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[Cancelled] Super Mario Bros: World-e Adventure.

Originally posted by werd
Since the levels have been released on the virtual console. maybe they could be given more than a slight edit but not enough that there
unrecognizable. but that's just what I think. good work

Hmm, but that is the point of the hack, to make it as similar as possible to the original levels. Even because of the SNES engine limitations, some of these levels won't be 100% equal to the original ones, there will be differences that will still make the hack enjoyable to play.

Originally posted by bemo
When will you be sharing Hacking Rom?

I still don't have a prediction when I'm going to release a demo for this hack (or complete, who knows). But I'm planning to do something for the next C3 that is going to happen on June I guess.

Probably I will maintain the goal of the project that is to replicate the World-e levels and finish it. After I'm done with this hack I'm planning to do a SMAS styled hack, but for now I will focus on finishing this one.
Finally a preview of a new level:

Level e-24 Caped Escape

I modified a sprite to act like the SMB1 Falling Platform, that only falls when Mario rides it.

Yes, these Scale Platforms actually works!

Oops, I guess Mario is going to die x.x

Lately I'm having some problems with my hack. Random crash, screwed backgrounds and a very rare problem with collision. But I'm going to fix these problems asap.
Originally posted by Yan
Random crash, screwed backgrounds and a very rare problem with collision. But I'm going to fix these problems asap.

Did you applied too many patches?
Perhaps, the random crash and very rare collision problem may be some patch.
Yan, just a question: How many levels left for finish your hack?
I have worked hard on this project these last weeks, and made a really good progress so far.

Originally posted by Roberto zampari

Did you applied too many patches?
Perhaps, the random crash and very rare collision problem may be some patch.
Yan, just a question: How many levels left for finish your hack?

Most of the problems are fixed, and the the latest bugs are easy to fix.
And there's really only a few levels to be done and after that I'll need to make an overworld, implement the last gimmicks and open it for beta testing maybe. But there's really a lot to do outside of the level design and I still need ideas for some things I am going to implement.

Here are some of my plans:
- Use e-Coins to unlock something cool (what it could be?)
- Mini Games from SMA4 (I'm coming with some ideas)
- Roulette game from SMB3 (need to fix the sprite)

Now the best picture of all

A succesfull attempt to hijack a ROM address. :S
Originally posted by Yan
- Use e-Coins to unlock something cool (what it could be?)

Unlock Luigi? Or maybe play as the SMW Mario

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

Something impressed me:

Originally posted by Yan

Where do you get these Flippers?

Originally posted by Yan

And this? From Carol? Or made yourself?

Originally posted by Yan

What's these black spikes?

I'm very curious to know.
Originally posted by Roberto zampari
Something impressed me:
Where do you get these Flippers?

As you guessed, these Flippers was made by carol.

Originally posted by Roberto zampari
And this? From Carol? Or made yourself?

That one isn't from carol, it is from another author, but he said he would like to remain anonymous.

Originally posted by Yan
What's these black spikes?

These black spikes, are... hmmm... spikes? :P
Well, it's a modified Donut Lift, but this one hurts Mario if he touches it from below. I just modified the graphics and some of the custom block routine to make it act like that.
Well, it is a shame that took me so long to make an official statement but yeah, this hack is cancelled.

At some point during development, I lost interest in finishing this project due to so many reasons that it would be a waste of time doing it. But incase you are curious, the reasons were:

- Some levels were impossible to replicate the layout;
- There were some gimmicks that were impossible to replicate;
- There were buggy patches/sprites and although I tried to ask for help/contact the authors countless times, I didn't received any support;
- Slowdown.... I tried my best to get rid of slowdown on my hack, I converted every address of sprites to FastROM addressing, used a bunch of patches to optimize things, but stil no effect. I probably should have started this project on a SA1 ROM -_-

- And the main reason: I lost interest in continuing it, at this point, who would care about a bunch of levels that would be much more enjoyable and playable on the original hardware... Nintendo recently ported all of these levels to a Virtual Console Edition of SMA4, even featuring the unreleased levels in America. So no point in making it for SNES.

I know there were two or three persons that actually cared about this project, I am really sorry but I tried my best in making it as enjoyable as possible. Because of that, I am releasing an IPS file with the latest working version on my project, this one have most levels playable (with some bugs, but still playable), so you can have an idea of how this hack would be if it was finished ^^.

Link for the IPS

You are free to use this hack as a base of your project, but I really don't recommend you doing it since you can easily screw the whole project without knowing which patches, sprites, limitations it have. And I am too lazy to explain it after months of inactivy.

Link for some resources

I am also releasing a bunch of patches I coded using SMWDISC, they are free to use, if you don't care please credit me when using it.

There is included an edited version of PowerUp Pack (version v1.1) with some modifications and with fully ported tilemaps and pallettes, so if you understand how I did it, you can use Super/Fire/Cape/Hammer/Racoon/Tanooki/Boomerang Mario in your own project! Obviously on my project I never used Bubble/Tiny/Cloud/Rocket/Shell Mario, so if you may have to make the Tilemap for these power-ups by yourself. If you use this in your project, remember to give me a credit xD. It was a pain to rearrange all of these Tilemaps properly.

If you find a bug, don't even care to tell me since I am a retired SMW Hacker. Try to ask support for the community and figure by yourself how to fix it.

There are much more patches that were being used in my project, but they are not made by me and the authors are currently inactive. Same applies to custom sprites and blocks. I have disassembled one or two sprites from latest version of Brutal Mario to use on my project, but these ones I can't release because they are not intended to be used without additional patches that I don't have permission to redistribute.

I have invested enough time on this project and I knew in the end I would face the limitations that without a lot of ASM knowledge I couldn't implement. Still, it was fun to make it ^^.

I would like to thank everybody who supported this project, and here are some people that helped in a way or another to make this hack reach this point:

- carol
- Romi
- imamelia
- Ersanio
- LX5
- GreenHammerBro
- p4plus
- Ladida
- Ice Man
- Smallhacker
- Sonikku
- MarioE

- Chris
- Blind Devil
- Koyuki

Probably this my last attempt on making a SMW hack, since now I am a Retired SMW hacker :P

I will try to visit this site when I have free time, but only for saying Hi to the community!
What a shame! It would have been interesting to have something as close to the SMA4 eReader levels as possible. Perhaps the project was a bit too ambiguous, considering it was basically just a solo project with small bits of help here & there.

I wish you the best of luck with whatever projects/hobbies you decide to pursue next!
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