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(SMBX) The Second Reality Project X - The SMWC Thread

As you may all recall, over a month ago I discussed the possibility of working on a TSPR themed SMBX episode with FPI himself as this Gmail conversation can attest:
The Proof is in the pudding!
After that Wind, Valtteri, Xerx, M4sterbr0s, Darkonius, and Turwig joined my project team (althought I think there's one other person I'm forgetting somehow). We were waiting until we had World 2 done before we made a project thread on SMWC but Wind persuaded me to post this thread early. Before you ask, yes I keep FPI informed on this project and I consult him when it comes down to critical decisions.

Also we are using LunarLua to enable such shenanigans as Switch Palaces, enhanced boss fights and even a level timer.

It was a fine evening, Luigi had long since went to bed. Toad was staying over at Luigi's for the night on account of him accidentally losing the key to his house. Suddenly a dimensional rift opened, with Zycloboo, a haunt of Boos and Thirlox stepping out of the rift.

Zycloboo: I still say we should go with my plan first, with it the Mushroom Kingdom will most certainly meet it's doom by my hands. Mario would be a much more fitting choice for what we have in store.

Thirlox: Bah. I triple checked this plan and there's no way Luigi could possibily fudge this up. Besides we simply need one of the two plumbers to activate the Power Switch and Luigi is the logical candidate because he isn't as strong willed as Mario, thus being more easily manipulated.

Zycloboo: And all to power up your Glitch Cannon Mark II. Do I need to remind you what happened...

Thirlox: Of-course not, I remember all too well how Mario destroyed our home universe and I made sure to put in a failsafe to prevent it from
destroying the Second Reality.

Zycloboo: Good, Then I shall not delay this promising event any longer...

With that Zycloboo cast his Inter-Dimensional magic on Luigi's House and send it to the Second Reality, where our story begins...

Screenshots prior to July 31st, 2015
World Maps
Forest of Beginnings Submap
Main Overworld
Antipode Caverns Submap
Abandoned Second Reality Base Submap
Super Sonic Speedway Submap

World 1-Castle: Rampant Redoubt teaser

New Screenshots (July 31st, 2015)
World 2-2: Lakitu's Fields

New Screenshots (6:23 AM in the Morning, August 5th, 2015)
World 2-C: Slate Lake

New Screenshots (September 10th, 2015)
In clockwise order:
W2-3 - Bullet Field by Darkonius,
W2-Ghost House - Maniac Mansion by Valtteri,
W2-Castle - Eventide Keep by FireSeraphim and
W2-4 Switch-Swap Subterrane by Wind

W1: Forest of Beginnings
W2: Emerald Plains
W3: Cinnamon Coast
W4: Antipode Caves
W5: Pirate Canyon
W6: Moonbeam Plateau
W7: Abandoned Second Reality Base
W8: Deep Space
W(SR): Super Sonic Speedway (Sonic CD levels)

With that all said and done I await your comments and criticism.
Well, this definitely looks interesting! At first I thought this was a TSRP remake, then I actually read the text and looked at the screenshots again to realise that it's actually a spin-off. That just makes it more interesting to me. Once this is finished, I will definitely give it a try to see if I like it. I hope you will actually finish it (with there only being only two worlds finished). In any case, I'll keep an eye on this!
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!

You thought this Project was dead? YOU THOUGHT WRONG!

There are 4 new screenshots for your perusal in the opening post, each one being a screenshot of a different level that our dev team has been working on.
Looking good, except for the dirt titles in grass level/cave level and ghost house level. Those dirt tiles look really ugly.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
The dirt tiles in both Darkonius's level and Wind's level are from SMB3 Redrawn by Ghettoyouth, I'll see what I can do about them but I don't think either Wind or Darkonius will be happy campers though. As for the ghost house, all tiles are from TSRPR; it's just that it's still a bit empty and I been hounding Valtteri to de-empty it a bit