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Fate/All Fiction *Story*
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Chapter 1- "Just what was with this strange Servant?"

"Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. And with each repetition, be destroyed. I declare. Yourself is under me, my fate rests in your sword. In accordance with the will of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer. This is my oath. I will ally myself with all the good in the world and I will wage war against all the evil in the world. You, seven heavens clad in the three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, oh keeper of the balance!"

With those words a tremendous surge of red energy exploded outwards from the summoning circle, hurling the heir of Tohsaka against the far wall and kicking up a cloud of dust that filled the basement chamber. The girl, a certain Rin Tohsaka, got up coughing and rubbing the dust out of her blue-green eyes.

Rin's mind raced at the various possibilities of which Servant she'd managed to summon. She'd done the ritual to summon a Servant of the Saber class so she knew that they'd be a bladesman of some sort, but that didn't exactly narrow it down very much. Would it be the noble, handsome knight sir Gawain? The bold, handsome hero Siegfried? Or perhaps the unparalled and ruggedly handsome swordsman Miyamoto Musashi?

An astute reader might notice something of a pattern in Rin's picks here (beyond all being members of the Saber class). Yes, well she may be a magus of incredible power, resourcefulness and intellect but the heir of Tohsaka was still a hormonal teenage girl with all that entailed. Besides this was a ritual where one summoned a capital H Hero from the Age Of Gods, when the air was thick with prana, dragons roamed the earth and knights rescued princesses from high castles. You could forgive the girl for being a little romantic.

When the smoke cleared the figure standing before her wasn't at all like she'd imagined. He wasn't bad looking mind you, but he didn't at all have the kind of knightly aura Rin was expecting from a Servant of the Saber class. In fact he seemed to radiate a kind of oppressive averageness that threatened to drag down everything in his vicinity.

The boy had an unremarkable height and build, wide blue eyes, short black hair and a cheerful smile plastered on his youthful face. He wore what looked like a black school uniform consisting of a jacket with five gold buttons along the front, black pants and matching dress shoes. He looked for all the world like he'd plucked right out of a japanese high school in modern day. Still, there was something a bit unnerving about the boy's smile that made Rin shiver slightly.

"...Are you my Servant?" Rin asked, breaking the silence between them. [Eh? Your servant?] the boy asked curiously and Rin immediately felt a shudder going up her spine. Something about his speech just seemed fake somehow, as if he were merely acting out a role. [My my, are you perhaps some sort of dominatrix? How positively lewd! Although I don't exactly mind, do you want me to lick your boots, bark like a dog or...]

"Enough!" Rin shouted louder than she intended to. Did this Servant honestly not understand the nature of the War? She'd thought the Holy Grail system automatically filled in Servants with all relevant information like that. "That's not what I meant! I, Rin Tohsaka and student of the archmage Schweinorg have summoned you into this time to partake in the Holy Grail War!"

The boy put his hand to his chin and scrunched up his face in thought. [Hmmmmm... so you're saying that you've summoned me to compete in a magical war of some sort? How exciting, that sounds just like out of a manga! Lemme guess, now you're going to have to seal the contract with a kiss right?] the boy said, puckering up his lips in an exaggerated fashion.

Rin's face blushed a shade of bright pink. "Not a chance! I wouldn't kiss someone like you if my life depended on it!" she shouted. [Ah, I suppose that it was too much to hope for that this would be like Zero No Tsukaima.] the boy commented sagely.

"Zero what now?" Rin asked. [...Nevermind.] the boy answered after a momentary pause. Even though Heroic Spirits were supposed to be summoned from mythical times this one seemed to have knowledge of manga and... certain lewd archetypes that Rin didn't care to mention. She was supposed the Holy Grail could have informed him about them but it seemed odd, such things were hardly relevant to the War. This Servant was an enigma, that was for sure. "Just which Heroic Spirit are you exactly?" Rin asked, narrowing her eyes.

[Kumagawa Misogi, or in western order it'd be Misogi Kumagawa.] the boy answered as if he were simply giving his name (which to be fair, he basically was). "That doesn't help! Who the hell is 'Kumagawa Misogi'? I've never heard of someone like that from any myth! Just what kind of hero are you?!" she shouted.

[I am many things. My beloved underclassmen call me the wind, who cannot be held down and can travel anywhere without distinction. I'm the zero on a roulette, the Joker card in a deck, the patron saint of fools, good-for-nothings and weaklings. I'm the perfect loser who's never once won at anything, the minus that crawls through chaos, Misogi Kumagawa. It's a pleasure to make your aquantaince, miss.] he said, still smiling cheerfully and with his arms held at his sides, palms facing up. As he talked Rin felt her blood run cold, something about the boy was just plain wrong and that little speech of his only emphasized that fact.

