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"Snowland" - Gamma V

File Name: Snowland
Submitted: 2015-07-08 02:49:18 AM by Gamma V
Authors: Gamma V
Type: Original
Description: Here's my third 8-bit tileset. This one is ice-themed and is designed in a similar style to my 8-bit grassland set, meaning you can use both for the same project.

Removal reason(s):
There's nothing wrong with the graphics themselves. Rather, the problem lies in the sample level provided.

This is what your Super GFX Bypass settings should've looked like.

..however this is what they looked like when I opened the sample level.

The settings were pretty much wrong, and they led me to seeing graphics of the tileset (and sprites) glitched/wrong.

Fix the sample level and feel free to resubmit.
D'oh! Don't know how that happened. Oh well. It's fixed, and I'm about to resubmit.
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