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Your mobile phone
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In today's day and age, many of us have mobile phones or smartphones. Which one do you currently have and what are your feelings toward it?

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6+. It's quite a beast, as some call it, the "iPad Mini Mini." I was interested in the larger screen size and landscape mode. I've grown quite used to it. Now when I go back and tinker with an older iPhone everything seems so small. I have a 64 GB because I like to take a lot of pictures. When I had a 16 GB I'd constantly run out of space.

My first smartphone was an Android. Ever since I switched to iOS, I never looked back. There are some impressive Android devices out there, but in terms of user-friendliness, iPhones take the cake, in my opinion.
Always been an Android guy. Currently (since March) rocking a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Although the newly unveiled Note 5 might be something I want to try to get my hands on.
I think mine is called "Galaxy Acer" or some bologna like that. I don't feel like looking. It's an Android more or less, of course. It's my first one and I didn't mind it until some weird update happened with the software and now, it can't keep up... or something, I dunno.

I used to have this iPhone I got for cheap, but it wasn't my phone; just something I carried around to catch wifi, surf the web, or get internet radio at work, while using a flip-phone. I always hated the idea of music players being the same item as one's phone and still do, but sadly, I've lost that battle a while ago.

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Android guy too. iPhones are hella expensive down here in comparison, and not even that better aside from almost never crashing, from what people say. And I wouldn't live without an SD card.

I'm currently typing on my Galaxy S3 Mini (apparently Magi has it too :O ), a white one. I have it since my birthday. It's obviously not the newest, but I'm honest super happy with it. I'd be down for any newer, large-ish Samsung model, but probably not something else. I'm a Samsung guy too I guess :V

Not even kidding.
I will have to invest in a smartphone sometime soon if I want to stay in contact with my college classmates, and I'll probably take the Android route.


I avoid their usage when possible. Mainly I use a old flip phone. I recently was gifted one with a touch screen interface and it's been collecting dust on my shelf.
My mobile phone is Samsung Galaxy SII. Also Android OS.

7 years using I think that's not enough.

Originally posted by Kaijyuu
I recently was gifted one with a touch screen interface and it's been collecting dust on my shelf.

Currently accepting donations. #smw{:trollface:}
I managed to get a 32GB iPhone 5c for $50 around ten months ago, which is amazing. The main reason I've been sticking to iPhones is because they have the biggest and most selective app store, but I suppose it's also because I was familiar with them even before getting my first one. Most of the space taken up on it is from music and the 20+ games I installed on it, and there are only a few of them that I actually play regularly.
I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A3 (had to check the box for the model's name). I got it in April this year because my last phone was starting to derp.
Samsung Galaxy S3. It was my sister's, but she gave it to me because she has an iPhone. I haven't had service for it since she stopped paying the bill in October, so if I don't have some way to connect to Wi-Fi I can't really do anything with it. I've somehow managed to deal with it thus far.
I used to have a Nokia 6060 (or some other flip phone just like it) until 2011, when I switched to a Nokia C3-00. It works well, that's all I can say. I can view YouTube videos at 240p, I can visit a few websites, the battery lasts a long time, and it generally works well, for it's age that is.

Because technology changed a lot, I'll need a new phone soon. I was looking into buying a Moto E near the end of this year. My sister has an iPhone, but even still I don't see a reason for me to buy one.
I have an iPhone 5c that has ios 7.1 on it and I don't like it. Safari crashes a lot. I don't like how ios7 and 8 look, I think it just looks to plain and boring. I know I could jailbreak it, but I wouldn't do that until I get a new phone. Besides, I already have a jailbroken ipod touch. I would like an Android phone.

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I have a smartphone, but I'm not really a fan of it. If I remember correctly, it's a "Samsung Galaxy Xcover" or something like that. I got it for free, which is the main reason I'm using it in the first place, but it's so annoying. First of all, to me, multi-touch interfaces as used on smartphones are way inferior to almost any other kind of input form. I just always keep doing stuff I didn't mean to do (which is also caused by the stupid thing being so damn slow, causing a lot of my input to be registered way too late and being used for something other than intended). I really prefer buttons over this, or at least a touchpen-controlled touchscreen, which is easier to handle.

This isn't even my main problem with smartphones, though. My main problem are the damn batteries. They just run out of charge so quickly. Even when you're not doing anything with them. I'm not even kidding. I swear I'm rarely using my smartphone at all. Only for actual calls (which I do only once every few months) and for occasionally checking the time. I don't even have Wifi at home, so the phone isn't even connected to the internet, yet the damn thing still keeps eating up the battery in about a day or two. There are times when I feel like having to recharge it four or five times a week, without even doing anything. And it's really inconsistent, too. Sometimes I completely recharge my smartphone and notice the next day that it's out of charge again, and sometimes I only recharge it once and it lasts for about a week before I have to recharge it (again, in both cases I'm doing nothing fancy with my phone - it's completely random how long it lasts).

Now for all the things I hate about smartphones, I am aware and do acknowledge that they have a lot of potential and can be very useful, but the constant recharging is what kills them for me. Therefore, I won't get a new smartphone until they eventually manage to develop a smartphone battery that lasts at least twice as long, optimally with even reduced charging times.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Yes, battery is an ongoing issue. Modern phones are little computers so they use up a lot of power. That being said, I've just gotten used to putting my phone on the charger every night and I'm good. I usually have around 50-60% battery left at the end of the day unless I've been using it excessively.
If I were using my smartphone more frequently, it probably wouldn't be much of a problem for me, either. Like with my old Nintendo 3DS. It had a really short battery life, but I used it so much that I had no problem putting it into its charger every evening. And when I was not using it much, it usually lasted a lot longer, anyways. That's the problem with my smartphone. I'm using it so rarely that it always feels forced when I have to recharge it. I'm not recharging it because I want to keep using it, I'm just recharging it because "meh, low charge once again". And of course, the fact that the battery lasts so short even when I'm not doing much adds to the frustration. If it did last a lot longer when not being used, I'd probably get used to it quickly.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Android, I use it mostly just listen to music.
I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 for a few months until I lost it when I was at a bus to my course and I never recovered it. My mom lent me a S1 until I get a new one (most likely my dad's when he buys another one, which I assume will be more expensive than I thought), and while they're not the best phones around, at least they made me satisfied (a bit).
I got an S5 like a year ago and I'm really into it, like I use launchers, icon packs, etc and customize everything. I mostly use it for browsing, texting tons, setting alarms, checking the weather, you name it.

Actually find it really weird that so many of you guys don't really use smarthphones much since I assume you're all quite tech-savvy.

EDIT: Also I can't with iPhones. They're horribly overpriced, aren't even close to the level of customisation of android devices and aren't durable at all. Most people I know who have one just have them because of the "status" and because they have no idea how to use anything else.
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