"A loser? Do you really think that's something to be boasting about? Don't you have any self-respect at all you worthless Servant?!" as soon as she spoke the words Rin immediately regretted it, the boy may be weird and unsettling but it definitely wasn't befitting of the Tohsaka heir to call others worthless at the drop of a hat. Misogi's smile instantly disappeared and he burst out crying, comical tears rolling down his face as he flew towards her like a puppet with it's strings cut, sobbing inconsolably into her red sweater.

[How cruel! Oh, the pain! The agony of a thousand knives stabbing into my tender heart! Oh God in heaven, what crime hast I done against thou to be delt such a cruel and tragic fate?] Misogi wailled melodramatically. "Er, I'm sorry okay? I didn't mean to say that I'm just... not sure what to think right now. Please don't cry." Rin said, awkwardly patting the boy's head. He perked up instantly, practically beaming with joy. [So does that mean I can see your panties?] Misogi chirped, his hand reaching to pull up her skirt.

She decked him across the room without thought, pulling her skirt down with her other hand and blushing fiercely. "What kind of perverted request is that?!" she shouted indignantly. Misogi lay there on the basement floor groaning in pain, one arm raised skyward and a dazed look in his eyes. Rin stared at him, a bewildered expression on her face. What kind of Servant would be harmed by a punch from an ordinary human? It's not like she was even reinforcing the punch with magic. It shouldn't have even made him flinch, much less go flying like something from a cliche manga. Just what was with this strange Servant?


So that's the first chapter of my Fate Stay Night/Medaka Box crossover. What do you think guys? Loved it? Hated it? Were absolutely indifferent to it? Please add your comments, criticisms and sheer adulating praises below. I wasn't sure how to do Kumagawa's character but I think I got it down fairly well here. I would have his speech with the proper corner brackets except it would be too much of a pain to keep pasting them in every time. [It's not my fault!]

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Welcome to the SMWC story community! New stories are always welcome here. I gave this one a read, and to be honest I'm not really sure what to think of it. You called it a crossover, so is it supposed to be fanfiction, or are these characters original? If it's a fanfic, I'm not familiar with the source material, so I wouldn't know. Keep that in mind as you read my criticism, and feel free to correct me if it's apparent I don't understand anything.

Well, first off, the thing that stood out the most to me: this reads like smut. Lewd thoughts and dialogue keep popping out of nowhere like some kind of whack-a-mole game, and they hit the reader like a club between the eyes. I find them distracting (as well as unsettling), so if this isn't meant to be a "one-handed read", I'd suggest toning them down a little. :P

Again, though, I don't really know either of the characters, so maybe they're just supposed to both be weird perverts. In that case, disregard my thoughts.

And also: I get that this is supposed to be an anime/manga-ish story, but the constant references to anime, manga, and Japanese culture come out of nowhere and don't seem like they're properly worked in -- again, whack-a-mole. Prime example: the boy references some manga, which neither our heroine or yours truly gets at all. It's awkward and just leaves the reader going "huh?". Same goes for all the mentions of Japanese media/culture: "like he'd plucked right out of a japanese high school in modern day"; "that sounds just like out of a manga!"; "like something from a cliche manga" (ps: if you write something that's obviously cliched, it's best just to not write it, let alone call it out as a cliche!). I'm not saying you've offended me because you wrote an anime story, but there are far better ways to write it as such than adding little things like that, which essentially just put up a big sign saying "This is an anime story!". I suggest something subtler; an adept reader will still be able to tell it, and it won't take you out of the narrative.

Sorry if I sound like I'm dogging your work. That's not my aim at all. Just trying to help out an up-and-coming writer. And aside from what I mentioned, most of the story was actually written quite well, so I commend you for that. Hope you keep on writing. #w{=D}

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Thanks for the commentary WeegeeBen. Alot of your criticism relates more to Kumagawa's character than anything. For example part of Kumagawa's character is that he's a shameless pervert (his nickname was even "Naked Apron Senpai") who loves shonen manga and references it. Normally I probably wouldn't be so blatant with the shout-outs but I thought it fit Kumagawa's character. I wasn't aware of Rin being perverted though, except for the speculation about "handsome Servants" which I think was pretty tame. And the story is set in Japan so some references to Japanese culture are appropriate I would say (just be glad I didn't use honorifics LOL). And they're not my original characters, Kumagawa is from Medaka Box by NisioIsin and Rin is from Fate/Stay Night by Kinoko Nasu.

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Looks like I got competition >:

Gave it a read through, and I must admit you've got an awesome writing style, as if it were an anime in words.

I haven't watched either of the anime Rin or Kumagawa are from, but since you're explaining they're appearance quite well, I didn't have any problm treating them as new characters. Points for that. That and the pervertedness.

I must say, though, WeegeeBe holds a good point. Try to keep the anime/manga references/shoutouts a bit less, because some people around here might be the "anime are Chinese cartoons" type.

Overall, i'd give it a 8/10. Good work, waiting for more!

Naked Apron Senpai? uwotm8?

