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"Various Switch Palace Expansions" - Various

File Name: Super Mario World - Switch Palace Slopes
Added: 2013-08-31 08:52:54 AM
Authors: CarlJohnson
Type: Original
Description: These are custom slopes for SMW's switch palace, as well as corner tiles.

It doesn't require a custom palette, as it uses palette 7's purple/blue colours - like a standard switch palace.

Unnecessary submission since we host better Switch Palace tileset expansions [1] [2] which contain slopes and additional stuff.

Backup to whoever wants it.

File Name: Super Mario World - Switch Palace Slopes
Added: 2014-09-09 05:17:37 PM
Authors: 272N
Type: Original
Description: For It's a Switch Palace ExGFX Modified it's my first post

and has slopes

See above post.