel free to ask in the discussion thread.

Custom blocks and sprites may be used, but to a maximum. Putting in a couple custom blocks or sprites is alright, but they should not dominate your level's design. Also make sure that if you do insert them, use them in a fun way.

You can insert patches to prevent the use of already-existing glitches and/or to alter certain aspects of the game. Just be aware that some patches have the chance of causing technical issues and compatibility problems with certain emulators. They should also, again, not dominate the level design. (SA-1 is fine, of course)

You may insert music into your level if you'd like, but it's not mandatory. If points are lost in the appeal category for something like graphic designs that are a bit off or unexciting, some of those points could be awarded back if the music choice is good, so it will only help. This won't happen though if the music is blatantly unfitting (i.e. sky level music in a cave or ghost house music in grass plains); this could take away points from the appeal category by itself.

Keep in mind that an entry isn't going to be viewed above others just for having custom blocks & sprites, music, patches, etc. They just give the creator a little more to work with if they please. An entry can receive full points in one or more of the categories whether it's vanilla or not.

There will be trophies for the 1st place winner, 2nd place winner, 3rd place winner, and all other participants.





Note: Don't submit a level that you clearly put no effort into simply because you want the badge; you'll just be disqualified.

Sadistic Designer


Please reply in this simple format:



Remember, judges won't download the entries until the deadline has passed. You may fix/update and re-upload your entry as many times as you'd like before the deadline, but if you do, don't forget to edit your reply with the new download link.

If you have any questions or you want to discuss, feel free to post in the discussion thread. Good luck, have fun, and don't forget that you can always take a look at kaizo hacks in the SMW hacks section or the kaizo subforum for inspiration!
My Entrie

It was really hard, next time a Hard Kaizo Contest!
Kaizomaniac 2

this is a link
evil Windows XP
go to my files on my profile because I don't know to create a link!!!

Plot: others got sad about the Windows XP End of Support and Mario enters to save Windows XP and he needs to do kaizo and needs to go a Windows XP desktop that has kaizo and bowser has a Windows XP PC that has kaizo.
Level Name - Have Fun!

Download - Link

Patched from original USA ROM, tested in both snes9x and zsnes.

Not the hardest level but its challenging.
Yoshi's Revenge

The Link

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the Yoshis that Mario sacrifices for an extra jump in a Kaizo hack? This is the story of one of those Yoshis...

Have fun!
A Tubular Level


Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
Level: In The Cave

Name: Pipes'n'Chucks
Link: Pipes'n'Chucks
Medusa's Lair

My Entry - Rope Voyage

Sublime Cave

Here is my entry. I was planning to submit this to the 2012 and 2013 contests, but those never happened (not enough people). But now, I'm ready!

Kaizo Kastle!
don't click this link...
Cool Moles


Previous posted was wrong.
Aerial Athletics

Download Link

My Youtube channel

Currently working on:
Project C

Finished project:
Castle in The Water

Fortress of Hell

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