Wow, thanks for the compliments Shree-sama! I'm glad you like my writing style considering I've never really made any of my writing public before so I wasn't sure what people would think of it. Unfortunately I might not be updating promptly considering I have another story that I've been slacking off on lately (it's original fiction and no, I'm not posting it here for privacy reasons, sorry) that I'll want to get back to soon but I'll still try to update this every now and again. Frankly the reason I wrote this is because I had some writer's block on my other story (was going through a bit of a weird period in my life, it's complicated) and wrote this to help get back into writing.

Originally posted by Shree-sama
some people around here might be the "anime are Chinese cartoons" type.

Filthy Gaijin like that are beneath my notice! Seriously though, I'll probably keep the shout-outs to a minimum from anyone except Kumagawa, for whom it is a genuine character trait. My original story also has some anime/manga references but they're subtle to the point where they'd only stand out if you heard of the series in question.

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Chapter 2- [It's not my fault!]

"So, you're not a Servant of the Saber class are you?" Rin asked. A few hours had passed since she'd summoned the most peculiar Servant referring to himself as Misogi Kumagawa. After she'd decked him for trying to pull up her skirt he'd been seriously out like a light. Rin groaned internally. It was just her luck that she'd summoned what appeared to be the weakest Servant in the war. If Saber was a one-in-seven miracle then this strange Servant could be called a one-in-seven disaster.

[Nope! I'm an Archer!] Misogi responded in his usual cheerful tone. "Darn it!" Rin cursed, yanking at her hair in frustration. "Just this one time can't something go right?! My ritual was flawless! I did it at exactly the time when my mana was at it's highest and..." Rin's eyes widened in realization.

"Ugh! I'm such a friggin' moron! The clocks!" Rin exclaimed loudly. [...The clocks? Is there something I'm not getting here?] Misogi asked. "The clocks were set back two hours! That's why I didn't have enough mana to summon Saber!" Rin groaned in exasperation. "Idiot! Idiot! I'm such an idiot!" she berated herself loudly.

[Hey now miss. As much I'd love to watch you acting all tsundere for yourself isn't there a war to be planning?] Misogi interrupted her bout of self-flagellation.

"...T-tsundere?" Rin said after a brief pause, left eye twitching slightly. [Well, of course. You certainly fit the archetype. Twintails, thigh-highs and everything. Say... would you care to say 'that line'?] Misogi asked, sporting a sly grin on his face.

"That line? You mean... no way! I am not saying that line!" Rin protested. [C'mon say it tsundere-chan. Say it!] Misogi encouraged, leaning closer to her face. "I-it's not like I want to say it or anything!" she shouted without thinking only to snap her hands over her mouth immediately afterwards, a bright pink blush adorning her face.

"I... I..." she stuttered weakly. [See, I knew you had it in you!] Misogi said in a tone of mock-appraisal. "That's not praise I want to be hearing from you!" Rin spat back.

Several moments passed with neither party saying a word. [Tsundere.] Misogi whispered under his breath, breaking the momentary silence. "What was that?" snapped Rin. [Nothing!] chirped Misogi.

"Anyways!" Rin said loudly, clearing her throat for emphasis. "We can discuss the Holy Grail War tomorrow morning. For now, it's late and we should both get a good night's sleep okay?"

[Okay!] Misogi said before adding [By the way, can I sleep in your bed?] "Not unless you have a death wish." Rin responded matter-of-factly before turning and strolling down the hall to her sleeping quarters. "You can use the guest bedroom down the hall got it?" she added quickly, turning around at the boundary between the hall and her bedroom. Then she went inside, closed the door, stripped to her pajamas and practically threw herself onto the bed, crawling under the sheets and groaning with exhaustion. "Just what the hell have I gotten myself into...? Rin mumbled to herself before drifting off to sleep.


Rin was stirred out of her slumber by a rhythmic clunking sound, like metal being driven into hardwood. Yawning, she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and got out of bed, spreading her curtains wide to let in the sunlight. "Just what is that ungodly racket?" she asked herself while throwing on her signature outfit of bright red blouse, black skirt and matching thigh-highs. She swung open her bedroom door and marched down to the living quarters. "Good morning Misogi!" she said, opting to try and face the morning with a smile (or whatever it said in that magazine she'd read). A smile that quickly turned into a look of horror when she saw the present state of said living quarters.

Screws. Screws everywhere. Lodged point-first in the walls, floors, even the ceiling. Screws as thick as her arm and about a quarter as long. And standing in the middle of this wreck was a certain smiling dark haired boy, two large screws clutched in his hands.

Rin was not happy, to say the least. "Misogi!" she shouted. "Just what the hell did you do here?!"

[Oh, this?] Misogi remarked casually, hurling a screw through the air that imbedded itself inches above her family mantle. [It's not my fault!]

Rin's right eye twitched. "It's... not your fault? This room is stuck full of goddamn screws and you're holding one in your hand right now! I'm pretty sure this is your fault!" she yelled. [Hmm? That's circumstantial evidence you know?] replied Misogi. "I literally just saw you hurl one into my wall!" Rin screamed in exasperation. [Huh. I suppose you do have a point.] Misogi admitted reluctantly. "You're damn right I do." Rin growled. [But I was just doing a bit of target practice! As a Servant of the Archer class, it's natural for me to want to hone my marksmanship right?]

"You can hone your marksmanship away from my walls!" Rin shouted loud enough that even Misogi winced slightly. "My beautiful, beautiful hardwood walls..." Rin sunk to her knees in despair, mourning her freshly skewered walls.

[...Rin?] Misogi asked, tapping her lightly on the shoulder. "Come back in a few minutes, I need time to mourn." Rin sobbed. [Well, I guess you don't mind being late for school then.] the Servant replied matter-of-factly. Rin's eyes widened. "...School? Oh crap! Crap crap crap! I'm so going to be late!" she said, grabbing Misogi's wrist and dashing out the front door of her lavish estate at break-neck speed. [But you haven't eaten anything!] protested Misogi. "We'll eat once we get to school! Now let's go!" Rin shouted, tearing off down the street with the dark haired Servant in tow.


Arriving at school with her Servant following at her side (magically concealed from the sight of ordinary humans), Rin was met with the smiling face of her fellow schoolmate Ayako Mitzuzuri. "Heya' girl, what's up?" her brunette classmate called out in a friendly tone.

"Fine. Thanks for asking Mitzuzuri." Rin replied politely as the two girls passed each other. The moment Rin stepped onto the school grounds she doubled over and clutched her head, her vision flashing purple. "Rin, what's wrong?" Ayako called back in alarm.

"N-nothing. Just a headache. I'll be okay." Rin said weakly. "If you say so Rin." Ayako conceded. As a magus Rin knew full well the meaning of her experience just now. It had the unmistakeable and repugnant odor of a Bounded Field; a network of magical energy spread across a base area, such as a piece of land or a building, to create a mystic boundary line that separates the inside from the outside. Not just any Bounded Field, but one that once activated, would literally dissolve everyone inside into pure mana and feed them to the caster.

Soul devouring. That's what this was. And there was only sort of being who would have any need for devouring souls. Servants. Beings summoned into this world, for whom mana is their lifeblood. In the same way that ordinary humans needed food to eat and oxygen to breath, Servants need mana to survive. There was no doubt in Rin's mind, whoever summoned this godforsaken Bounded Field was either a Servant themselves or the Master thereof.

But who? She knew of only one other mage family in the entire city other than the Tohsakas, and their lineage had degenerated to the point where there was no way they'd be able to summon anything like a Servant. Although thinking about it, this Bounded Field was obviously not the work of a talented Magus, the fact that she'd detected it so easily was evidence enough of that.

Rin turned a sharp corner off the school's main hallway and rested with her back against the wall as the rest of the students passed her by on their to class. "Misogi? Did you sense that?" she queried her invisible Servant.

[Yep! Sure did Rin! Whoever set up something like this must be a real piece of work.] was Misogi's response, his voice coming from what appeared to be thin air. "After school, I'll find whatever runes are keeping this debased thing in existence and crush them. I won't forgive someone encroaching on my territory like this. Got it Misogi?"

[Of course. I also can't forgive anyone threatening my cute underclassmen.] Misogi said, nodding invisibly in agreement. Suddenly Rin heard a familiar soft feminine voice from behind her. "Tohsaka? What are you doing here?" the voice asked. "Class is about to start."

Rin whirled around to see the girl, a certain violet haired Sakura Matou, currently carrying a sheaf of papers close to her chest. "I... er... I was..." Rin floundered for words, trying to come with a good excuse (and failing miserably. Rin was many things, a good liar was not one of them). She was saved from this predicament when Sakura abruptly tripped and tumbled to the floor, her papers spilling everywhere.

"Sakura! You okay?" Rin asked in a concerned tone, hoisting the fallen girl back to her feet and helping pick up her scattered papers. Sakura just smiled sweetly. "Ah, I'm fine. Thanks for the help though."

There was a shimmer of blue light behind Rin as her Servant materialized into view and ran up in front of Sakura. [Hey there cutie, what's your name?] he said, doing his best imitation of a winning smile (it looked faintly creepy). "E-eh? M-my name?" Sakura said, blushing slightly at the unexpected compliment. "It's Sakura. Sakura Matou. Out of curiosity, who are you? I've never seen your face around here before and you're not wearing the regulation uniform..." she trailed off.

[Sakura? That's a cute name! Really, I'm charmed! Totally charmed! And as for yours truly...] Misogi said putting a hand to his chin and rubbing it slightly.

Misogi's flirtations were interrupted when a elbow slammed into his solar plexus, sending him sprawling. "Eep!" Sakura squeaked, looking like she might just faint on the spot. "Excuse my... friend over there. He can get a little... in your face at times, shall we say. Isn't that right Misogi?" Rin said, glaring daggers at the fallen boy.

[Right.] Misogi said in a daze, giving a thumbs up gesture.

"Ah, so Misogi is your friend. He's an odd sort, but he doesn't seem like a bad guy. A little... eccentric maybe, but not bad. And if he's your friend than he must be all right. Well, I'll be off then. See you Tohsaka." Sakura bade Rin farewell before turning around and walking back out to the main hall.

Rin waited until the violet haired girl had gone out of hearing distance before saying to her Servant "What the hell was that about Misogi?! I very specifically told you not to go into corporal form unless necessary! You disobeyed my explicit order so you could flirt with one of my classmates!"

[Hey, don't blame me! It's not my fault your classmates are cuties! But I guess it just isn't meant to be... my luck isn't good with purple haired girls anyway. Or at all, really.] Misogi sighed wistfully, having gotten back onto his feet from the blow Rin had dealt.

"Whatever. But next time, don't interact with anyone until I give express permission understand?" Rin said. [I understand. You don't want me talking with other girls or you might get jealous. I knew you were a tsundere, but I never suspected you could be a yandere too. Duel wielding archetypes like that, are you perhaps related to a certain black swordsman?] asked Misogi.

"T-that's totally not it!" Rin spluttered, her face turning as pink as a sakura tree in the summer. "And what's this about a black swordsman? Were there somebody you knew in your past life as a Heroic Spirit?"

[I take it you haven't read SAO then.] was the boy's cryptic response. Rin just sighed inwardly. It was probably just some manga reference or something. She didn't even bother asking any further. Of course this Servant couldn't actually give any useful information about his history or identity beyond cryptic bullshit.


After class Rin and Misogi had gathered on the school roof to deal with the Bounded Field. Night had fallen at this point, the moon glinting silver against the dark blue sky. "This is where the Bounded Field is strongest. I may not be able to stop it for good but I can at least throw a wench in the works." Rin said.

"Ah, sorry but I can't let you do that girlie." a new voice, rough and masculine rang out from behind Rin. She jerked her head around to see the figure perched atop the roof's entrance. He was a tall man with a slender but muscular build, clad in a blue bodysuit overlayed with a pattern of silver lines, as well as sporting silver pauldrons on his shoulders. His dark blue hair was tied into a short ponytail and his eyes were a piercing crimson. He had a feral grin on his face and a long, red spear slung casually across his shoulders, with veined patterns along the shaft.

"Were you the one responsible for setting up the Bounded Field?" Rin demanded. "Nah, debaucherous acts like that are the purvey of Masters. We Servants aren't like that. Well, not me anyway. I can't speak for your little friend over there." the man said, gesturing with his spear to the invisible Servant next to Rin.

Rin gasped. "If you see him then that means... you're a Servant! And judging by that spear of yours, you must be Lancer!" she deduced.

The spear-wielding man just chuckled slightly. "Hah, you've got a good head on your shoulders girlie. I like that about you. A pity I'll have to take it." Lancer said, scarlet eyes narrowing dangerously.


This fic isn't dead yet guys! I actually do plan on updating this every now and again, albeit sparsely. I was inspired to write this chapter when I watched the dubbed episode 0 of Unlimited Blade Works, in fact I actually used the episode for reference when writing some scenes. I loved writing Misogi and Rin's interactions, especially the [It's not my fault!] bit. I also went back and added a chapter title to my original post. As before, feel free to drop by with any comments or criticisms you may have!

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Chapter 3- First Night, First Blood

"Hah, you've got a good head on your shoulders girlie. I like that about you. A pity I'll have to take it." Lancer said, scarlet eyes narrowing dangerously. He shrugged the spear off his shoulders and outstretched it to the side threateningly, flames of crimson coating the blade.

Rin's keen eyes darted eagle-like across the school roof, surveying the terrain for any possibility of retreat. To the right, a fence. To the left, another fence. In front and behind, more fences. It was no use, they were closed in on all four sides. Fighting a Servant in such close quarters like this would be nothing short of suicide. She had to get away, but how? "Oh?" Lancer spoke up, looking down on her from his perch like a hawk inspecting its prey. "You may not look like much, but I can tell by your eyes that you've been scanning for an escape route just now. Clever girl." he said. "Now die."

With a single effortless movement Lancer sprung from his perch atop the roof's entrance and tumbled through the air, spear twirling madly around him. Rin didn't have to think twice. She whirled around and bolted for the roof's edge. 'Ten paces, five paces, just a little bit more and-' Rin's thoughts were interupted when Lancer hit the ground directly behind her, spear twirling in a lazy arc to take off her head in one fell swoop.

Rin narrowly ducked the blow, her body careening along the ground in a clumsy roll and only barely getting back to her feet in time to dodge several more spear swings. Lancer was holding back on her, she knew. If he got serious, she'd be dead five times over by now. The magus in her hated the thought of someone not taking her seriously as an opponent, while the girl in her was merely glad that she still had all her limbs intact so far.

"Es Ist Groß." Rin's Magic Circuits sprung to life as she poured mana into her legs, azure runes of power surging along the limber appendages. "Est Ist Kleine!" She kicked off the ground with impossible force, a brief explosion of blue energy propelling her forward enough to briefly outpace her inhuman persuer. "Vox Gott Es Atlas!" She finished her chant, a final burst of mana vaulting her over the fence that enclosed the roof.

"Archer- the landing!" Rin shouted as she hurtled towards the ground. All those tricks she pulled back there wouldn't do her much good if they ended up with her becoming an unlucky stain on the pavement below. [Got it, Master.] her Servant said, materializing on the ground below her with arms outstretched to catch the falling girl in his arms bridal-style.

...Or, at least that's what he intended to happen. You see, Misogi had slightly miscalculated his catch and instead of landing romantically into his arms, Rin simply landed on him. [Oof.] Misogi wheezed, the air pressed out of his lungs and his ribcage feeling like it just lodged itself in some rather uncomfortable spots. At least he succeeded in cushioning her with his body, turning what would have been a lethal fall into what would just leave some minor bruises in the morning.

[Geez, you're awfully heavy Master. Have you been not watching your weight or-] Rin exploded. "What the hell's that supposed to mean?! Anyways, it's your fault for messing up the landing! Stupid good-for-nothing Servant..." she mumbled under her breath, blushing slightly despite herself.

[Sorry, sorry. Now can you please get off me?] Misogi groaned. [Not that you're heavy or anything.] he added quickly. [Because you're not.]

In all fairness to Misogi; while Rin was hardly what anyone would call 'fat', someone's height always seems a more shall we say, 'pressing' concern when that someone is literally pressing you into the pavement.

"R-right. Sorry." Rin apologized, dismounting her Servant and quickly helping him back to his feet, wincing at the sickening snapping noises as his bones reset back into place. "You okay?" she asked, trying to hide the worry in her voice. [Right as rain!] Misogi chirped. [Although when I fantasized about getting crushed under a cute girl, this wasn't quite how I'd imagined it...] he trailled off.

"...Not even touching that with a ten-foot pole." Rin said, pulling her hand back from Misogi as quickly as she'd extended it, her relieved expression replaced with one of mild disgust.

Suddenly an immense crashing sound rang out from behind the pair. Whirling her head around, Rin saw Lancer standing on the ground behind them, pavement cratered from his impact while the Servant himself remained unscathed. "Heh. Nice comedy skit you've got going on. Is this what they call a 'boke and tsukkomi routine'?" he taunted, raising his spear menacingly.

"Lancer-!" Rin gasped. "Forgot about so soon little miss? I'm hurt." Lancer replied sarcastically. "Oh well. Now it's time to finish you and your runt of a Servant for good!"

With nothing left to say, Lancer simply lunged forward at the pair with his spear outstretched ahead.

...A lunge that was interupted by a barrage of screws large and metallic that suddenly filled the air in front of him. Grunting in suprise, Lancer reversed his charge, kicking backwards off the ground hard enough to dent it and twirling his spear around him to bat aside the persuing screws with expert grace.

[You shouldn't talk about someone as if they're not there, Lancer. It's downright rude.] Misogi chastised, two large screws held at either side.

Lancer grinned. "So, you look like a runt but you've got a couple tricks up your sleeve. If it wasn't for my [Protection From Arrows] kicking in, I'd be a pincushion right now. Looks like this might just be fun after all!"

[Protection From Arrows? What's that? Is this like Dragon Quest or something? Can I level up my stats too? Ooh, ooh, can I pick [Charisma]? If I level that up then even a loser like me would be sure to at least land a few cute girls under my belt y'know?] Misogi chattered incessantly, grating on Lancer's nerves.

"How about this. Less talking, and more fighting!" bellowed the spearman.

With that, Lancer vanished from sight, the ground buckling and the wind whipping around where he'd stood scarcely a second ago. He reappeared in front of Archer, crossing the distance between the two combatants in less than an eye-blink for a thrust aimed squarely at the screw-wielding Servant's heart.

Misogi just barely snapped up his arm in time to parry the thrust with a screw, redirecting it off to the side and knocking the spearman off-balance. He seized his chance and took it, the point of a screw darting towards Lancer's chest.

Lancer twisted around to dodge the blow, plunging his spear into the ground and using it as a pivot for a thunderous kick into Misogi's face that sent him hurtling against the school's outer wall.

A cloud of smoke and debris was kicked up where Misogi had impacted and Lancer strode confidently towards it, effortlessly swatting aside another barrage of screws flying out of the smoke. "Now I've gotcha." Lancer said, only for his eyes to widen in confusion when the smoke cleared to reveal one thoroughly wrecked wall, but no Archer in sight. [Up here!] hearing a cheeky voice from above, he looked up just to time to parry Misogi's downward stab with his spear, the ground rupturing beneath their feet from the sheer force of the blow.

Gritting his teeth, Lancer redirected the blow to send Archer skidding backwards along the ground before lunging after him to resume their clash.

Rin looked on in awe at the battle raging on in front of her. They were both so fast that she could scarcely percieve their movements, merging together before her eyes into a blur of crimson red and metallic grey whirling about the battlefield in a frenzied dance of steel against steel. And their strength was unbelieveable too, particularly fiercesome exchanges of blows leaving craters scattered all across the schoolgrounds. 'So this is what a battle between Servants looks like.' Rin thought to herself in amazement.

Finally they reached a brief lull in the battle. "So." Lancer broke the silence between them. "What's with you? You don't look like any Heroic Spirit I've ever heard of, and your fighting style isn't anything I recognize either."

Misogi just smiled. [Oh, me? I'm Misogi Kumagawa.]

"So, a japanese Heroic Spirit then huh? Explains why I don't recognize your name then. Although I've never heard of those-" Lancer gestured to the screws in Misogi's hands, "-being weapons of the east."

[Aha. What can I say, I'm unique.]

"Anyways-" Lancer continued, heedless of Misogi's interuption. "This is fun and all, but my Master's probably gonna want me to wrap things up about now. So, while I'd love to continue this little back-and-forth a bit longer, I'm afraid you're going to have to die."

[Ooh, is that a threat? So scary, I feel like my heart is about to jump out of my chest!] Misogi said in a tone of exaggerated fear, clutching his heart in an over-dramatic manner.

"Tch. Get ready for me to end your life, you screw-wielding little bastard! Sure-kill technique..." Lancer prepared for attack, switching the grip on his spear which had become coated in scarlet flames along the entire length.

Rin froze. She could feel a tremendous amount of mana gathering into the Servant's spear in that moment. That could only mean-

"Archer!" Rin called out in desperation. "Watch out!" He's about to use his Noble Phant-!"

"Gae Bolg!" Lancer called out, thrusting his spear toward the ground at his adversary's feet. Misogi stepped back out of the way only for the spear to reverse trajectory abruptly in mid-thrust, turning at an impossible angle and shooting upwards through his heart as a beam of crimson light.

Gae Bolg. The accursed spear that inverts cause-and-effect to always pierce the opponent's heart. The actual thrust itself is merely a formality, for the enemy's heart has "already been pierced" from the moment the Noble Phantasm is invoked. Originating from the heart and piercing outwards, that is the true nature of the causality-defying lance Gae Bolg. Only heroes with the ability to defy fate and destiny could avoid this unavoidable blow and, not to be cruel to our screw-wielding hero, but he's not exactly one smiled upon by fortune.

So the outcome was hardly an unpredictable one. [Ghrk...] Archer grimaced in pain as the spearpoint imbedded itself directly into his heart, the growing red stain over his chest contrasting sharply with the black of his school uniform.

Lancer snorted dismissively as he pulled the spear from Lancer's chest with a stylish flick, letting the perforated Servant crumple lifelessly to the ground.

"N-no way..." Rin stammered out in disbelief. She could only look on helplessly as her Servant, her only hope for the War and at survival against the murderous spearman in front of her, lay bleeding out on the ground beneath her feet. Sinking to her knees, she called out her fallen Servant's name while fighting back tears of defeat and rage at the spearman. "Archer! You can't be dead! W-wake up Archer! You can't let that bastard beat you like this! ARCHER!!"

"I, I'm sorry that I treated you so shabbily earlier! Really! If you get back up, then... then I promise I'll let you look up my skirt all you want!" Rin cried out, cheeks flushed red with embarassment and tears running freely down her face now.

Lancer cocked an eyebrow, looking at the scene with barely concealed distaste. "Hmph. I can't stand to see a pretty girl in distress, you know that? So having to kill you like this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Still, a job's a job I guess." he raised his spear up, still stained with the blood of the fallen Servant. "I have such a crappy Master..." he muttered under his breath before bringing down the spear for a killing blow.

...Only to for it to be blocked by the newly revived Misogi, their two weapons locking together in a clash. He looked good as new. The wound over his heart had healed over perfectly, and even the tear in his uniform where the spear had gone in had been mended.

"I-impossible!" Lancer growled incredulously. "There's no one who can survive a direct hit from my Gae Bolg. Is this your Noble Phantasm, you bastard? The power to heal from even death itself?"

[Yep! You're a smart guy Lancer, you just about figured it out on the first try.] Misogi appraised, sparks flying out as he produced another screw in his free hand to push back against Lancer's spear. [But you didn't get it entirely right. You see, my ability isn't [healing]. I could never have a cool and heroic power like that!]

"Don't give me that BS." Lancer snarled. "I saw you freaking die. Then you came back to life. How is that not healing?"

"Lancer's right. Just what is your Noble Phantasm, Archer?" Rin questioned.

[Hmm? Well to put in simple terms, I just made it so my own death [never happened]. Since I [never died] it only makes sense that I'd be [still alive].] Misogi explained as if this was the most obvious thing in the world.

"You... what?" Rin stumbled over her words trying to make sense of what had just transpired.

[Making things so they never happened, or in other words turning [something] into [nothing]. That's the power of my Noble Phantasm [All-Fiction]. Try and remember it okay?] Misogi finished his explanation, at the same time managing to repel Lancer and send the spear-wielding foe sliding back across the pavement.

"But, if that's true..." Rin struggled to get out the words, her mind racing to try to make sense of this newfound information. "Then you have the power to deny the World itself? Locally negate the universal Reality Marble of Gaea? That's True Magic- Sorcery! What kind of Heroic Spirit are you to be capable of that kind of feat?!" Judging by the expression on her face, you'd think she'd seen a ghost.

[Who am I? I told you, I'm the perfect loser Misogi Kumagawa. The man who's never once won at anything." Misogi replied, donning a cocky smirk on his face. "But to think, I had to reveal my trump card so early in the game? Geez, it looks like I really can't win now can I?]

"Tch." Lancer scoffed, tightened his grip on his spear angrily. "Like I care about any of that! No matter your Noble Phantasm there has to be a limitation somewhere! So what are you standing around there for dumbass? This fight isn't over yet!"

Just like that Misogi's attention snapped back to Lancer. His aura had changed completely, from laid-back and happy-go-lucky to one of absolute dread that made Lancer's blood run cold just looking at him. He swore he didn't see a mundane looking highschool boy standing there but a monster, a demon in human form. [You know] Misogi said slowly, [I lied when I said that [All-Fiction] was my only trump card. I have one other trick up my sleeve as well. Would you like to see it?]

As Misogi held out his left hand, the screw in it began to lengthen on its own until it was as long as a sword. With this the ominous aura surrounding Misogi grew even more intense, to the point where Lancer found his body taking a step back despite himself. 'That screw... it's not like his other ones. All my instincts are screaming at me to avoid that thing like the plague.' he thought to himself with some alarm.

[Now then Servant, with this I'll drag you down to my level body and soul. Can you bear it? The burden of my strongest Noble Phantasm- Book Maker?] Misogi beckoned, a wicked gleam shining in his eyes as he brandished his sword-screw.

-And then a horrified scream rang out through the night air.


So I've finally put out another chapter of this thing. I hope people are still interested (last time I updated I didn't get even any comments!). We get our first real fight scene here, and a chance for Misogi to show off a bit with his abilities. I had a bit of trouble with how to write the battle itself, so I hope it sounds good enough. I think I did a fairly good job in the end at least! Misogi's Noble Phantasms were also revealed, All-Fiction and Book Maker which were both his Minuses from the Medaka Box manga. All-Fiction may sound overpowered, but Lancer's right that it has a restriction to it which will probably be revealed in the next chapter. Speaking of which, I decided to leave off this chapter on a bit of a cliffhanger note! If you've seen Fate/Stay Night you'll have a pretty good idea what's going to happen next though. (Hint hint, it's not Lancer screaming at the end there) I think I did a pretty good job with the Type-Moon jargon here ("True Magic", "universal Reality Marble of Gaea", et cetera) but if I've misused any of it then any Type-Moon fans out here on the forum can feel free to correct me. And as always, any comments or criticisms will be appreciated. Thanks!

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
Does anyone even care about this story anymore? Nobody's been replying when I put up new chapters and I get the sinking feeling that I'm shouting into a void here. So just to be sure, I'm giving y'all one last chance to prove to me that you actually do care about the story (not even necessarily like it, just read and are interested in it). If nobody posts here (or very few people) then I'll probably just end up posting any further chapters on a designated Type-Moon forum where it'll be better appreciated. No hard feelings or anything, it's just kind of silly to keep posting updates for what seems for all the world like a dead thread.

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
Cómo me interesa tanto tu historia decidí crear una cuenta para mostrar mi interés y recomendarte que pases está historia a fanfiction o ao3 para poder llegar a más personas ya que es muy muy interesante
Me gustó que hayas decidido poner a Kumagawa-chan como un archer ya que va muy acorde con su personalidad y me agrada ver qué puedes realizar de forma suave las referencia que pone Kumagawa
Sigue así(☞゚ヮ゚)☞✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧
Por cierto si la pasas a otro lugar agradecería que pasarás el Link
Originally posted by JackNihilistic
Cómo me interesa tanto tu historia decidí crear una cuenta para mostrar mi interés y recomendarte que pases está historia a fanfiction o ao3 para poder llegar a más personas ya que es muy muy interesante
Me gustó que hayas decidido poner a Kumagawa-chan como un archer ya que va muy acorde con su personalidad y me agrada ver qué puedes realizar de forma suave las referencia que pone Kumagawa
Sigue así(☞゚ヮ゚)☞✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧
Por cierto si la pasas a otro lugar agradecería que pasarás el Link

I'm going to assume you understand English, because you were able to read the story and replied to the last post, if you need a translation let me know though. Don't post in old threads. If you want to post in Spanish, you can do so here, otherwise, use English.

I am going to close this because the last update was four years ago. Royd, if you ever need this open again, let me know.
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